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Barely a week old, Aria was left by her mother in an alley during winter Luckily for her, a driver for army officers, Behrouz Bahktiar, heard her whimpering and rescued her as she was surrounded by a pack of wild dogs He brought her home to his wife, who was twice his age, and hoped that she would take care of her while he went away for the week to work Zahra, his wife, often gave here no meals and left her locked on the outside patio all day and sometimes at night Kamran, a boy living with his family across Aria s unit, befriended her and brought her food After a nasty incident, Aria was adopted by the town s wealthy spinster Fereshte Ferdowsi Once a week Behrouz came to visit then soon he accompanied her to a house not far from her old home with Behrouz She met Mehri, who would not speak to her, and her three daughters, the oldest of whom spoke unkindly to Aria She taught the middle sister to read and help at the house At school, she made friends with Hamlet and Mitra, a quiet girl who secretly adored Hamlet In the end, Mitra s heart broke when Hamlet and Aria married however it was Mitra who became Hamlet s saviour The book illustrates life for Iranians when the Shah fell out of favour and the Khomeini came to power Having lived in Iran for a short time, I was intrigued by the locations referenced throughout the book Very interesting story although it could have been edited to fewer pages. Tehran 1953 81, from the coup that brought the Shah back to the coup that brought Khomeini Follows the life of a baby left in the gutter. I feel like there s so much for to say, however I feel like I can only say a few words I wish the book had not stopped The book could have had 1000 pages and I would have been happy I really enjoy the storytelling of Aria s life and of Iran I d recommend this book. 3 Stars I wanted to like this book so much , but felt it could do with a lot of editing, because there were a lot of useless actions throughout It brought to mind the Kite Runner, but not as beautifully constructed The historical setting was a good starting place and the author using children coming of age to show the growth of the Iran revolution was enough to keep me reading It could be better. When she was a mere few days old, Aria s mother abandoned her in an alley in Tehran, Iran Aria is the story of the orphaned girl growing up amidst the revolutionary struggle for power in Iran in the 1950 s The book is split into four parts, each based on the four mother roles in the book.It is difficult to give this book a fair rating because although I did my research as I read along, I still do not have a full grasp on what took place in the novel Owing in large part to my own ignorance on the Iranian revolution as well as my lack of knowledge on the topography and culture in general in the middle east, I found Aria difficult to follow and constantly had to stop to look things up.If you do pick this one up, I strongly recommend you do not read it before bed Aria is a realistic depiction of the unrest, the violence and the crudeness that took place in Iran during the revolution, so be prepared for graphic descriptions and heartbreaking outcomes for a lot of the characters.I am disappointed to say that I fear I missed most of the poetic beauty in the book for struggling to read than a few chapters at a time It didn t flow well for me The last part of the story in my opinion was the best, and unfortunately the shortest Where the others dragged on with seemingly monotonous details, the final part was jammed with realizations and explanations I can certainly appreciate why so many have already fallen in love with Aria, but it wasn t my taste I am a sucker for a silver lining and struggled to find one here. Aria is a stunning and heartbreaking novel I was captivated the whole way through. Such a beautiful and wrenching story Perfectly constructed with just the right amount of detail. I found this book to be long winded I thought it would be another Kite Runner, but it certainly was not It was an ok read Nothing great. I received the book Aria Nazanine Hozar for free via Goodreads for my consideration.I really enjoyed this book It is about a young girl living in Iran during the Shah s reign Aria tells her story amidst the political strife of her country, but only through the eyes of the non political children I loved the characters They were very realistic The story flowed beautifully I would recommend this book to anyone. `Read ☔ Aria ☠ This Extraordinary, Gripping Debut Is A Rags To Riches To Revolution Tale About An Orphan Girl S Coming Of Age In Iran It Is The Early S In A Democratic But Restless Iran, A Country Newly Powerful With Oil Wealth But Unsettled By Class And Religious Divides And By The Politics Of A Larger World Hungry Especially The West For Its Resources One Night, A Humble Driver In The Iranian Army Is Walking Through A Rough Area Of Tehran When He Hears A Small, Pitiful Cry Curious, He Searches For The Source, And To His Horror, Comes Upon A Newborn Baby Abandoned By The Side Of The Road And Encircled By Ravenous Dogs He Snatches Up The Child And Forever Alters His Own Destiny And That Of The Little Girl, Whom He Names Aria Thus Begins A Stunning And Revelatory Debut That Takes Us Inside The Iranian Revolution But As Seen Like Never Before, Through The Eyes Of An Orphan Girl The Novel Is Structured Around Each Of The Three Very Different Women Who Find Themselves Fated To Mother The Lost Child First, The Working Class, Reckless And Self Involved Zahra, Married To The Kind Hearted Soldier Then The Wealthy, Careful And Compassionate Fereshteh, Who Invites Aria Into Her Compound And Adopts Her As An Heir And Finally, Aria S Biological Mother, Mehri, Whose New Family Aria Discovers In Adolescence A Final Section, Aria, Takes Us Through The Brutal Revolution That Installs The Ayatollah Khomeini As Iran S Supreme Leader, Even As Aria Falls In Love With A Revolutionary And Becomes A Young Mother Herself Here Is A Sweeping, Unforgettable, Timely Saga That Brilliantly Humanizes People Trapped And Left Powerless And Voiceless By An Unjust World People No Different From Those In The West, Wanting Love, Kindness, Belonging And Freedom Of Thought