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Too much profanity. this is Kerr trying to pullan El Leonard noveland getting pretty closevery enjoyable Philip Kerr is best known for his Bernie Gunther historical series, which follows a Berlin cop through the middle decades of the twentieth century But he has also written a surprising number of stand alone thrillers this one is from 1997 Dave Delano is just out of prison, having done five years while keeping his mouth shut rather than testify against a top Miami mobster In the joint Delano learns from a cellmate about a ruse the Russian mob uses to get bales of cash across the Atlantic and into Russia via the Black Sea, on a transporter vessel used to ship luxury yachts He comes up with a plan to hijack the cash while insuring against the double cross he knows is coming from his mobster patron Complicating the endeavor is the presence of a comely female FBI agent, tracking a Colombian gangster shipping drugs via the same route All very cinematic.It s well researched and intriguing, but it lacks the dark intensity of the Gunther series the love story s not convincing and there s really nobody to root for It s just crooks chasing a big score The whole thing is a bit perfunctory Reasonably entertaining, but not the best of Kerr s work. 3.5 As per usual, a fine writing job with a random throw away plot This one s a high seas caper involving a yacht transport vessel, which I now know is a thing that exists and certainly helped maintain my interest, but, well it s a caper, and rooting for an outright criminal does not come naturally for me. This book is NOT a Bernie Gunther book It is about Dave Delano, who gets out of prison for not testifying about seeing a gangster kill someone He gets paid off when he s out, but decides to get even He convinces the gang leader to hijack drug money on its way to being laundered in Russia The deal is to get a fancy boat and ship it to Europe On the transport ship will be drug runner boats hiding the cash What they don t realize is the FBI is following someone who is shipping drugs on the same transport Of course, the female FBI agent and Dave fall in love on the transport However, he has to continue his plan which becomes complicated because the boat easiest to get off the transport is the boat with the drugs There are lots of twists and turns and the book is amusing. I was torn between 3 and 4, so I decided to be kind and round up.This novel wasn t a deep read at all, and it was completely unlike the other book by Philip Kerr that I ve read, Field Gray It s about a man who gets out of prison and decides to pull a stunt involving stealing some dirty money by hijacking a yacht We re supposed to believe this guy is some sort of noble thief, because he doesn t want to kill anybody, but he s really just a hypocrite.There s pedophilia in this book and some really graphic violence The child sexual abuse is not committed by the main character, so there s that, but the scene seemed to conflate male homosexuality with pedophilia Later, there s a vague reference to a couple of lesbians, and it s not negative, at least The main character even calls out his asshole of a partner on his homophobia But, when the main character accuses of his partner of going to bed with a couple of girls who were clearly underage, I was annoyed that the writer stuck that in there, because the main character was present when it happened, and he didn t say anything then Doesn t that make him an accomplice Aside from that, the book was pretty enjoyable, with several funny moments and a main character who was mostly likable There were some twists that I genuinely didn t see coming, and I enjoyed the ending There was a bit of romance, but it wasn t overdone and it didn t feel cheap.I d recommend this to anyone who s into fictional stories about crime that are mostly light reads, as long as they re not put off by violence and less than ideal depictions of gay men. OK I love everything Philip Kerr wrote although I m not yet done with all of his books Really loved this one all the way through but I have one small quibble Kerr was always so excellent at his research, and this book is no exception However the yacht transports which feature so major in this book left me wondering, so I ve been looking at photos on line and I don t see any current cat tug transports that actually keep their sterns open to the ocean during the trip Anybody else haveknowledge than I do Otherwise, I really was on board from start to finish And so different from the Berlin Noir series, as much as I do love Bernie Gunther After spending five years in prison, Dave doesn t want to ever go back But he has a plan, not at all legal, that he s had a lot of time to perfect that will net him a lot of money There s ruthless criminals, drugs, cash to launder, and lots of action on the ocean.Who knew that you could transport your gazillion dollar yacht, along with other yachts, on a ship across the Atlantic Manly men doing manly crime in manly ways, and the woman who is momentarily intrigued by one of them before getting hella annoyed There s also a hurricane that goes in the wrong direction and I lost a few minutes making sure I read what I thought I read So, really, two women were annoyed. ^Read Book ☠ A Five-Year Plan ↝ Dave Delano Didn T Spend Five Years In A Florida Prison Idling Away Hard Time I Believe In The Redistribution Of Wealth, He Told One Of His Guards But Redistribution For Dave Was A Strictly Personal Matter His Five Year Plan Aimed To Put Millions Into His Own Pockets In The Former Soviet Union There Are A Million Scams Most Lucrative Is Money Laundering Refitting US Yachts To Hide Dirty Dollars And Transshipping Them Across The Atlantic On Huge Transport Ferries Destined For The Europoean Playground Of The International Rich, The Mob Magically Disappears The Cash, Moving It Through Black Sea Ports And Into Russian Banks Dave Delano Thinks Some Of That Money Should Be His It S A Simple Matter Of Hijacking One Of Those Yacht Ferries On The High SeasFor The Columbian Cartel, Europe Is A Magnet But Landing Their Cocaine Is Another Matter When FBI Agent Kate Fury Gets A Hot Tip They Are Shipping It In A Hollowed Out Yacht Hull Via Transport Ferry, She Know S She S Onto The Biggest Collar Of Her Career Boarding That Ferry, She S Set To Pounce But She Hasn T Counted On Dave Delano, Who Has His Own Personal AgendaThe Result Is Pure Combustion A Fast And Funny Caper Novel Full Of Hidden Identities, Misunderstood Motives, And Major Mayhem To Keep Listeners Guessing Right To The End