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~FREE PDF ⚖ The Journey to the Inner Chamber (Discovering the Treasure of the Universe) ☪ PDF or E-pub free

~FREE PDF ☰ The Journey to the Inner Chamber (Discovering the Treasure of the Universe) ♭ Who Am I What Is My Purpose What Is My Life All About These Are Questions Christian Men Are Asking All Over The World Why Is This It Is Because There Is Something Stirring Deep Within Their Being, Telling Them That There Is That God Wants To Show Them About Himself And There Is Of Him That They Desperately Need In Order To Answer Those Questions The Journey To The Inner Chamber Is A Creative Novel That Introduces A Path Of Discovery That Will Lead The Reader To The Answer For Many Of Those Questions A must read for all Christians no matter where they are in their own journey This book is a Spiritual gift It explains the importance of continued spiritual development after becoming a Christian and points us towards the ultimate prize, a personal relationship with our Saviour, through which your life should display for all Jesus who resides within us I confess I have mixed feelings about this book I agree with the author s objective which is to call men to go deeper in their relationship with Christ Rocky Fleming uses an allegory in the first half of the book to teach the basic truth of a believer s surrender to Christ and then his growth in the school of discipleship The role of Influencers is pivotal in the believer s progress I found some of this allegorical teaching insightful I particularly appreciated the emphasis on self feeding.The second half of the book completes the story of the main character s transformation through his interaction with a Christ follower named Gabe In Gabe we see the fruits of a life well lived in the service of the King Gabe represents someone who has reached the Inner Chamber and communes regularly with Christ This should be the goal of every believer.This book works well as a discussion guide for interaction in a small group Men can benefit greatly from this sort of study Unfortunately, I feel the book could benefit from a rewrite or a thorough editing process I found myself distracted by a number of grammatical errors, which obscured the book s laudable objectives At times great ideas floundered due to weak writing skills With that said I still feel many Christian men need to hear the core message of this book. This book The Journey to the Inner Chamber Discovering the Treasure of the Universe has literally been a life changer It s changed my life, and it s also been working to change the course of my family as well God has used this book to reach me in a way that no preached message ever has, and since He s used this book to reach me He s opened my spiritual ears even to hear His voice in my pastor and other preachers If you re looking for a book to challenge you and to help you figure out where you are in your relationship with Godthen I highly recommend this book I ve since joined a Men s meeting where I ve had the privilege of meeting, speaking to, and hearing the author Rocky Fleming speak out some of his personal testimony I m also going through the 9 12 month course as a couple with my wife and a few other couples has really become a catalyst for what God s been wanting to speak to me and use me to do. A great book to read when you get stuck in your walk of faith It is a quick read, but a full meal of thoughts and a stream of fulfillment to think about for years to come. I loved the allegory I enjoyed the book There is no need to over analyze Just accept for what it is Amazing Book If your heart is connected in intimacy with the LORD, you will understand the author words and their deep meaning in a context of friendship and love relationship with Jesus. Doing this book along with the course was ok His points are good, but writing style and grammar leave much to be desired.