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#FREE PDF Ø Balancing the Load: Women, Gender and Transport ë eBook or E-pub free

#FREE PDF ⚜ Balancing the Load: Women, Gender and Transport ä Transport Policy Makers And Providers Have Paid Almost No Attention To Gender Equity, And Gender Researchers In Development Have Seldom Examined The Crucial Role Of Transport In Women S Lives This Text Draws Together Local Level Research FromCountries Across Asia And Africa, To Help Understand How Gender Affects Men And Women S Access To Transport, And What Steps Can Be Taken At Community, Provider And Policy Levels To Improve The Situation It Describes The Different Forms Of Rural Transport In Diverse Settings The Social Roles Transport Plays The Uneven Gender Influenced Access To It And The Impacts Which Pverty, Culture And Gender Insentive Transport Provision Have On Women S Lives The Contributors, And Those Who Discussed Their Findings In A Series Of Workshops, Make Practical Proposals For Tackling Women S Mobility Poverty