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His wife has been dead for 6 months, but she now seems real than when she was alive But whomever killed her, his second wife, is now trying to kill him Not only was she his second bride to be kiiled, but she was also pregnant, as was his first wife Someone doesn t want him to be happy or to have a family see if you can figure who it is. @DOWNLOAD PDF õ Immortal Bride ô For Generations, Local Residents Have Whispered About An Evil Menace Lurking Near The Shore Of The Lake Of Tears The Recent Murder Of Landowner Damien Gray S Bride, Olivia, Confirms The Worst Now, Confused And Heartbroken, Olivia S Spirit Survives Death And Seeks Vengeance Upon The Man She Desired Than Life Itself, The Man She Now Suspects Was Her Killer DamienBut An Angry Shaman Has His Own Vicious Agenda, One That Will Bring Damien To Understand His Native Ancestry Steamy Passion And Ancient Vendettas Will Draw Them Ever Deeper Into A Drama Of A Family S Legacy, Murder And A Love So Strong It Can Withstand Even Death This is the second time I ve written this review.rural wi fi sucks big time folkssometimes you have it, sometimes you don t Anyhow, I started this book this afternoon and finished this evening, so a quick read, not only because of the number of pages, but because it was too good to put down I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would definitely read it again I really liked the two main characters, and the Native American legend woven through the story was very cool Would recommend to anyone who likes Paranormal Romance, with some suspense thrown in as wellgreat book Damien Grays bride is murdered but he keeps seeing her spirit Olivia s spirit survives death and wants vengeance on Damien because she believes that he was the one to kill her. I finished this book and sighed, the love was fantastic but the defeat of the bad guy was so not what I was looking for This story was sad overall with a happy ending tacked on but overall a really good read. Check out my review at I ve not read Lisa Childs before and because she writes Nocturnes, which is my favorite Silhouette line, and I have several of her books in the TBR pile, I opted for this one first since I haven t read a ghost story in a while I m very pleasantly surprised We get two ghosts, a love of a lifetime, and a twist at the end that keeps you guessing Just my kind of book.Damien is still grieving over the loss of his wife during their honeymoon Her body has never been found, for she rests at the bottom of the Lake of Tears He doesn t come back to their lakeside home that often, but when he does he s drawn to the shore where Olivia died.And that is where his loving wife is waiting for him, waiting to make him pay for taking her life Confused as to why her husband would want her dead, she makes her way into their home to take care of her unfinished business, but what she sees and hears makes her question Damien s guilt.As these two become aware of each other again, Damien finally seeing his ghostly wife and Olivia seeing Damien as a wife should, they have a very different spirit working against them An angry, ancient shaman of Damien s people is out for his own revenge for what he believes he lost to Damien s ancestor They must work together to defeat the specter s evil and finally let Olivia rest in peace.I like how Ms Childs slowly works Olivia back into Damien s life, a flash here, a movement there, a feeling once or twice, until he finally convinces himself she truly is with him And then his disbelief when he learns Olivia blames him for her demise is also well done Though Olivia does come close to exacting her revenge, once she spends time with Damien she realizes he really did and does love her I think she s able to see it so clearly so quickly because she always believed it, death just got in the way for a while.The ending came as a surprise, but when all is said and done, not much else could have happened in unraveling the mystery surrounding the Lake of Tears and the shaman And there s also an extra surprise just because this is a paranormal story and romance at its best when it comes to HEA A solid, enjoyable read, and I m ready to find the rest of Ms Childs books in that old TBR pile.See my complete review at Dans la collection Nocturne chez Harlequin, il y a vraiment de tout et pour tous les go ts L pour le coup, je suis tomb e au hasard dessus et au final j ai t agr ablement surprise Le r sum tant banal, il ne donnait pas vraiment envie de lire Le tour de force de Lisa Childs, c est qu elle arrive nous faire continuer la lecture m me si on trouve rapidement l identit du tueur et que l histoire est du vu et revu.Damien est un des derniers indiens de sa tribu et surtout descendant de sorciers puissants Il a par cons quent des pouvoirs surnaturels bien qu il les renie et qu il reste tr s terre terre Cependant lorsqu il pense voir sa femme sur les bords du lac, il est heureux d avoir ces pouvoirs C est un homme s r de lui, qui a r ussit en partant de rien et qui au final a presque tout perdu lorsque sa femme est morte Il s est repli sur lui m me et est devenu une personne am re et solitaire.Olivia avait pas mal de secret et elle n est pas la seule h ro ne du livre mais si j en dis plus l dessus, a g che toute l histoire L int r t du livre est justement ce soit disant fant me et tout ce qui tourne autour de sa mort Les personnages secondaires sont int ressants et permettent d tayer un peu l intrigue Le r cit est plein de rebondissements et le rythme lev des actions permet de ne pas s ennuyer et d avoir une lecture agr able.C est s r que ce n est pas le livre de l ann e, mais a reste tout de m me une bonne petite romance sot rique, avec une touche de mythologie indienne a change pas mal de ce qu on lit habituellement et a permet de passer une petite apr s midi sympathiquement