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@Read Pdf õ La liberté? Connais pas... ñ Mirabelle S Art Teacher Tells Her She Has Talent, But What Good Is It Doing Her Almost Fifteen And Friendless, Mira Is Plagued By Dark Thoughts Her Body Seems To Be Changing Daily Her Mother Is Domineering And Half Crazy And Her Father Well, He S Her Ex Father, Mostly Out Of Mira S Life And Awkward When He S AroundThen She Meets Free Spirited, Confident Catherine, A Knockout Who Makes The Boys Jaws Drop Not Only Is Catherine Good At Art Like Mira, She Also Knows About Kissing Boys Mira Has Never Kissed Anyone And Doesn T Understand The Hungry Way Boys Are Beginning To Look At HerNow That Mira S Finally Found Someone She Can Talk To, Her Dark Thoughts Are Vanishing But As Her Friend Encourages Her To Come Out Of Her Shell, Mira Finds That Her New Found Confidence Can Still Be Shattered In An Instant Only After Mira Faces A Betrayal And A Tragedy Can She Begin To Put The Fragmented Pieces Of Herself Together I had to read it, because it was a part of the New fiction at BPL s YA fiction wall Award winning, and reprinted in English, from French, I was interested to see exactly what it would be about, and why it was so well received I recommend this book as a gentle interlude to the young girl, stuck inside of her head, and afraid of what to do next Already half way through the novel, and you are still questioning the story, still interested in the plot, still invested in the child who seems lonely and on the verge of a breakthrough A great read when travelling, on long rides, in deep thought, and before you go to sleep at night. ShatteredPieces of me is a outstanding novel about Mirabelle a fifteen years old girl who is friendless Mira is struggling to put her pieces of life together,she is a young,lonely and not a trusting person Her father left her and her mother years ago,he only visits once a month, every time he visits it just gets very awkward between them Her mother, seems to be very paranoid,half obsessive she can t handle being alone She designs pieces of clothing in her apartment that no one ever sees Mirabelle is forced to head straight home after school and to spend weekends only with her mother Mira started to test her bravery,becoming best friends with a new classmate Catherine in art class Catherine started to get Mirabelle to step out of her shell such as eating french fries after school at the cafe and wearing colours other than black When things are looking bright for Mira,Catherine non willfully betrayed her Mirabelle being devastated after everything,she got recommended to attend counselling The therapist helps Mira to put together her shattered pieces of herself.I thought the book was decent,it was an oppressive tale I wasn t really attached to the book in the beginning or the middle of it,but towards the ending I started to appreciate the book It teaches an important lesson that no matter how deep of a situation is just keeping moving forward,no matter how frightening it may be there s always a way to escape.This book is mostly for young women,ages 15 and up The reason for the mature audience is there s a lot of compassion,loneliness and also some mature moments I recommend Pieces Of Me to young women out there who feels there s no way to fix their shattered pieces. For the most part, I had no problem with the translation and found the novel intriguing I was interested in the authors portrayal of her mother s knitting and sewing as a contribution to her overall mental state Being a knitter, I of course didn t share the same points of view, but other than the knitting I found the mother s character to be undeveloped and flat I would have liked to learn a bit about her back story or her opinions, or at least see her communicate in a way that wasn t accusing, full of hate The only trouble with the translation and I can t seem to let it go is at the end of the book when Mira s father is describing the tundra to her, and mentions that there are only birch trees which grow up there, so dense that you can walk over them There are definitely no birch trees in the high arctic They are spruce, most likely, and this one little error which would have only taken a minute of research sort of made me lose faith in the translation and the novel itself Too bad This slim novel offers an eloquent explanation of the loneliness of Mirabella, a teen raised by an oppressive mother who struggles with mental illness Mira, the name she prefers, is close to being swallowed by her loneliness until she meets Cath and her world begins to gain color, laughter, and life A piece at a time, Mira reveals who she is and how she gotten here The reader will watch as she begins to spread her wings and find her own way forward, despite tragedy.