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3.5 stars.

This dual language book has some beautiful illustrations and storytelling to take on a very difficult subject that children should be able to learn about and understand in either Spanish or English. It seems still very relevant today although it's two and a half decades old. I wish it did a little more with the story, but I think the messages of standing up to bullies (including by not reporting immigrants to border cops!) are good ones.

Recommended. This book simplifies common difficulties faced by newcomers from Mexico. Other cultures may also identify with some of the themes. GLoria Anzaldua explains what it's like to be a victim of a bully because you are different. This theme may not only apply to Mexicans but to any other child. The book identifies a manner in which you can handle being a witness to bullies by standing up for what you believe is right. Through the use of colorful pictures and side by side spanish/english, this book is inviting to newcomers who may not yet dominate the english language. It is also attractive and allows others who do speak English to be exposed to the Spanish language and compare stories side by side. This book touches on serious topics, such as name calling and being frightened by La Migra. It has a very kid friendly explanation of where these names come from allowing students to understand what they mean and to be aware that they are not very respectful names to call others. This book nicely balances themes related to the hardships of Mexicans but also to other cultures as well. It is a learning experience for all. One of my chief delights in teaching has been the opportunity to learn more about the HispanicLatino community in the Midwest. This novel was a huge hit with my kidsit is the story of a young, undocumented Mexican worker who struggles against hardship and misunderstanding in the USA. From the other side means from Mexico, across the Rio Grande. Prietita chooses to befriend Joaquin, a boy from the other side. They play together and she learns about his life, until Joaquin and his mother need to hide from the border patrol.
A very honest story, beautifully told in English and Spanish sidebyside.

Illustrated by Consuelo Mendez. A story of a young girl who befriends a boy "de otro lado," defending him in the face of bullies and protecting him from officials who want to deport him and his mother. A nice bilingual story, but the illustrations are not my favorite. Rhonda Jackson read a selection from this book. King Library, Ground Floor, IMC, Language Materials | PZ73 .A59 1993 Friends from the Other Side, by Gloria Anzaldua, illustrated by Consuelo Mendez

Prietita is a young MexicanAmerican girl living in South Texas, near the RioGrande river which is the U.S.Mexican border. One day, she meets a boy named Joaquin, who meets her clad in a long sleeve shirt (unusual for the summer) and a bundle of firewood. She notices that his Spanish is different from hers, and asks if he is from "the other side." The two quickly become friends, and through this friendship Prietita comes to see the vast differences between her life and that of Joaquin's, and the challenges that come with being labeled as an illegal from across the border.

The author does a wonderful job conveying the difficulties of being an illegal immigrant living near the border, and the social stigma that comes with it. In this very real and down to earth book, children will be introduced to many realities involving illegal immigration. The hardships that these families face, the prejudices against them, and the overall hate that some individuals have for immigrants are all topics highlighted in the text. The author does a wonderful job of conveying all of these issues without pulling any punches, while at the same time keeping it kid friendly. Though the illustrations feel rushed and elementary, this does not detract from the overall message that the author is trying to give. Adults will find this book a wonderful tool for explaining illegal immigration to children and as a way to help them empathize with a group of people that they may have no conception of.

Great for the reader that wants to, or already can, read Spanish.