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[[ Read Ebook ]] õ iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business ⚟ ICon Takes A Look At The Most Astounding Figure In A Business Era Noted For Its Mavericks, Oddballs, And Iconoclasts Drawing On A Wide Range Of Sources, Jeffrey Young And William Simon Provide New Perspectives On The Legendary Creation Of Apple, Detail Jobs S Meteoric Rise, And The Devastating Plunge That Left Him Not Only Out Of Apple, But Out Of The Computer Making Business Entirely This Unflinching And Completely Unauthorized Portrait Reveals Both Sides Of Jobs S Role In The Remarkable Rise Of The Pixar Animation Studio, Also Re Creates The Acrimony Between Jobs And Disney S Michael Eisner, And Examines Jobs S Dramatic His Rise From The Ashes With His Recapture Of Apple The Authors Examine The Takeover And Jobs S Reinvention Of The Company With The Popular IMac And His Transformation Of The Industry With The Revolutionary IPod ICon Is Must Reading For Anyone Who Wants To Understand How The Modern Digital Age Has Been Formed, Shaped, And Refined By The Most Influential Figure Of The Age A Master Of Three Industries Movies, Music, And Computers Editorial Reviews With Simon Coauthor, The Art Of Intrusion , Journalist Young Here Updates Steve Jobs The Journey Is The Reward, His Biography Of The Apple Computer CEO The Authors, Who Call Jobs The Rock Star Of High Tech, Chronicle The Remarkable Comeback Of The Technology Wunderkind Who Had Been Forced Out Of Apple InJobs Subsequently Started Pixar, Which Compiled An Impressive Track Record In Developing Animated Films Such As Toy Story And Finding Nemo He Eventually Returned To Apple In , Where He Was Instrumental In Developing The IMac And The IPod Many Biographies Of Jobs Suffer From His Refusal To Cooperate, And This One Also Betrays A Hurried Incompleteness, As If The Authors Were Fearful That Jobs Might Achieve Something New That They Would Be Unable To Include In Time For Publication The Book Occasionally Has A Gossipy Tone, Especially In Its Overus As a long time Apple, music and animation movies fan, I am probably biased in writing this review But during the years I started to learn using and programming NeXT and Macintosh computers, watched great movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo , and listened to my music collection on my iPod, I was not even aware of the fact that all this pleasure was financed and partly created by this one man Steve Jobs.The story in this book may not always be very positive about Steve, but to me it highlights all the turning points in his life and career that also became truning points in my own life It was a pleasure to listen to as I own the audiobook version and I can very much recommend it to you if you have a slight interest in how your favorite movies and computing devices came to life.The book was written when Steve was still alive, and I wish that was still the case the man will be missed dearly. ,, , Apple,, , ,, , ,, , , . Enjoyably dishy Crazy thing is the book ends before the iPhone era and even without the iPhone iPad, Jobs s list of accomplishments is huge This book may be annoying to some cos it s not especially charitable towards Jobs makes him out to be a huge asshole really and it s written in a vaguely gossipy style But I found that kind of refreshing given how uncritical anybody else has been since he died Yeah the guy was a visionary technologist businessman, but come on he wasn t the f Dalai Lama The book isn t a hit job though it definitely conveys Jobs s good qualities as well as bad Sounds like his charisma was off the charts Overall I d give this 3 1 2 stars if that existed. Recently Steve Jobs has been named the CEO of the decade by Fortune magazine The announcement was hardly surprising to anyone who has been following the business world over the last ten years Apple Computer, the company that he cofounded and the one that his name will always be associated with the most, has gone from the verge of bankruptcy in the late 1990s to one of the most spectacularly successful companies in the World today and the top brand name The announcement cemented his already stellar and legendary reputation Steve Jobs is a rare bird these days an incredibly successful businessman whose personal life and adventures are almost as intriguing as his business dealings This is especially true of young Steve, before he matured in a very sober and calculating professional Stories of Steve s early life are masterfully narrated in iCon, a very well written and intriguing book The early chapters of the book are particularly fascinating, and anyone who is not familiar with the early days of Apple Computer and what led to its formation should absolutely read this story It is filled with anecdotes and first hand accounts that have since become an integral part of Silicon Valley lore The creation of Apple Macintosh probably deserves a book of its own, and a very readable one can be found in Revolution in the Valley This part of the book is a page turner for any real Mac fan and was hard to put down.The latter part of the book was rather disappointing It was largely written from the outside perspective, and many of the stories presented there could have easily been gleaned from the newspaper accounts Many of the major development events at Apple Computer that have taken place since Steve jobs returned to the company are completely omitted The worst part, however, are the overly detailed descriptions of the internal struggles of a company that Steve jobs never worked in Disney This material was completely irrelevant and one can skip it without losing any relevant information for the rest of the book The book concludes before Apple brought out iPhone, and reading it now it feels a bit dated However, it is still a very insightful and immensely interesting book to read despite its many flaws.