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It didn t take me long to realise I have read this Heyer before, but I very much loved romping through this reread Deftly drawn characters, sparkling dialogue a novel method of murder what s not to love view spoiler It s easier to guess the murderer than the male love interest hide spoiler A Georgette Heyer mystery, this one was refreshing after all the dull stories about dysfunctional families I had been reading This one is too about a dysfunctional family, but much delightful to read than the modern stuff that is being dished out and is so popular The book starts off with a man, the unlikeable patriarch of a family lying dead and the doctor had already signed his death certificate But then, a member of the family starts to question the nature of his death and the police are called in This gets the family on each other s nerves worse than before and half of the charm of the book is in the interactions between the different people.The plot is very interesting, and I really liked the way it wound up There are several suspects within the family, and suspicion is pointed from one to the other at various times The characters are fun to read, if a little cartoonish at times, but they help move the story along with their consistently irrational behaviour So why only three stars First, I don t classify three stars as bad And the romance in this book prevents me from rating it higher It is just pulled out of thin air I also think that GH can sometimes be too fond of the bored rich guy in control always trope I d rather read about an abusive man than one who is bored all the time How can one fall passionately in love with someone who finds life a drag and sneers at people all the time So yeah, I found the romance unbelievable There is also the slight unexplained bit about why the victim s sister suddenly came up with the idea that her brother was murdered That s not something most people would think about when someone dies in their family If you can overlook these things, this book is perfect for a nice evening of relaxation Idyllic surroundings, disturbed by a murder, surprise conclusion My favourite thing @Free Epub ã Behold, Here's Poison ⚷ Meet The Matthews Before The Next One DiesIt S No Ordinary Morning At The Poplars The Master Is Found Dead In His Bed, And It Seems His High Blood Pressure Was Not The Cause When An Autopsy Reveals A Sinister Poison In His Body, It S Up To The Quietly Resourceful Inspector Hannasyde To Catch The Murderer In Time To Spare The Next Victim But Every Single Member Of The Quarrelsome Matthews Family Has A Motive And None, Of Course, Has An Alibi The Ingredients Are So Well And Carefully Mixed, The Writing Is So Bright, And The Solution So Unexpected That The Book Achieves Success And Remains One No Reader Can Fail To Enjoy Manchester Guardian A Marvelous M Lange Of Malice, Murder, Mystery, And Mirth Priceless Saturday Review A typical Golden Age Mystery An English country house, a dysfunctional not always upper class family and a whodunit Georgette Heyer never failed to impress me before, and this time is no exception It revolves around Gregory Matthews, the head of the family in the Poplars, who s found dead one morning in his bed and it s assumed to be due to natural causes However his sister is not convinced and demanded a post mortem, which reveals that he was poisoned Therefore, Inspector Hannasyde from Scotland Yard is called to solve the case However, how Gregory was poisoned is a complete mystery and every member of the family has a motive to kill him, and you shall not guess who is he till the end. Mr Gregory Matthews rules his family with an iron fist He refuses to allow his namby pamby nephew Guy to continue wasting his money as an interior decorator or to allow Stella, Guy s sister, to marry that Dr Fielding whose family hides a secret Mr Matthews does have a soft spot for the ladies He allows his sister Harriet to live with him and his ditzy sister in law, Zo too When the servants find Mr Matthews dead one morning it comes as a huge shock to everyone, especially the family Dr Fielding is certain Mr Matthews died of a heart ailment and is prepared to sign the death certificate Not so fast Gertrude, Mrs Lupton, another Matthews sibling, insists on a post mortem The family is certain that Mr Matthews died of natural causes but the young adults worry about scandal The will comes as something of a shock and what s worse, the post mortem reveals Gregory Matthews did not die a natural death he was poisoned By the time Superintendent Hannasyde gets the case, the evidence has already gone missing He is going to have a difficult time trying to figure this one out, especially with the heir, Randall, possibly hiding evidence This mystery got off to a slow start At first glance the story is about another awful family always bickering with each other It was hard to figure out each of the characters and how they were related I needed a family tree Once the post mortem results were revealed and Inspector Hannasyde got involved, the story improved a lot There are some surprising and shocking plot twists I never saw coming I had no idea who the murderer was If I have time, I plan to reread this and see if I can pick up on any clues The way the murder was committed was so surprising and not something I ever would have thought of I had a hard time putting the book down until I finished The ending is kind of rushed but everything is revealed and no loose ends are left There is a romantic subplot that doesn t fit with the story I didn t like it and it wasn t necessary None of the characters were particularly appealing Mr Matthews sounds like he was an awful person Maybe not as bad as Adam Penhallow Penhallow but pretty close It s hard to tell because Mr Matthews dies so early in the story I disliked most of the family Harriet, Miss Matthews, is a stereotypical spinster who likes to pinch pennies and fondly remember her brother s childhood She deludes herself over his true nature and has no clue she drives everyone crazy Mrs Matthews is just as bad She s selfish and comes across as stupid She is a hypochondriac too Of her children I liked Stella better Stella has some common sense and is willing to escape the family madhouse even if it means finding a job Guy is your stereotypical Heyer contemporary young man He s spoiled, a bit whiny and annoying He s supposed to work as an interior decorator but he doesn t do much work Mrs Lupton comes across as awful and tyrannical, much like her brother, but she is one character who actually has brains Her no nonsense approach to life alienates her family except her two daughters but she gets things done and done in the proper way Finally, there s Randall, Gregory s nephew and heir I didn t care for him He is a dandy and a schemer His brain is always seems to going to see how he can benefit Out of his mouth comes things he thinks are witty but his wit comes at the expense of others His does show some growth by the end but I didn t really care for what he did and how he did it Inspector Hannasyde is on the case with a local Inspector who is mostly in the background I liked Hannasyde in other mysteries His dry humor makes the story fun He does reference a previous investigation Death in the Stocks and some of the people involved If you wondered what happened to them after the end of the book, you get some answers here If you didn t read Death in the Stocks, you can read Behold, Here s Poison just fine I had liked Giles and was happy to see him again but he doesn t have much to do I m going to share some spoiler thoughts Read at your own risk view spoiler Wow this mystery kept me guessing Death by nicotine poisoning was almost a new one for me I happened across a Hallmark TV movie cozy mystery Garage Sale Mystery based on books by Suzi Weinert that referenced classic murder mystery plots I never would have guessed that though and how the murder was carried out was so surprising Who would have guessed the poison was in the toothpaste I suspected Harriet at first because of how quickly she cleaned up I thought it was either her or Mrs Matthews Then I suspected Randall and Mr Lupton After Harriet died, I thought for sure Mrs Matthews did it She was so cavalier and insistent upon dosing her sister in law with her tonic and then cleaning her glass I think her children suspected she had done away with their aunt It was so hard to figure out who the murderer was I never suspected Mr Rumbold He was a really twisted person There were no clues pointing to him His ending was rather shocking I didn t like the way Randall handled the whole thing It s a murder investigation I did realize that Gregory Matthews must be Mr Hyde and was blackmailing someone people I figured that out on my own pretty quickly I was disappointed that Dr Fielding turned out to be a fortune hunter I didn t like the romance between Stella and Randall There s nothing there I thought he was too much of a dandy to marry and got a slight gay vibe from him I did pick up on his comments about his witticisms directed at Stella, but I was hoping she would cut him down The romance is so subtle I had to go back and see whether she actually said yes I would have cut the romantic plot and kept the focus sharply on the mystery hide spoiler Contrary to what this cover leads one to expect, there are no vampish women or costume parties in this mystery, just an unpleasant extended family who lead boring lives and deaths these are about the most boring murders ever and eat food that is bad even for the English. I m still on my Georgette Heyer mystery kick that brought me this latest murder mystery teaser Set in the London suburbs during the 20 s it was full of quirky characters, some good intrigue, and cozy settings that draw the reader in to curl up and relax with a good book.The story is part of a series, but only in a loosely connected way.A detestable head of a family is killed and there are plenty of suspects right under his own roof let alone outside the house, but the method of administering the poison and the many motives and suspects who all do their level best to obscure the case leave the police with a real head scratcher Meanwhile, the family who none of them have much like for each other start to look at each other askance and struggle through the after effects of having a murder in their midst.This was an engaging one Most of the time, I wasn t fond of the characters, but yet I enjoyed reading the story I ve decided after reading several of Heyer s mysteries that there is a pattern in the romance and who comes out fine in the end Pick the most snarky, pot stirring male character and you ve got half your pair Then find the most level headed reasonable female character and you have the other half Haha Oddly, I don t mind since it s not the main focus.This one tricked me a bit I thought I had it all figured out and I did until I had it wrong That is I guessed much of it right, but then got the murderer and the details behind his motive wrong Always fun when that happens.All in all, another good one and I look forward to. After slogging through some of Heyer s duds No Wind of Blame and Death in the Stocks I was beginning to worry that getting through my stack of 7 Heyer murder mysteries was going to be a chore Happily, Behold, Here s Poison was every bit as good as Why Shoot a Butler and The Unfinished Clue.This offering features a cast of family and friends who all have the motive, means and opportunity to murder gruff and bullying Gregory Matthews, who is found dead in his bed Did he die of natural causes The doctor called to the scene thinks so, but is overruled by Gregory s sister, who wants a second opinion Good call that, because toxicology results show that Matthews died of nicotine poisoning.Scotland Yard inspector Hannasyde sifts through everyone s alibis to arrive at the truth, but it takes a second murder before the killer is exposed.Good stuff for murder mystery fans Compares pretty favorably to Christie, although she still trumps Heyer, IMO. Rather a lot of characters in this one, and quite a good mystery.I enjoy the poisonous Randall thoroughly, but I m not sure if I like him, and I don t think Stella is a strong enough character to hold up against him and wonder that she should forgive him for his cruelty to gauche teens.It s also one of those stories where I spend some time feeling sorry for characters I m meant to dislike Harriet the dependent sister with the mania for penny pinching is no doubt exceedingly annoying, but how did she get that way, after all Dependent, derided and dismissed, with no life of her own, it s not all that surprising she was so unhappy And Gertrude, treated as something quite dreadful for being female and domineering, despite being the most honest character in the story.The narrator, again, speaks very languidly, but is remarkably good at providing a range of voices. Most of you are aware of my love for Georgette Heyer, so it s probably no surprise that I couldn t resist trying out one of her mystery novels And let me tell you, I was not disappointed I do believe that this woman could make a grocery list read witty Behold, Here s Poison is an entertaining little murder mystery with a Clue sort of vibe to it The characters are a little wacky, but in a delightful and amusing way There s the outrageously thrifty Miss Matthews, moocher extraordinaire Mrs Matthews and her spawnand then there s Mr Randall Matthews, newly made head of the family I fell in love with his quick tongue and smart remarksmade me laugh out loud a few times, drawing odd looks from my husband Thanks to Danielle at Sourcebooks for the opportunity to read such a great book I truly enjoyed it and I think you will too