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Once again I seem to be at odds with my co reviewers a glitch in my own system, I m sure.When I started this book, I hoped it would be as good as Burdett s first.But as it progressed, I discovered that it was far than an excellent whodunit Burdett s insights into Buddhism and the way the discipline impacts the daily lives of the small and the great in Thai society I found little short of mesmerizing For that alone I shall re read it slowly and make notes, so that I can better hold my ground when entrapped in a drunken theological argument with other drunks.The characters are well drawn even the CIA suits are shown to have sudden human depths, that go beyond their brain washed training And while I ve never knowingly met an agent, all seemed plausible.As ever, his best work is done with the Thai characters I ve lived in S.E.Asia for nearly three decades, and had begun to think I d scratched the surface of this complicated society Burdett has burrowed well beneath the skin appropriate metaphor, considering the plot and his descriptive and knowing literary style belies his obvious keen observation and affection for the Thais.His sexual descriptions and the mental processes involved between the characters involved is masterly He understands obsession, does this author.This is a keeper. This is really a very good book, and the best of the Sonchai Jitpleecheep mysteries I ve read so far although I read Godfather of Kathmandu first, and so didn t quite understand the backstory then I would definitely recommend you read them in order, and after the next one I ll probably reread Godfather And so I really hate to be picky, butBurdett is so close to greatness here he has an excellent voice in Sonchai, he reallyknows Bangkok, and he s a very strong storyteller and plotter But like many artists, he sometimes just doesn t know when enough is enough His abundant humor and Sonchai is a very funny character occasionally veers too far into satire he really overdoes the sex and drugs and whole katoey thing we get it there s a lot of sex in Thailand and at least in this story, I ultimately found Chanya an unappealing heroine Yes, she s a whore but she s such a slutty one You ll understand that by the end of the book Plus, I overall found this story even stronger than the excellent Bangkok 8, in large part because the plot started off on a bigger screen another murder, but one with links to post 9 11 terrorism and the long simmering and too often ignored ethnic troubles in Southern Thailand, I lived in Kuala Lumpur during this period, and my Rotary Club used to take trips up to Hat Yai to work on charity projects, so I ve seen this firsthand But then the story doesn t really follow up on these really serious issues, focusing instead on some typically cartoonish, fish out of water CIA agents in Thailand.Minor criticisms all, which is why this still gets 4 stars But it could so easily have been 5 if Burdett had just reined himself in sometimes but then I guess Thailand really is all about excess, isn t it The second in this really fun series I think it s better edited written than the first, and the main character s conflict between his Buddhist karma and the pressures of corruption inherent in his job are really fun strong Again, crazy plots that go to even crazier town It s like a Tarantino movie, this series But worth it Violent and definitely has trigger issues in it for women, so be warned if you have issues in that area. John Burdett seems to have stumbled onto an excellent premise when he combines the conventions of hard boiled crime novels with the exotic Thai locales and Buddhist philosophy in Bangkok Tattoo and, presumably, the other books in the series Why do these elements, not a set which I would naturally connect, blend so well Think about it this way The classic crime novel main character is a weathered, capable crime solver He s I m sticking with he here, don t yell at me a loner with old friends, shady connections, and both a checkered past and an expert s knowledge of navigating the underworld Ladies and gentlemen um, gentlemen, I did say I was going to stick with guy characters , meet Sonjai Jitpleecheep, your Asian counterpart He s a decent cop He runs a whorehouse in partnership with his mother on the side The ghost of his dead partner haunts his dreams The Thai setting shares an alien, romantic quality with gangland back rooms and dark alleys The reader feels, in a good crime story, as if he or she this is a different he or she , although I believe APA says I m just supposed to switch every now and then and not go with he or she I don t fucking care Stop distracting me is privy, throughout the story, to a subterranean code and culture Some stock characters are present You ve got the young partner although, um, this one wants to become a complicated version of a transvestite, if I m saying that correctly , the sharp but corrupt police boss, and the whore with the heart of gold Now, and this is the most important, the Buddhist ruminations allow Sonjai the opportunity to thread the narrative with commentary not unlike the hard bitten mumblings of a cynical Ellroy character Ellroy gives a glowing cover blurb on the back of Burddett s novels.So I liked this novel but I liked Bangkok 8, its predecessor, better Bangkok Tattoo benefits from a long stretch focused on a female character through her diary but loses steam on a cardboard mystery I m not sure the story is Burdett s focus, anyway, he appears to include a plot because he has to include one, you know, in a novel The real attractions are the tight prose and cool ambience And while I dig Burdett s work, and probably will continue the Tattoo series eventually, this one sounded a heck of a lot like the first book but not as good Go back and read Bangkok 8, like you should, as it s the first in the series And stay away from the author pic, too, which makes Burdett look he s taking part in a British boy band reunion But if you like Bangkok 8 this is a serviceable sequel, but no Godfather 2, if you know what I mean. This is the second in John Burdett s series about a hard boiled Buddhist Thai detective These books are exciting and funny and educational Mr Burdett, speaking as Sanjeep, takes any opportunity to teach the reader about the foods and customs of Thailand and about Buddhist practice and philosophy Even challenging, for me, is that all these books take on the sex trade industry head on They ve actually caused me to revise my myopic view that sex work is a necessary evil, and to admit to my American prudishness Many of the women in these books are truly masters of their destiny and have found ways to use their bodies but not their minds to make very good money. I really enjoyed the first book in this series I felt like in this book the Sonchai became less appealing to me More human then on the verge of becoming an enlightened person this is personal preference I found myself lost in the Japanese aspects of it again my own fault and couldn t wait to just finish the last page so I could say I read it all Not as intriguing as the first book and yes I got tired of being heckled because I m a farang I live in Thailand and I already am jaded by the name everyone uses about me freely It s become derogatory to me in that they call me that because of my skin color and yes because I come from the West I know it s not always meant in a malicious way Just becoming annoying to me I am not perfect and I have my days Thank you Bangkok Tattoo for pointing out all the ways I FARANG am ignorant in Thai culture I know I am but could you use a better name for me or just write a book that portrays the true Thai culture without rubbing it into my face. for some reason i was really annoyed by this book I enjoyed the first book, but this one disappointed me Even than the first book, it felt like John Burdett was speaking through the main character in a really weird, orientalist way It s like this white dude pretending to be a thai native, preaching the glories of asia and the depravities of the west and talking about how happy everyone is in thailand, especially the women who work in the red light district The only problem is, he s a westerner, so his words in Sonchai s mouth is just bizarre The main character Sonchai also was less appealing in this book He went from being a bad ass, asexual, religious cop to kind of a wimp who cares about promotion and is madly in love with the same beautiful woman everyone else in the book is madly in love with.Overall I had to skim sections of it just to not be as annoyed and try and follow the storyline. Great read This high octane thriller is set in the Bangkok sex trade district The half Thai half American who has never met his GI dad narrates the storyline peppering it with references to his devout Buddhism There s a serial killer on the loose and he s taking a very unique souvenir from his vics, but the plot is really well imagined It will keep you guessing until the last twenty pages Highly recommended if you like spy novels or depraved mysteries. {Read} Ö Bangkok Tattoo (Sonchai Jitpleecheep #2) ⛓ Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep Of The Royal Thai Police Returns In His Riveting And Smokily Atmospheric New ThrillerA Farang A Foreigner Has Been Murdered, His Body Horribly Mutilated, At The Bangkok Brothel Co Owned By Sonchai S Mother And His Boss The Dead Man Was A CIA Agent To Make Matters Worse, The Apparent Culprit Is Sweet Natured Chanya, The Brothel S Top Earner And A Woman Whom The Devoutly Buddhist Sleuth Has Loved For Several Lifetimes How Can Sonchai Solve This Crime Without Sending Chanya To Prison How Can He Engage In A Cover Up Without Endangering His Karma And How Will He Ever Get To The Bottom Of A Case Whose Interested Parties Include American Spooks, Muslim Fundamentalists, And Gangsters From Three Countries As Addictive As Opium, As Hot As Sriracha Chili Sauce, And Bursting With Surprises, Bangkok Tattoo Will Leave Its Mark On You RATING 4.5PROTAGONIST Detec Sonchai JitplecheepSETTING ThailandSERIES 2 of 2What a treat to find such an engaging group of characters in such a well detailed setting between the pages of a book Having missed the debut novel of the series, BANGKOK 8, I was delighted to be introduced to royal Thai police detective Sonchai Jitplecheep his incredibly innovative boss, Police Colonel Vikorn his mother, Nong, who is part owner of the Old Man s Club or house of ill repute , the young man, Lek, who he is mentoring and who is undergoing a gender change and.Detective Jitplecheep and Colonel Vikorn are members of the police force in District 8 in Bangkok They are unlike any other police types that I have run across before Part of the reason for that is that the Thai police do not emulate a military model They tend to let Buddhist principles guide their approaches, which means that they are practical and not overly bureaucratic As a matter of fact, Vikorn is also an owner of the Old Man s Club and has several other operations and schemes going at the same time The book opens with an American found gruesomely murdered in a hotel room His penis is on the bedside table, and his back has been mutilated That s nothing to get too upset about until his identity is revealed he is Mitch Turner , a CIA agent who was working undercover locally One of Nong s best girls and the fantasy love interest of Sonchai by the name of Chanya appears to have murdered him She was the last one seen with him and returns to the Club drenched in blood and in an opiate haze.As you can imagine, when a CIA agent is murdered in another country, the US is likely to send all sorts of other spy type guys to investigate Vikorn creates a wonderfully fictional account of Chanya s activities on the night of the murder I have to say that Vikorn was my favorite character in the book, an expert in misdirection, a strategic genius in creating the perfect cover up for every bad situation that arises As Sonchai s investigation proceeds, he becomes entangled with the FBI, CIA, terrorists, Thai military and Thai mobsters and Muslim clerics Although much of what he sees involves the sex and drug trade, it never feels seedy Somehow, the Thai culture supports prostitution it s a step above eking out a living in misery.BANGKOK TATTOO was an excellent book For some reason, I was expecting it to be dark in outlook I was pleasantly surprised at how much humor was woven into the narrative There was a classic laugh out loud scene where Nong devises a solution to the management problem that has beset the sex trade since time began how to accurately predict the male erection Unfortunately, the Viagra solution causes of a problem than it cures However, as we moved into the latter part of the book, that humorous tone diminished, which tended to slow the pacing In addition to the wonderful character development, Burdett did an outstanding job of putting the reader squarely into the Thai setting It was interesting to see how people balanced themselves between obtaining the necessities of life and abiding by the Buddhist ways For example, Chanya justified her life as a very successful prostitute by noting that her earnings would allow her to do good than if she lived in poverty For example, the earnings from a certain number of tricks would equate to a certain amount of hospital beds for a local charity.I didn t quite buy the ultimate villain in the book and particularly Chanya s actions with some of the other characters Although the plotting may not have been perfect, all the other elements of the book worked Burdett s vivid writing is a real treat, although I could have lived without the asides to the reader I can t wait for my next visit to Bangkok I know that I ll be visiting Sonchai and Vikorn in my mind until then.