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READ PDF Î Postcards for a Songbird õ Everyone Eventually Leaves Wren Plumley First It Was Her Mother, Then Her Best Friend, And Then Her Sister Now Living With Only Her Cop Father And Her Upended Dreams, Wren Feels Stranded, Like A Songbird Falling In A StormWhen Wilder, A Sickly Housebound Teen, Moves In Next Door, Wren Finally Finds What She S Always Wanted A Person Who Can T Leave But A Chance Meeting With Luca, The Talkative, Crush Worthy Boy In Her Driver S Ed Class, Has Wren Wondering If Maybe She S Too Quick To Push People Away Soon, Wren Finds Herself Caught Between The Safety Of A Friendship And A Love Worth Fighting ForWren Starts To Dream Again But When Postcards Begin Arriving From Her Sister, Wren Must Ultimately Confront Why Her Mother Left Fourteen Years Before And Why Her Sister Followed In Her Footsteps For Her New Life To Take Flight, Wren Will Have To Reconcile The Heartbreaking Beauty Of Lost Dreams And The Beautiful Heartbreak Of Her New Reality Wren is devastated after her older sister, Lizzie, runs away from home and leaves her behind They had always been inseparable, and Wren felt her job was to tether Lizzie to the world Who is Wren, if not her sister s keeper With the help of some new friends who, frankly, are far interesting than Wren herself , Wren discovers her own identity and solves a few mysteries about her family s past along the way.This book is written with in a very lyrical, poetic style with lots of imagery and figurative language Unfortunately, I just couldn t connect with it at all.the style basically keeps the reader at arm s length throughout the story It was terribly confusing, and I had a hard time telling what was really happening and what was only in Wren s head Who was real and who was she just imagining A lot of it just didn t make much sense The end, especially, just left me scratching my head.Other readers might enjoy the dreamy, blurred reality than I did, but I just found myself lost throughout Thanks to NetGalley and Skyscape for the ARC I want to thank Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me access to this book Unfortunately it just wasn t for me I stopped reading 40% and I couldn t continue because I didn t find the content captivating enough I m sure this book will appeal to many, just not me.It was so confusing and weird and the writing was overly embellished for my liking ARC received from Netgalley and Skyscape Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I had such high hopes for this book How could I not, the cover is gorgeous But unfortunately, it just didn t work for me Idek what it was, the overall storyline and characters were just confusing Lizzie was so confusing She is the sister who left, and first of all I thought she was imaginary but then I was like wait no, she s an actual person I m still not sure how I got that idea into my head, maybe I m just an idiot But it made the whole reading experience quite confusing.Also Wilder, not sure what his purpose was I just felt like he kinda existed for the duration of the story and did nothing But Luca was a gorgeous human being, and big picture wise it was a very cute story.The side characters are pretty adorable, and it s just overall really sweet It was really cute, but too much purple prose and confusing metaphors for my liking Many thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a review copy All opinions are my own. Until a month ago, Wren lived in her own little bubble with her sister, Lizzie But, like everyone else, Lizzie left her Determined not to make any new attachments, Wren shut herself up in her house, watching Wheel of Fortune with her dad She soon began to make some connections and reconnections, but would she choose the safety of her loneliness or take a chance on these new friendships My love affair with Crane s books continues I was immediately swept up into Wren s world via the beautiful and lyrical prose I found her struggle with abandonment and loneliness very relatable, and thought Crane did a wonderful job illustrating those feelings There was a bit of mystery in this story, which somewhat intrigued me What happened in Idaho Where did Lizzie go What s Wilder s story And, Crane addressed each and everyone of these questions for me, but what really kept me reading were the complex and well developed characters, who inhabited Wren s world Leia was such a force Her rants about hormones and artificial colors amused me, and I love that she was able to light a fire under Wren and get her to spread her wings a little Baby Girl was a link for Wren to her sister, but she ended up being a fantastic friend My favorite, though, was Luca If I were younger, he would be my newest book boyfriend, because his charm, wit, persistence, affection, kindness, and generosity were a thing of beauty That kid brought a smile to my face every time he came on page, and I definitely basked in his yellow aura Then, there was Wren Her pain was palpable Her loss, so profound She was a shell without her sister, and I really wanted her to grab onto these opportunities, to connect with other people, and open herself up to possibilities I wanted her to discover the truth, and free herself from the blame and guilt she carried about the demise of her family I wanted her to shake her father awake from the sleepwalking life he had been living, because she needed a parent, who was both physically and emotionally present I wanted so many things for her, and I was elated to make this healing journey with her, because it was important for me to see all these things happen Overall A gorgeously written story of healing and gaining freedom from the past, in order to make connections and move towards the future ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS