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The four books included in this omnibus are listed below I ve read this before, but it has been quite a while, and as I recall it s not a real fast read maybe because the book is heavy Cart and CwidderClennen the singer, his wife and 4 children are traveling through Dalemark They pick up Kialan as a passenger, but he acts very strange Clennen s son Moril inherits his cwidder, a musical instrument that has strange powers which Moril must learn to use to save Kialan.Drowned AmmetMitt is a young boy in the slums of Holand, who dreams of being a revolutionary and putting down the oppressive rule of the earls in the south of Dalemark When his part of an uprising goes wrong, he must flee and he ends up on a boat owned by two children of one of the hated earls, Hildy and Ynen, the children of Navis They go to the Holy Islands with the help of Old Ammet and Libby Beer, avatars of the Undying The story ends when the three children and Navis are helped by the islanders to get away and sail to the north.The SpellcoatsI realized too late that this one should be read first it deals with happenings in prehistoric Dalemark, well before the times of the previous two books The five children of Closti the Clam live near the River The story is told by the fourth youngest, Tanaqui, who is weaving their story into rugcoats Their father and eldest brother Gull have to go away to fight the Heathens, leaving the children behind The people of the village hate them, except for their uncle Kestrel, because they are blond haired instead of brown and look like the people the villagers call the Heathens Their father does not return, but Gull returns a shattered man When the river rises unexpectedly and floods them out, they load everything into a boat and go off down the river to escape the villagers, taking the statues of their Undying gods, with them the One, the Lady, and the Young One When they reach the sea, they meet the evil Kankredin, a sorcerer, and get involved in a war against him The River and their gods help them, but the book ends just before the final battle, with Tanaqui struggling to finish her final weaving.The Crown of DalemarkThe first section of the book begins somewhere after Drowned Ammet left off, with Mitt now in the service of Countess of Aberath He is told that Ynen will be killed unless Mitt agrees to kill a girl called Noreth, who is looking for the crown of Dalemark to unite the north and south Then the second book switches to modern times 200 years later, and a girl called Maewen, who is traveling by train to Kernsberg to visit her father who is the curator at the Tannoreth Palace The palace contains a lot of portraits and artifacts from olden days When Wend, her father s secretary, hands Maewen a golden statue of the One, she is suddenly sent back in time to take Noreth s place Wend is with her, and Mitt and Navis are there, as is Moril the singer from Cart and Cwidder She is supposed to find the ring, the cup, and the sword of the true king which will lead to an uprising that eventually will unite the north and south But the remnants of the evil mage Kankredin are reassembling themselves, and he is doing his best to steer Maewen into the wrong paths The rest of the story tells what she overcomes to find the three artifacts and eventually get back to her own time I felt this was the most exciting book of the four, but it ends with Maewen determined to find the witch Cennoreth and find Mitt again So it was a rather unsatisfying ending I felt as if there should be a fifth book to wrap everything up. This book this book which is technically four books in one is my favorite book When I say my favorite book, I mean this set of four books right here have been my favorite singular piece of writing since my mom first bought it for me from a library book sale when I was in sixth grade, almost nine years ago now I consider this book to be Diana Wynne Jones s greatest masterpiece Originally, this being one of the first books I had ever read by her and therefore not prepared, I was extremely upset when I would go from the end of one book to the beginning of the next and find that the stories and characters had changed completely I was so frustrated by that that I would end up quitting it for weeks at a time until my anger died down this was my first read through in sixth grade.Let me tell you, I love Moril Moril and Mitt are some of my favorite characters of ever, of any genre I just want to give Moril a big squeeze and tell him that everything is going to be all right and he just needs to calm down Even having read this before, I couldn t remember much of the actual plot of any of the books, and I was on the edge of my seat all the way through especially the first book I think I finished that one the same day I picked it up Cart and Cwidder is the kind of book that starts going and keeps going, and you just need to try your best to keep up The book with Mitt, Drowned Ammet took a little longer, mostly because this is the book where one starts to realize that there are a whole lot of facts here and you need to keep them all straight, and everything starts to blur together and suddenly I feel the need to make lists of who everyone is and where they are and what time period everything is happening in The third book, Spellcoats, was the hardest for me to get through Reading books set so far in the past give me a really jittery nervous creeped out feeling and man this whole book was like that, it was just so far in the past and you start to remember that everyone in this book has to be dead now hahaha, right and that gives me terrible paranoia for some reason But then even that book you start to realize things that you didn t before and it s simply astounding, the amount of detail that Diana put into this world,The last book, The Crown of Dalemark and the bringing together that it causes I cried my eyes out at the end of this book Really, I started crying about halfway through this book and then severely dehydrated myself because I continued to cry for the next few days For some reason, this story is extremely powerful to me I invest a lot of energy into this book series, and it doesn t disappoint Everyone needs to read this at some point view spoiler Maewen and Mitt is my OTP, I swear The one thing I am most upset about is the fact that it never flat out says that she is one of the undying The thing is, is she must be She absolutely must be There is no excuse for Maewen to NOT be the undying The thing is, is I am convinced as convinced as a person can be that she was granted the life of an undying when she was in the temple and asked to stay in that time period with Mitt I think it s the least he could have done, since she had to be sent back Mitt and Maewen have to be undying together There is no other option, guys Seriously hide spoiler The four books leap and buck in unexpected ways, twisting when you think they might turn and turning when you think they might twist Drowned Ammett took me longer to get through than the others the world building sometimes makes me feel like I m slow to catch on, but the story was engaging although it took a long time to get to Mitt s initial goal once past that, the pace picks up With the pull between good and evil and north and south, common people and those in power, and with the fine line between gods and regular humans, there s much to consider here I d initially picked this up for my third grade daughter, who liked Earwig and the Witch although it was easy reading , but I think it might be better to wait a couple of years there is a little bit of swearing in the final book, I think, and the mature themes, with destruction and murder although not horribly graphic , make it a better choice for an older audience The first book, though SPOILER ALERT , might do, but there is the death of the father and the separation of the father and mother, which could be distressing to younger audiences as well. Cart CwidderOriginally published in 1975 I really wish I had read this short novel as a kid I still enjoyed reading it now, but I think it would have been one of my favorite books if I had read it at a younger age.Although a YA novel, with a fun and fast moving, adventurous tone, this book doesn t shy away from heavier emotional issues and political situations.The feudal land of Dalemark is divided, and the South is extremely politically repressive But people depend on traveling minstrels for not only entertainment but news and mail delivery so entertainers have a free rein than most Moril has spent his whole life traveling and performing with his family from a horse drawn cart, singing and playing the cwidder across the land.But when his father is murdered by a group of richly dressed men, his mother immediately chooses to return to the stable, well to do suitor that she left for a musician years before Moril and his brother and sister, driven both by suspicions that their mother s new beau had something to do with the murder, and a lack of enthusiasm for a bourgeois lifestyle, take the cart and strike out on their own, agreeing to take the young man who had been their family s passenger to his destination in the North.More trouble awaits than they had bargained on however, as secrets regarding an underground political movement are revealed, and the children realize that their life was not all the happy go lucky glamour that it seemed Soon they re well in over their heads which makes it convenient that Moril s inherited cwidder, reputed to have belonged to the legendary bard Osfameron, may have than simply musical powers.Drowned AmmetTakes place at the same time as the previous novel, but with different characters.In South Dalemark, after their landlord conspires to throw his family off their farm, a boy named Mitt must struggle to fit into town life, as his mother works hard but uses her money spendthrift ly and his father gets involved in an illegal revolutionary movement.When the political group is betrayed, Mitt, with the encouragement of his mother, devotes himself to becoming a double agent involved with his father s group, but secretly bent on betraying those inside the group that he believes sold out his father His allegiances are difficult, as one of those men treats him like a son, and in addition, his stepfather seems to offer him a respectable, straight and narrow path But Mitt is obsessed with his plan to blow up the Earl during the festival of Ammet and to blame his radical compatriots for the crime.But nothing turns out quite the way he planned, and Mitt finds himself on a sea voyage with two rich kids, and with the involvement of two pagan folk type supernatural figures, Ammett himself and the fertility goddess Libby Beer, Mitt will have to grow, face some truths, and make some hard decisions about his path.The SpellcoatsAt first, this story seems to have little relationship to the two before it It s not till the very end that it s revealed that it takes place in Dalemark but during near prehistoric times The society portrayed is very primitive, perhaps analogous to Bronze Age tribes in Britain When most of the men of a village go off to fight a war against some blond invaders, the pale, fair looks passed down to one family s children by their mysterious, foreign mother make them a target of fear and superstition.They escape their threatening neighbors, bringing only their household gods with them in a boat down the river but these gods turn out to be than the reader might have assumed, as they embark on a journey of danger and magic, which will lead them not only to the center of the conflict between two tribes, but to the greater threat posed to all by an evil, soul catching sorcerer.The narrator is a young woman who tells the story through her complicated weaving, setting her tale down in a textile coat To her people, these spellcoats have both traditional and magical powers, and the record of her story will become essential to her storyThe Crown of DalemarkIn this last book, many of the elements of The Spellcoats become clear, as it is shown that many of the characters and gods mentioned in that story have become part of Dalemark s mythology and legends it explains why it was decided to print it there, out of chronological order Here, Maewen, a young girl from modern Dalemark is convinced tricked to go 200 years back in time and impersonate a young woman who has disappeared but who was convinced that gods spoke to her and that she was destined to be Queen of all Dalemark, reuniting the conflict riven North and South Maewen has doubts about this, as she meets characters that she was familiar with from paintings that she saw displayed of famous people from Dalemark s history but she has never heard anything about this supposedly important young Queen Still, she feels she has very little choice but to go along with it, and as time goes on, she finds herself becoming emotionally involved in the situation she finds herself in one that, for the reader, is yet entertaining, because it involves characters we ve met before in the other novels collected here.All four of these books are good, and although they re not precisely part of a series, they go well together.I think the appeal of Wynne Jones books is that she believes strongly in good and this comes through in all of her stories But, at the same time, she has neither a simplistic view of the world or the na ve expectation that everything will go as it should or that authority can be trusted. [ DOWNLOAD KINDLE ] ♁ The Dalemark Quartet ♃ For Centuries, Dalemark Has Been A Land Divided By The Feuding Earldoms Of The North And South Now, With The Help Of The Undying, The Mysterious Gods Of Dalemark, Four Extraordinary Young Peoplefrom The Past, Present And Futurewill Help Shape The Destiny Of Their Land Includes Cart And Cwidder, Drowned Ammet, The Spellcoats And The Crown Of Dalemark These four novels collected in this SFBC omnibus create a fascinating land full of living myths and unexpected magic Most pleasingly, this land is not an obvious reflection of any particular real world country or culture That originality is wonderfully refreshing The style of each novel is well suited to the story it is telling I m thinking particularly of the dream like quality of The Spellcoats And the characters are all very realistic and focused on their own desires, from the contrasting personalities of the assorted siblings to the various adults, good and bad, that populate the stories Those are the good very good parts.The not so good parts I found the overall behavior of many of the parental figures appalling Not at all unrealistic just appalling The same is true of the overall level of violence the very fact that it is treated as relatively normal is disturbing than the violence itself Finally, it s frustrating to see yet another of my favorite authors struggling with the crafting of a story s ending Apart from sort of Cart and Cwidder the first book , the stories don t really end they just stop It seems that really good writers can get away with that, but it s still annoying, and ultimately it s what kept me from giving these books five stars instead of four. I typically find Diana s stories intriguing and captivating this one was no exception This book is realy four books in one, with the first three stories occurring at different times and places, but within the same country The final story tied everything together for the most part I can t help but confess confusion on than one occasion while reading this book The use of one name for than one character i.e the Adon and Osfameron was very hard to keep straight, especially when reading each book back to back And for some reason, I couldn t quite understand the undying a group of characters within the book The story would refer to the Undying and then only later explain how that related to the storyline The fourth book cleared this up a bit , but I still think a precursor book about the original Undying to the Dalemark Quartet would have been very helpful Would I suggest this book to other fantasy readers Yes, but I would warn them that it s not necessarily an easy read. Dianna Wynne Jones is one of my very favorite authors, so it pains me to say The Dalemark Quartet does not represent Jones s strongest work, but it s still an interesting read all the same I particularly enjoyed the third novel of the quartet, The Spellcoats The Spellcoats is set during prehistoric Dalemark, centuries before the events of the other three novels It s narrated by Tanaqui, a young weaver Her narrative voice is an interesting mix of formality and youth, and it makes for an interesting and engaging read Though I m all for ambiguity in a text, I feel that Jones leaves too many questions unanswered The Undying and their relationships with one another and mortals was interesting, but ultimately a hair on the confusing side. This wasn t quite what I normally expect from Diana Wynne Jones It lacked the lighthearted quality her books often have It did have the somewhat muddled and hard to understand feeling her books sometimes have.But the characters were interesting and distinct, and the magic system and world building unique The stories seemed to move pretty slowly, and I had to push to get through them As it is, this book is very overdue at the library.This book is actually as set of four inter related stories, the first three seem to have totally unrelated characters with a somewhat related setting, but the fourth book brings them together with a satisfactory ending. Peculiar but interesting not my favorite Diana Wynne Jones series but still enjoyable I was surprised to find I really liked The Spellcoats, which started slow Their religion and their journey unexpectedly had me reflecting on cool parts of my beliefs I wish I had written down those thoughts because they have disappeared The last book in the quartet was a fun adventure that pleasingly tied parts of all of these books together.