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EBOOK ⚒ Heat ♼

So, I picked this book up, after I finished the Bareback Series I am thinking of reading the collaboration between Chris Owens and Tory Temple and thought I should get to know Tucker and Chance first I loved Chance and Tucker Chance a firefighter medic had been at the same station for 8 years He has an immediate attraction to the new medic, Tucker when they meet He tried to avoid Tucker, but after a while Tucker confronts him They start sleeping together and eventually enter into a relationship Things go good for a while, then start to fall apart after tragedy strikes I loved these guys Even thought they were stubborn They were hot together and had an awesome chemistry Looking forward to book 2 I read this years ago,but didn t leave a review I do stand by my original rating I liked the characters, and I liked the story What knocked the rating down was the sheer volume of sex scenes These guys got it onthan two horny teenagers who s parents are out of town I wish we had seen the guys getting to know each other outside the bedroom And the kitchen And the shower And the gym And the locker room And on top of the engine And.well you get my point. EBOOK ⚈ Heat ♫ Chance Thinks He S Got A Pretty Good Life He Loves His Job As A Fireman, He S Got An Ocean View, And He Has A Great Bunch Of Friends He Figured There S Not Much Reason To Change Until He Meets Tucker, A Paramedic Who Works His Shift Tucker Might Even Be Worth Breaking The Don T Ask, Don T Tell Policy At Work, Might Just Be Worth Coming Out For Trouble Threatens To Tear The Two Apart, Though, When Chance Is Injured, Which Takes A Toll On All Of His Relationships, Most Importantly The One He Had Developed With Tucker In Fact, It Shatters Everything They Ve Worked So Hard For Can Chance And Tucker Rebuild Their Lives, Coming Back Together To Be Better Than Ever Very good book for those, who love firefighters Nice and likeable characters, interesting development of their relationship, and although I usually absolutely hate middle book break ups here it worked well for the story I especially liked the fact that Tucker didn t sleep with anyone, while he and Chance were apart, coz rebound sex is another thing I don t like in romance books Also I loved the fact, that Tucker still went to Chance s ceremony and put the badge on him it felt very right a good firefighter gets injured take it out on lover angsty book the reunion at the badging ceremony is great secondary characters make this evenenjoyable. That was a surprisingly good read I ve read quite a few firefighter stories and while almost all of them had some entertaining value, they were often in the good enough, but not great category This one though was thoroughly enjoyable with two thick headed, sometimes dumb, but still likeable main characters I ll definitely need to have a look at the rest of the series Great, fast, smutty read that leads to a series How can you go wrong with that Summary Chance thinks he s got a pretty good life He loves his job as a fireman, he s got an ocean view, and he has a great bunch of friends He figured there s not much reason to change until he meets Tucker, a paramedic who works his shift Tucker might even be worth breaking the don t ask, don t tell policy at work, might just be worth coming out for.Trouble threatens to tear the two apart, though, when Chance is injured, which takes a toll on all of his relationships, most importantly the one he had developed with Tucker In fact, it shatters everything they ve worked so hard for Can Chance and Tucker rebuild their lives, coming back together to be better than ever What I liked about this book I m on a firefighter kick and am so glad I decided to start out with this series to get my fill While the attraction between Chance and Tucker is palpable from the get go, their foreplay is as steamy as their job Tucker s not afraid to go after what he wants and while Chance appears to be at the beginning the one most comfortable with his sexuality, he s the most clueless about relationships of the two The conflict between the characters is one many couples go through dealing with a convalescing, ornery partner.Excerpt Finally, frustrated with himself and needing to blow off steam, he retreated to the workout room He set a treadmill on high and ran for twenty minutes It helped a little The racked weights caught his eye and he figured he could lift for a while If nothing else, he could at least exhaust himself so that maybe he wouldn t dream tonight and wake up at four a.m with a raging hard on.Chance was lying on the bench, staring up at the barbell and wondering if he should go ask Alex to spot him or just give up on working out altogether, when the door opened If he had been blind and deaf he would have known it was Tucker, because wouldn t that just be his goddamned luck A dark head appeared in his line of vision and Chance gotan excellent view of Tucker s t shirt pulled tight across hischest Want a spotter No, Chance thought Yes Gotcha Go Thankfully, it took most of Chance s attention to focus on the weight, because he d added eightpounds than usual His muscles were screaming and he could feel sweat standing out on his forehead when he was finished, Tucker helping him put the weights back on the bar above him.Chance let himself lie there and breathe for a minute He was about to get up with a mumbled thanks, but before Chance could even sit up, Tucker had come around to the front of the bench and straddled Chance s legs Tucker didn t sit merely stood above him and gazed down with a serious expression Once again, Chance found himself frozen by only a stare I do my job, yeah Chance blinked, not expecting the question Yeah Then why the shitty attitude, man Tucker was as straight faced as Chance had ever seen him, and it occurred to Chance that Tucker really wanted an answer.Because I d like to turn you around and nail you to the wall was probably not the answer Tucker was looking for Chance opened his mouth and then closed it again, not willing to tell the truth and not wanting to lie His eyes strayed to the front of Tucker s shorts and then back up to his face.Tucker cocked a dark brow and slowly lowered himself until he was sitting astride Chance s hips This why he whispered, giving a slow, downward nudge Chance felt Tucker s cock through his shorts, full and solid He darted a panicked look at the door The guys, he said, his voice sounding hoarse to his own ears Watching a movie Come on, Shanahan You don t waste your breath talking to me if we re not on a call I wanna know why not Tucker leaned forward, placing both hands on Chance s chest and bringing their cocks into fuller contact You afraid Fuck you, Chance growled, and grabbed a handful of Tucker s hair, bringing Tucker down to him for a vicious kiss.Chance felt Tucker grinning against his mouth before Chance shoved his tongue inside, sweeping and claiming and growling He fisted a hand in the back of Tucker s t shirt and rocked up against him, trying like hell to release some of the pressure of the last few weeks Tucker groaned into Chance s kiss, pushing back against him, and before Chance could get his bearings, they were humping each other like kids Been starin at your ass for weeks, Tucker was muttering So fuckin cocky, the way you parade around here with your shirt off and your tan line peekin out over your shorts You fuckin bastard, Chance Shut up, Chance hissed, arching his neck so Tucker could bite at it Shut the fuck up or they ll hear us. Erotica read as a smut fest it s fine but there s not muchto it.Starts off with the feel of getting the info out of the way, then Tucker walks into the station and Chance becomes a walking erection, they fuck, from then on it s mating season.Tucker shares his childhood trauma without any lead in, the two men have barely spoken at this point, it s all about the smut, might have been better to keep it simple because the background on Tucker isn t given any real relevance.Everyone at the station is very accepting I m not sure how they d keep it a secret what with the having sex at every opportunity even on the fire engine.About 70% the trouble starts view spoiler Chance getting hit by a car and gets understandably stroppy at being cooped up unable to do things hide spoiler I know it s fiction and all but do authors always have to depict gay firefighters as sex machines who need to have constant sex to be satisfied, sometimes in dangerous places like on top of the Fire Engine or in the station showers Definitely entertaining but nothing I ll remember tomorrow I decided to read this series when I heard that Chris Owen and Tory Temple just released Never Too Early, which brings together Jake and Tor from Chris Owen s Bareback series and Chance and Tucker from Tory Temple s Firefighters series Heat begins the story of Chance and Tucker, two firemen who, thank FSM, can t seem to keep their hands off one another I loved the story and the MC s and their sex was HOT Things are not always smooth sailing, though, and we learn that not only is Chance bossy a trait that Tucker loves , but when faced with a long recovery period following an accident, Chance also has a tendency to push people away Tucker is such a sweet, genuine man who hasn t often had t easy being gay in the South, so he relocated to California where the attitudes areliberal His flaw, as it were, was the tendency to enable Chance after his accident They both have some work to do, for sure, but they are meant to be together.I hated that they broke up during Chance s recovery, but it really was a good thing in the end They both needed to take that step back and reevaluate themselves and their relationship And they didn t get back together right away, either It was months later, which I found to be realistic So even when my heart was breaking for them, I knew they were doing what they needed to do Well, that s not entirely accurate Thank goodness for the voice of reason that was Robert, another fireman at station 11 When Chance and Tucker do get back together, I thought it was the sweetest thing I cried happy tears.