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The third volume of Frank Miller s Daredevil ends not with a bang but a whimper There s some good moments throughout the story but none of them reach the same level of heights as the second volume There s also some unnecessary additions to this story including What if Daredevil became an agent of SHIELD While technically part of Frank Miller s Daredevil run, it s not really what people expected from this collection and another sign this could have just been a single or double volume.The heart of the book is the introduction of the Chaste, the secret organization which Daredevil s mentor Stick is a member of No sooner is the organization introduced than they re mostly wiped out We also have the famous resurrection of Elektra story that had the potential to return one of the most popular female characters of all time Sadly, neither plot really ends up adding much to the story as Elektra doesn t return to being a regular part of the cast.Really, the biggest thing I can say about this volume is it s underwhelming None of the plotlines have the sense of gravitas or character building that the others did This includes a stylistic story built around Wilson Fisk taking a prominent psychologist s wife hostage to force him to cure his brain damaged wife Vanessa It s a story with a confusing narrative, minimal stakes, and no real role for Daredevil himself.Indeed, the biggest issue of the story is the Kingpin himself As much of an excellent antagonist he is, he isn t a character which is allowed any growth or change The storyline which focused so heavily on exploring Matt Murdock s character is hurt by the fact the Kingpin is untouchable and just serves as the face of crime in the books Daredevil and the Kingpin circle around each other with no real change to the point it takes the absent Born Again storyline to change things.In conclusion, I think while the first volume had some misses and the second volume was gold, this one is just unnecessary I think most readers were expecting the immortal Born Again storyline and its absence was extremely noticeable Oh well, they can t all be winners. Este terceiro volume cont m a conclus o da Saga de Elektra, onde Frank Miller experimentou um tipo de grafismo altamente estilizado e alicer ado em rigorosos enquadramentos din micos, que viria a explorar ao m ximo em Sin City e 300 Cont m ainda como b nus uma graphic novel onde Miller passou a ilustra o a Bill Sienkiewicz, o que se traduz num momento gr fico extraordin rio Mas reflita se que a Marvel nunca percebeu muito bem o conceito de graphic novel, quer como forma de atrair novos atrav s da explora o de grafismos vanguardistas, ou dar novas dimens es s suas personagens As graphic novels da Marvel raramente se distinguiam da continuidade normal das revistas, e esta, apesar do arrojo visual, n o foi exce o. Read Ebook ♶ Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 3 ☥ Two Assassins One Hero It Didn T End Well But Elektra S Death Was Only The Foundation For One Of Frank Miller S Most Staggering Sagas Of The Man Without Fear The Hand And The Chaste Are In A Race For Elektra, Body And Soul, And Natasha Romanova, The Black Widow, Almost Follows Her Rival Into The Grave While Daredevil S Trapped In A Coffin Of His Own Design Can His Sarcastic Sensei Stick Rescue Him From Sensory Overload, Just In Time For Hand To Hand Combat Plus, The Continuing Tragedy Of Heather Glenn, Foggy Nelson S Foray Into Organized Crime, A Path Not Taken To The SHIELD Helicarrier, And The Only Villain Who Gets Less Respect Than Stilt Mana Second Stilt Man Featuring The Kingpin, Bullseye, And Hydra Collects Daredevil,Daredevil Love War, And What If The back end of the Miller Janson run is surprisingly weak The artwork takes a noticeable hit in quality once Janson takes over on penciling Miller is credited as writer AND storyteller so I think that means he was still doing layouts and thumbnails The baffling and deeply sexist Matt Heather plot is never resolved or explained Much of what happens with Stick and The Hand is a retread of things that just happened a few issues ago I understand why the final issue, Roulette, was considered important at the time, but now it simpressive for its formalism than for any supposedly deep statement Miller was making about vengeance or morality or the genre of superhero comics The other one off issues included here are a pointless What If story written by Mike W Barr and illustrated by Miller, and the John Buscema drawn Badlands, which amusingly sets an old fashioned Western melodrama in suburban New Jersey.The primary reason OK, the only reason, really to pick up this volume is Love and War, the graphic novel written by Miller and illustrated by the great Bill Sienkiewicz Sienkiewicz s images draw from children s storybooks, modern art, and collage, and look like nothing else in mainstream comics before or since It s some of Sienkiewicz s best work. People go Oh, we should have seen Frank Miller s insanity coming with The Dark Knight Returns but honestly Drops of it were already leaking out when he ended his legendary run of Daredevil This third omnibus collects the final issues he did, plus a single stand alone issue where Matt Murdock is a Sergio Leone like strange wanderer in a small town lookin to right some wrongs, and the graphic novel Daredevil Love War with art by Bill Sienkiewicz The culmination of the Hand storyline and Murdock s engagement to useless princess Heather Glenn are full of uncomfortable women are untrustworthy and unPURE bullhickey, but I really dropped the star for the half assed way the Hand is defeated Stick and his gang The CHASTE haha are suddenly mystical energy plot devices, and the resurrection of horrible monster ninja Kirigi ends in a wet fart Art is awesome as in the previous two, which also goes for the highly stylized Sienkiewicz GN included Highlights include Turk s brief stint as Stilt Man Turk powering up and getting his ass kicked is a running gag the Netflix series would do well to incorporate and Foggy as a gangsta. , , ,, ,, ,, , ,, ,, ,, ,,SHIELD, ,, , Bill Sienkiewicz,, , , , , , ,, 2 . If you ask me, it s hard to even conceive a better superhero than Daredevil He s got it all, and just in the right amount Supernatural skills that essentially fall short compared to the set of skills he s acquired through hard work and discipline, yet enough hot headedness to screw up said hard work and discipline, a childhood trauma on top of another childhood trauma, plenty of brooding to last him five lifetimes and enough moral ambiguousness to save him from being disgustingly good So much drama Such tension And his new costume is really cool, too.That being said, Frank Miller and Daredevil suit each other like Johnnie Walker and a dark and stormy night I am not aflutter about all of his works, but Miller does have the right kind of touch for fast paced action and noir ish atmosphere that Daredevil needs And by the time he takes over, the standard early Marvel nonsense in form of obscure single appearance characters and equally obscure plots and settings is history, so we can all focus on Hell Kitchen s guardian devil and vigilante going against the mob and a shadowy ninja order The first issues in the Miller Janson run are quite a challenge You have to get past Daredevil being somewhat of Spiderman s sidekick or nanny or whatever, which is beyond ridiculous How does a highly educated grown man with admirable boxing ninja abilities end up running after an annoying brat After their affiliation has ended, Daredevil is still left with poor hand me down villains and flat one shot episodes The maybe unintentionally comical Otto Octavius might be an apt antagonist for a hero adequately adored by five year olds, but not for someone at war against social and political scheming in the underworld As soon as the Kingpin, a devious spider of a mob boss who has sucked himself fat on the blood of his prey, is adopted into the Daredevil comics, as soon as Bullseye becomes not only unfathomably skilled but also completely deranged, so that none of his actions and motifs could possibly be grasped, as soon as Elektra is, paradoxically enough, consumed not only by personal rage but evenby emotional detachment, not unlike Daredevil himself, this become a proper comic for adult readers One about personal profit and interests, spent passions and ideals, an underworld network spreading its tentacles throughout the city like a Kraken, and personal relationships reaching from dysfunctional to exploitative In a way, the best thing about the general plot in Miller s Daredevil is that it would work just as brilliantly without any superpowers, supermutations or super gadgets On top of that, you get great artwork with well chosen perspective to match the dynamics of the action Visually, this is simply an eighties gem of a superhero comic which look exactly like an eighties gem of a superhero comic In a sea of good things to offer, Miller s grand feat is probably turning Daredevil into an antihero above anything else He is determined to obsession, undoubtedly intelligent, a compete jackass, manipulative and self absorbed, and you re still dying to see what happens next Miller s only fail, on the other hand, are the unnecessary and completely moronic comic reliefs, in which inherently half witted characters like Turk, Iron First or Luke Cage are propelled into unfathomable heights of imbecility, and an intelligent and compassionate man like Franklin Nelson becomes the butt of every idiotic schoolyard joke Seriously, humour neither contributes to every situation nor should everyone consider themselves funny So why almost ruin something so perfect with embarrassingly dumb stunts Continuing on with Frank Miller s character defining run on Daredevil as gripping, dark, and mysterious as the previous volume Matt Murdock begins losing touch with reality and himself as the stress and grief go to his head, leading him to do some nasty, out of character things namely, a display of horrible chauvinism toward fianc Heather Glenn At first it s confusing to the reader and especially offensive to any female reader , but Natasha Romanov and Foggy Nelson thankfully pop up to go, Yes, fair reader, you are correct Matt s acting like a total dick Then they take action Whew Bless you, Black Widow.Anyway, after the stuff with Heather Glenn isn t at the forefront I particularly liked issue 190 Resurrection , which resurrected recently departed Elektra and added a layer to Elektra s story, making her character s motives a lotclear Issue 191 Roulette is untouchable and my favorite DD story of Miller s run Suspenseful and brutal, it has all the elements of what I like the most about Daredevil as a character It s him at his darkest, but also his most merciful Five out of five.The only reason this volume gets four stars is because the rest of it was lacking The final three stories are basically unconnected with any major Daredevil arc, one of which is an okay what if story The final, Love and War, features fantastic surreal artwork from Bill Sienkiewicz, but I really wasn t a fan of the story and found it a bit pretentious.Still, this page is stunning Well, the final volume of Miller s main DD run is not quite as strong but there s still a lot to enjoy Matt acts bizarrely for a fair part of this and the various subplots get shuffled to the background But Ninjas And Stick And Turk, who gets a brief moment of power before his arse is handed to him again That running gag has not got old The final issue Roulette is a perfect end to the whole Elektra based arc I thought the art was losing a little of the gritty edge compared to the last volume but it s still pretty neat.The What if story is lame though and the Love and War graphic novel looks amazing but falters with the concept I quite liked the later issue pencilled by John Buscema but it could be about anyone.If I had my way, I d like an omnibus that starts when Miller and Janson took sole charge, focused on Kingpin, Elektra, Bullseye and running through to here Get rid of the earlier filler in volume one when Miller was just on pencils and skip the final few stand alone stories that close this volume In fact, throw in Born Again and Man Without Fear and that would be an awesome collection.These stories are far beyond the rest of the Marvel output at the time DD has in recent years become my second favorite behind the true love of my life Spider Man and frankly this blows most of SMs creative runs out of the water.Time to dig out the Bendis Maleev run. The end of Frank Miller s work on Daredevil Until Born Again I expected a lot from this book and wanted certain things and plot points to tied up This is definitely weaker than Vol 2, better than the first 3 4 of Vol 1 for sure , and not as good as the last 1 4 where Miller took over writing in Vol 1 This Volume delves deeper into the Ninja and The Hand Now all the character relationships seem to be at their worst and it really made me want things to work out I have A LOT of negatives with the last 7 issues of Miller s run But I don t want to sound like a disliked the book I actually really liked it and found the issues to be perfectly entertaining But these are the most flawed issues that Miller wrote in his run The inclusion of Black Widow was a good idea, because it was a nice friendship that gave you something to root for The ninja vs Hand scenes are pretty damn fun to read, especially the giant sized issue Resurrection That issue ends in a great deal of ambiguity You don t for sure know if the last page takes place in the past or the present Stick was as badass as usual, but a MAJOR decision was made with his character that was in my opinion, uncalled for and could have been handled better Something that has been nagging at me for a while reading this run is how easy it is for men and thugs to kill people Even if that person is an assassin or an opponent, on several occasions the thugs utter Let s kill her , or I dunno Kill him Killing has a mental price and is not easy to do That being said I do love and always have loved the way Daredevil is treated in the underworld If Daredevil is pissed and storms into Josie s bar, the thugs and robbers know not to mess with him But if for one second Daredevil is not at his best or noticeably vulnerable they will go apeshit on him The writing gets majorly lazy when characters are about to execute a huge decision with seemingly nothing to hold them back, and then because they are weary or something to that extent they stop, and pussy out Jesus Christ I thought we were past that clich d crap If you are going to come to a huge writing decision Frank, have a good frickin reason to all of the sudden abandon that decision or just don t have it at all The combat is always well done in these Daredevil books but never really shows the the true consequence of a hard kick to the nose, or a billy club slammed against your jaw I get it These are just bad guys with no purpose but to get the shit beaten out of them, and I know the comics code authority was a stickler about heavy violence But I m sorry it would be cool to see Daredevil s punches deliver true shocking pain, rather than the usual flash of superhero might.The last issue entitled Roulette is super deep, in the moment, and brings up a really good question Does Daredevil also inspire violence or make his own villains He sits beside Bullseye and weaves a game of Russian Roulette and a story together Daredevil brings up many points about the role of a superhero and what that title means Daredevil inspires a child to do hurt his enemies brutally and essentially ruins the boy for most of his life The ending of the issue is usual Frank Miller brilliance, that shows one of the few differences between Daredevil and Bullseye Daredevil s reluctance to intentionally kill someone in cold blood Totally not like Batman It is a great moment because Daredevil knows Bullseye is responsible for his mental pain about Elektra This is unfortunately also the end of the run, a few major plot points get left for the readers to figure out I didn t know that Matt Murdock had minor telepathic abilities It took me way off guard I was like what the shite I guess training with Stick for a really long time allowed them to so perfectly predict each others thoughts they could communicate through their minds I dunno Stilts was a lame ass useless villain Did not care for that at all And the plot points I mentioned that get left in the dust at the end of the book are Matt and Foggy s deteriorating friendship, and Matt and Heather s marriage First of all to kill two birds with one stone, Foggy Nelson makes a DICK MOVE That was totally out of character and angered me Especially since I know nothing will come from it in this book It is true Matt Murdock was dragging Foggy Nelson through the mud by missing appointments and ultimately vanishing from the face of the earth, and putting a lot of pressure on Heather with this whole marriage concept, BUT what Foggy does to fix all that was kind of idiotic The marriage plot point between Matt and Heather just felt unnecessary now that I look back at it, because every once and a while the characters would mention the plot point, but it really amounted to nothing great The ninja and Hand s ability to resurrect a body seemed verrrrry convenient Very convenient indeed If the ability was explained in a way that madesense and illustrated how long this ability would take to master, I would have been fine with it But especially with Black Widow, this new ability that can magically bring back people made me role my eyes sometimes Kingpin s last words to Daredevil in this book annoyed me because I don t like that the Daredevil has earned Kingpin s respect It really betrays stories like Born Again last time I bring up that story Ras Al Ghul s respect for Batman for example, is something different Because Batman has saved his daughter and has shown to be able to beat Ras physically You could argue that the Daredevil did save his wife and that earned Daredevil his respect, but to me, the comment was too friendly Last point Klaus Janson s penciling is damn good Almost as amazing as Miller s But there is one thing I hat about the art Janson re uses panels on several occasions Just seems a little lazy y now Miller s last issue of his legendary run were enjoyable, but I was disappointed to have so many damn problems with it Miller failed on wrapping certain plot points up, and brilliantly wrapped up other plots with many good questions GOOD questions Frank Miller absolutely DEFINED the character of Daredevil He made Matt Murdock, his friends, his villains and his city feel so immersive Daredevil is the most relatable and compelling superhero along with Batman And this run altogether transported me into this amazing vigilante world of crime, love, loss, and friendship, and I thank Miller and Janson for that Letter Grade B Daredevil Love and War Collected into Daredevil Vol.3 by Frank Miller and Bill SienkiewiczIn all honesty I don t get this story at all And the experience of reading it was rather frustrating, because this is some of Frank Miller s worst most REPETITIVE writing ever Holy shit How many goddamn times are you going to say not Monday and eggs before the reader goes frickin insane I know how obsessed the guy is with the repetition thing Sometimes it works Here it s frickin annoying The story concept is good Kingpin forcing someone to help his wife But most of the story is about this creepy messed up doctor who is stalking another man s wife saying cheryl probablythan 150 times in the small portion of the GN collected alone I didn t give a crap about this homicidal maniac And most of the story centers around this asshole so I didn t care about what I was reading When Matt Murdock or Daredevil does show up, it s nothing great, but just seeing Daredevil is good when it comes to this confusing ass story Bill Sienkiewicz s luminous pencils work mostly for a noir ish feel Not all of it works, however, because many panels and pages are unclear and get muddled with the massive amount of inks Letter Grade D