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#Read Pdf ⚣ Vineyard Blues : A Martha's Vineyard Mystery ê eBook or E-pub free

I enjoy this series very much Good characters, believable plot and good pace Good as a standalone even with references to characters introduced in other books. It really isn t about the tourist side of Martha s Vineyard, but focuses on the year round residents of the island Corrie Appleyard, an itinerant blues musician comes back to the island after many years absence He is remembered fondly by many of the permanent residents of the area He says he has a place to stay with what turns out to be a rowdy bunch of college students When the house burns down, it becomes one of a string of recent fires all arson Is Corrie a victim also Who is setting these fires and why A good quick mystery. #Read Pdf Ê Vineyard Blues : A Martha's Vineyard Mystery Ä You Can Almost Taste The Freshly Caught Bluefish And Smell The Tangy Salt Air In Philip Craig S Newest Martha S Vineyard Mystery, A Seasonal Delight Featuring Former Boston Policeman JW Jackson JW Hasn T Seen Legendary Bluesman Corrie Appleyard Since He Was A Child, And When Corrie Arrives On The Vineyard For A Rare Concert Appearance, JW Couldn T Be Happier It S Almost Enough To Take His Mind Off The Series Of Arson Fires That Have Destroyed The Dilapidated Summer Cottages That A Local Slumlord Rents Out At Outrageously High Prices To College Kids Who Ve Come To Work And Play In The Famous Summer Colony But When Corrie S Precious Guitar Is Found At The Site Of The Latest Fire, And An Unidentified Body Is Pulled From The Ruins, JW Fears The Worst Although He S Already Busy Trying To Track Down A Blackmailer Who S Been Threatening Susanna Quick, His Wife Zee S Close Friend, JW Agrees To Investigate The Arson Fires For The Owner Of The Cottages, Which Leads Him Into Still Another Unsolved Mystery Why Is Zee So Opposed To His Newest Client By The Time The Connection Between The Arsonist, The Slumlord, Susanna, And Zee Is Unraveled In A Surprising Denouement, You Ll Have Worked Up An Appetite Luckily, The Author Has Included The Recipes Of Vineyard Favorites At The End Of This Tasty Mystery JW Is An Extremely Appealing Hero, A Man Of Simple Pleasures Who S Not Averse To Putting Himself On The Line To Defend His Wife, His Family, And His Close Knit Community Of Friends And Neighbors The Pacing Won T Keep You From A Nap After A Day Of Sun And Salt Water, But The Book Moves Along Nicely, The Vineyard Landscape Is Lovingly And Authentically Evoked, And The Characters Are Well Drawn Vineyard Blues Is Another Satisfying Outing For This Accomplished Writer Who Also Brought Us A Fatal Vineyard Season, A Shoot On Martha S Vineyard, Death On A Vineyard Beach And His Likable ProtagonistJane Adams Martha s Vineyard is a lovely place and Philip Craig s series of mysteries about former Boston police officer J W Jackson who now lives on the island use the Vineyard setting well There is less violence in this volume than in other books in the series Less fishing, too There is considerably , though, about a fact often ignored in books set on the Vineyard Martha s Vineyard has a large, well established African American population A number of the characters in this book are African American, but because this is not unusual on the Vineyard, people in the book seldom remark on this But there is some very relevant mention of slavery as an issue.The plot of the book revolves around a series of fires in buildings owned by the Martha s Vineyard version of a slumlord He hires J W to find out who is behind this Then a body, too badly burned to be easily identified, is found in one of the buildings J W s long time family friend, an aging African American blues musician, is missing could the body be his Craig never excelled at making most of the folks in his books come to life Some characters who play a regular part in the series, such as the Edgartown police chief and J W s reporter friend Quinn, are essentially wind up toys, repeating the same dialogue in book after book.J W., on the other hand, occasionally shows unexpected depths For example, when he and others are surprised at the solution to a subsidiary mystery Like Lawrence looking at the golden snake drinking at his watering trough, we stared with fascination The editors and publishers of this book can t possibly believe that everyone reading this rather uncomplicated mystery novel will get that reference, but there is no attempt to have J W., who narrates the book, explain it It refers to a poem titled The Snake by D H Lawrence and I only know that because I looked it up.This relatively short book would be even shorter without a lot of padding, both about J W s family and about the sexual practices of folks on the island This is frequently entertaining, though. I just love this series Set on Martha s Vineyard, our amateur sleuth former Boston cop family man is at it again He moves through the wonderful places on the island with his small children in tow This time it s a series of arsons that are the mystery to be solved Entertaining for sure This was an easy to read, good mystery I was able to get into enjoying the references to familiar surroundings Wasn t able to solve the mystery, which is always a plus I have purchased two of the authors other Martha s Vineyard mysteries and will be anxious to read them in future. Best Philip R Craig yet. I had forgotten how much I enjoy these. Very interesting detailed story set in Martha s Vineyard The Jackson family is endearing without being saccharine sweet J.W Is the perfect ex cop super sleuth Realistic, but not perfect The background setting is so vivid, you almost feel as if you are right there I will definitely be revisiting this series. I like this series, a cozy written by a man I am just sorry Philip Craig died recently, no books