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This book was so strange I enjoyed it, while having almost not idea what was going on It s postmodern before its time, people have way too many names and titles, and finishing the book did not answer many of my questions Still, I see how her talent as a writer was being honed so that she could write master works later on. (((Book))) ⇲ The Spell: An Extravaganza ↡ An Ingenious, Highly Imaginative Early Novella, The Spell A Remarkable Tale Of Love And Jealousy, Rivalry And Thwarted Ambition Is A Testimony To Charlotte Bront S Craft As A Writer When The Infant Marquis Of Almeida Is Pronounced Dead, The Kingdoms Of Wellingtonsland And Angria Are Deprived Of Their Heir Anxious To Secure The Nations Future Security, King Zamorna S Advisers Entreat Him To Name His Successor And When Zamorna Himself Succumbs To A Mysterious, Life Threatening Sickness, The Need Becomes Urgent Still Yet Zamorna Remains Strangely Unperturbed Confusion Turns To Political Intrigue As Those Closest To Him Wonder Exactly What It Is He Knows And Who, Precisely, Are The Mysterious Characters Surrounding Him English Novelist Charlotte Bront Is Best Remembered For Her Perennially Popular Novel, Jane Eyre The imaginative world of Charlotte Bront is intricate This past week, I managed to finish another work in the collection of Charlotte s juvenilia This text, entitled The Spell, is different from The Secret in that it is a short novella, and so only one complete story is portrayed While I do usually prefer longer stories because of their depth and complexity, as well as the potential for character and plot development, there were times throughout The Spell when I wished I could enter a different world just for a moment I felt that I was slower getting through The Spell because it was a longer tale and I had to make sure that I was paying attention and following the threads as closely as possible However, in The Spell, Charlotte varies her narrative voices periodically and writes as a young boy, a learned doctor and a female aristocrat, so there is a lot of variety in the way the story is told Whether this makes it confusing or not is hard to say, but at the end of the story, I was very pleased with it and I thoroughly enjoyed trying to solve the mystery that was presented to me Here are my immediate impressions, documented while reading Charlotte Bront s The Spell Keep in mind that these notes are not meant to present spoilers at all rather they reflect my train of thought theories and my detective work as I attempted to get to the bottom of the mystery at hand The Foreword by Nicola Barker and so you should find it as a friend and treat it just as indulgently and just as fondly This is Charlotte Bront utterly without restraint The Spell is the writer before the writing many of these quotes will be analyzed in my second blog post of this weekend, coming soon The Tale Itself same BELOVED characters of The Secret, but again, in different forms and circumstances ex Arthur Augustus Adrian Wellesley Duke Zamorna Marian Hume Florence Marian Wellesley Lily Hart is even featured CB must ve painstakingly kept track of the history, lineage and connections of each of her creations.The Preface book is not explicit, but the reader must use it to piece together aspects of Zamorna s identity personality Is he insane or not quite like Rochester in that he broods, walks in the wilderness alone, contains and hides his emotions He is far too faithful to love her the less for any slight failure in that beauty which he once thought matchless Zamorna seems like an exacting and grave husband child s funeral it is rather difficult to keep track of each personage CB had a vast knowledge of her characters and their relationships You must be aware of the elf s disposition supernatural narrator has some sort of power impossible to tell how old the narrator is he is treated like a child, BUT speaks and narrates as an adult clearly not fleshed out by CB yet letter from Duchess of Zamorna Duke s second wife married for 6 months to her grandmother so randomly placed a tad jarring When in chronology is this exactly Zamorna seems Byronic so cold, so strange, so silent than ever The Duchess idolizes Zamorna as a writer celebrity and a man Did Marian Zamorna s first wife know of Zamorna s lust love for Mary second wife A mystery the reader is a detective with clues compelled to solve this situation Mary it has been my constant study, the business of my life, to watch the unfolding of his strange character How many children does Zamorna have The plot thickens Mina Laury s speech to Mary is SO powerful, but Mary holds her own and is powerful right back STRONG WOMEN ZAMORNA 1 Marian Hume deceased male child Marquis Almeida deceased 2 Mina Laury nurse affair 3 Mary Percy current Duchess Zamorna 4 Emily Inez of Castle Orsonay male child Ernest Fitz Arthur female child Emily Therefore, the Duke has 4 women in his life maybe Zamorna is truly intoxicating he is cruel and secretive and disloyal, but something about him draws the reader in perspective of Dr Alford scientific a third narrator CB testing different voices and diction but voices are not distinct enough yet to say that CB has mastered her craft 2 male narrators doctor and Duke s young brother Charles have almost the same voice Zamorna speaks just like Rochester CB is learning how to write Byronic men Is Mina magical a witch and did she heal Zamorna OR Are there two Zamornas He is at home sick and with the Earl of Northangerland at the same time Is Zamorna a twin at times, it is impossible to tell who the narrator is, so I just assume it is Charles Zamorna to Mary Why did he, I I mean But I ll be even with him Mary is onto something Arthur I begin to think that you have a double existence There cannot be two Zamornas on this earth it would not hold them narrator or perhaps, the writer is critical of the story Reader, pass to the next chapter, if you are not asleep scene where Zamorna reveals Emily Inez as his wife is reminiscent of Rochester revealing Bertha to the priest and Jane recycled scenes Zamorna s speeches are over the top and full of many allusions and literary references a bit heavy handed at times.Okay, I cannot go any further with my notes or, as a famous detective once said, the game is up It s up to you now to solve the mystery and discover Zamorna s true secret pick up a copy of this compelling, intriguing and fascinating novella and fall under Zamorna s spell for yourself Bront s juevenalia novella, written at age 14, contains so many points of view and shifting perspective devices as to rival Mary Shelley s The Last Man lazy it is not, and, given how much informed conjecture about back room societies and class struggles amongst the titled class that one has to wonder What were those kids reading Which, admittedly, may be as simple a question from today s vantage point, mind as asking What were they putting in Blackwood s A great read You won t be disappointed Comprei este livro na Feira do Livro de Lisboa o ano passado, a pre o de saldo, pois queria ler mais obras das irm s Bront.Quanto ao livro em si, achei o confuso, com muitas personagens, em que tenho que dizer que me ia perdendo sobre quem era quem Vamos tendo tamb m uma altern ncia de narradores, que tamb m me fez sentir perdida, pois parecia que t o depressa era uma personagem feminina, como depois era uma masculina isto no mesmo capitulo.Quanto hist ria, tamb m n o achei nada de especial, pois basicamente s o nos relatados epis dios onde podemos ir verificando as altera es de humor e de personalidade da personagem Sendo que no final nos desvendado o mist rio, mas que achei algo previs vel pois ao meio descobri o dito cujo.Talvez por ter sido um livro que Charlotte escreveu ainda na adolesc ncia, ainda n o nota grande profundidade na escrita. Charlotte Bronte would probably be horrified that this early novella is published It is obviously written when she was young and I thoroughly enjoyed it for that But it is extremely melodramatic and fantastic not meaning great, but unbelievable Plus she changed her point of view a couple of times And I m still not sure how old the narrator was Was he a child or an adult Bella edizione stampata su carta grossa e liscia e con comode alette per tenere il segno nella pagina delle Dramatis personae, overo l elenco dei personaggi con i loro mille nomi e titoli, e nella pagina delle note La difficolt dell ingresso in questo mondo sta nel seguire le relazioni tra i personaggi che per la Bronte sono invece ben note La non conoscenza del background della storia, per , aiuta a sentirsi effettivamente presi da un incantesimo e buttati in mezzo ad una cerchia di persone con un loro passato, che tu, nuovo arrivato, non puoi conoscere e vai scoprendo man mano Enchanting.Favourite quote So long as Zamorna s love was yours, what mattered if it was not wholly yours Chapter four barf 99% , Jesus Crust end my misery now dramatically ends life. The book is not very interesting in itself, but it is still worth reading for the insights into mature works such as Jane Eyre.