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This was a good book written about one of the greatest snipers in military history, however the way it was written seemed a bit like a biased history At times it seemed like the enemy was just dummies stuffed with straw, it also seems Charles Henderson was trying to make the book like an action movie Aside from that though the story about John Hathcock and what he did in Vietnam is great and is worth learning about. Marine Sniper is a true story about Sergeant Carlos Hathcock Hathcock enlisted into the marines at age 17 and went on to become one of the greatest marksmen in the United States Marine Corps At one part of the book Carlos is with Burke and they are both making there way to Elephant Valley At Elephant Valley they would sit and shoot NVA s After shooting at the NVA s from a distance in the shadows they take cover Burke and Hathcock are both sitting there for days shooting at them and killing them At night when it was all silent if Burke or Hathcock would hear a noise they would call in a illumination to go off to light up the night sky and they would kill NVA s that were running Throughout the book it would do flashbacks to when Hathcock was in the United States and go to competitions and win rewards I liked this book a lot because I like to read about the military and how life is for them I think that the author did a great job on this book because it has photos and definitions at the bottom of the page to help people who don t know things about the military I also like this book because it tells the story of a great Marksman of the United States Marine Corps I think that this book was also great because once I started reading it I felt like I couldn t stop, I wanted to know what would happen next I think that others should read this but only if they know some of the abbreviations that the military uses Also if they want to know want the military life is like in other countries I give this book a five out of five because I think it was a great read and that adding the meanings of things and pictures made the pictures great. FREE PDF ♾ Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills ☰ Tells The Exciting True Story Of Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, A Legendary Marine Sniper In The Vietnam WarHe S Silent, Invisible He Lies In One Position For Days, Barely Twitching A Muscle, Able To Control His Heartbeat And Breathing His Record Has Never Been Matched Confirmed Kills This Is The Story Of Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, Marine Sniper, Legend Of Military Lore The story of Carlos Hathcock, who will probably always be remembered as the most effective sniper in the history of the U.S Marine Corps Hathcock fought in Vietnam and, as the title says, killed 93 people that were documented and confirmed, and probably killed hundreds that were listed as probable or unknown.Snipers are unusual even among professional military people they have one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs psychologically, emotionally, and in terms of wide ranging skills and effort required Every sniper I ve known or heard interviewed has said the same kind of thing about how he or she handled the act of looking at another human being that appeared to be close by through a scope but usually didn t even know the sniper was there, then carefully and deliberately shooting and killing that person Essentially, they all said that they kept reminding themselves that by killing enemy soldiers, they were preventing them from killing the sniper s own friends and comrades, so what they were doing was ultimately saving the lives of people they loved They also talked about depersonalizing it, deliberately thinking of the people they were shooting as simply targets.Most seemed to have made peace with what they d had to do, though some were tormented then and later and a fair number who started out found that they couldn t do the job emotionally.Hathcock was a hard man to figure out, a bundle of seeming paradoxes He was a quiet and unassuming man with a huge and sometimes cocky ego a caring and gentle person who killed a lot of other people without seeming to have problems doing that I d recommend this book to anyone who is interested in this aspect of warfare. Charles Henderson s Marine Sniper is a dramatized account of the life of a Vietnam War sniper Based on the life and times of Sergeant Carlos Hathcock an American soldier who apparently eventually became the posterboy of the Marine Sniper program the book seemed an interesting prospect at first One, I love war books and two, I love history books Marine Sniper is set in the Vietnam War Sadly, the book was a disappointment.The amount of melodramatic fictionalization of everything Hathcock did was extremely jingoistic Dialogues were overwritten with Henderson trying to explain the scene or pace along the narrative with incredibly explanatory and thus, weird dialogues And the focus on battle tactics or history was minimal.The only thing that made the book tolerable was Hathcock real, gritty and human in the parts of the book Henderson allows him to be so. A Review of Marine Sniper 93 Confirmed KillsRecently I read the book Marine Sniper This book is by far the best book I have read and is inspired by a true story The action and suspense never stops This book is not easy to put down for those who love action and suspense books.While reading this book, I could imagine I was in the audience of the national shooting competition when all went quiet for the shot that decided it all I also imagined that I was a marine on hill 55 going into the jungle on a mission with Carlos Anyone who is a hunter can at least partially understand the skill and stealth it takes to stalk prey and place a perfect shot on the target Even those who have not done any hunting activity can understand how stealthy and skillful the sniper must be to complete his mission This book is perfect for readers who need fast paced stories By the end of your read, you will feel as if you have been there with Carlos Hathcock all along I would recommend it to anyone who loves action, suspense, or hunting. Marine Sniper goes through the military life of Carlos Hathcock mainly focusing on his tours in Vietnam It tells his struggles in a captivating way and triumphs in his personal and military life The main things I enjoyed about this book was it felt like a story and was extremely easy to visualize When he was headed through the jungle or crawling across a field you felt like your watching a movie The heroic acts he preformed during the war to establish scout sniping on the modern front There is one thing that I didn t care for and that was at some points it stays on details that do not have a profound impact on his whole story This leads to some boring chapters however I would still strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history or the Military. Intense historical account of Marine Sniper Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock 93 Kills written by Charles Henderson former Marine and historian who knows his subject At times it s a sensitive and meaningful look into the private and family life of a man performing a military task that even many of his superiors didn t consider right The argument between the use of napalm and sniper rifle as weapons in battle is in my view moot a good read of you re in the market. There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter This quote from Ernest Hemingway opens the story of one of the greatest snipers the military has ever seen There have been many marines, Henderson writes There have been many marksmen But there has only been one Sergeant Carlos Hathcock The book has some pacing issues, largely due to the fact that real life doesn t always fall easily into a perfect three part story, and Henderson lacks Stephen Ambrose s ability to turn nonfiction into a fluid, balanced tale But though the transitions are jerky and the prose sometimes less than shiny, the individual scenes are great Henderson excels in zeroing in on the tensest moments of Hathcock s life as a sniper in Vietnam crawling inches per minute across open enemy territory, sleeping without shutting his eyes lest the Viet Cong catch him off guard, firing a shot straight through the scope of an enemy sniper and into his brain The fact that it actually happened is the narrative s main appeal, and in the end it is the story that sells itself Truth scores a bull s eye One shot, one kill. I will perhaps catch some flak for this, but I have to disagree with the majority of the reviews While the story of Carlos Hathcock is amazing beyond belief, I felt let down by the narrative of Charles Henderson There is one aspect of this book that is especially bothering to me I would imagine that the events taking place in Vietnam must have been immensly intense and frightening For example, mental pressure felt by Hathcock as he played hide and seek with Vietnamese snipers must have been paralyzing But nowhere in the book were those feelings properly addressed or transferred to the reader I don t know, maybe the problem was with the reader of the book I ve listened to this book in Audible version that failed, but the intensity of the events described in Marine Sniper somehow went straight past me Still, it s a must read book for people who like to read about amazing lifes, Vietnam War buffs and people who have special interest in craft of sniping.