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So for those that thought Debra Webb or Regan Black on their own was amazing, well Against the Wall has those 2 amazing authors working together The result is an amazing collaboration of mystery, romance and suspense Jana Clayton s father is dead She is certain he was murdered, but no one is listening She believes someone is following her, but can she trust her instincts any An Internet search leads her to the Guardian Agency Desperate, Jana makes the call and sexy cowboy Dylan Parker responds.When no one else can keep you alive long enough to find the truth and no one else will fight for you, a Dangerous Protector from the Guardian Agency is the man you want for the job. Against the Wall is the first book in the Dangerous Protectors series by Debra Webb and Regan Black I have enjoyed books written by these two authors separately and together they write one incredible romantic suspense story Jana Clayton received a letter from her father, Senator Jefferson Daniel Clayton, only two days after his funeral He was a respected, well liked, long term Texas Senator He was found dead in his home office of a self inflicted gunshot wound Jana is devastated by the loss of her father who was so muchthan just a father he was her best friend and mentor He had always been there for her and it was very difficult after her mother died of cancer 15 years prior he was her rock She can t accept that her father shot himself even though the evidence points to that conclusion The letter makes her question his death evenand then talk of an affair that was going to become public is absurd On top of all this, Jana feels like someone has been following her too She has tried talking to her stepmother, Camille and her dad s close friend, Samuel Maguire Sam is like family as well as her dad s Chief of Staff They have accepted that her dad committed suicide Even her ex boyfriend, Gregory Atkins thinks she is just too distraught to think clearly She feels so alone and reaches out to another old friend, Theodore Kingston He tells her to contact the Guardian Agency to hire a private investigator who is neutral to politics in Washington, D.C When Dylan Parker of the Guardian Agency introduces himself as her protector and private investigator, Jana thinks there has been a mistake He is not what she expected at all But it becomes apparent quickly that he is the right man for the job What happens after their first meeting makes Jana s theorybelievable But who would want to kill her dad and why would someone come after her You will love this story and the mystery that unfolds as you read. Against the Wall Dangerous Protector, by Debra Webb and Regan Black.Webb and Black give readers a mystery suspense story keeping their interest from the very first page to the end Readers become part of the search for answers and experience the thrills and danger the protagonists encounter as they proceed with their investigation of the sudden death of the father of female protagonist, Jana Clayton They meet the male protagonist, Dylan Parker hired to investigate the death and to protect Jana Clayton The authors immediately demonstrate the importance of Parker s role as Clayton s protector when at their first meeting there is an attempt on her life The story behind Jana s father s death is complicated Webb and Black keep readers inside the heads of Jana and Dylan s head to experience thoughts and actions as they continue their investigation Their developing story uncovers complications creatingquestions than answers for Jana and Dylan as they run into obstacles and dead ends The investigation expands to prove her father was murdered, to find who is spreading rumors, to find motives for the break ins, and arson Readers are part of the investigation with authors showing what Jana and Dylan are thinking as if they are sitting in the same room The plot of Against the Wall The Dangerous Protector, is full of suspense and intrigue and Webb and Black use the development of each support character to help readers experience the twists and turns of the story The mystery takes readers down different paths hitting bumps and dead ends as the investigation searches for answers As the authors pit protagonists against antagonists, readers enjoy the unpredictable story, the intrigue, suspense, and the surprise ending The tension in Webb and Black s first book of the The Dangerous Protector Series involves readers to the story s end Webb and Black deliver strong characters who seem to jump of the page Against the Wall captivates readers creating unpredictable events The pace never slows down and readers are always kept on the edge of their seats Debra Webb and Regan Black s Against the Wall Dangerous Protector 1 and their readers will look for book in the series Too Far Gone, Protector 2 I recommend this series and give the first book a 5 star ranking. This is the first collaboration by Debra Webb and Regan Black and it is a GREAT book This book is about Jana Clayton, the daughter of a very prominent, honest senator who died The problem with that is Jana believes her father was murdered Unfortunately, Jana is the only one who believes that Everyone else believes Jana s father committed suicide Jana decides to hire Dylan Parker to investigate her father s death Dylan is a bodyguard who works for the Guardian agency but, decides he is going to help Jana because he believes there must be something to her theory.This is another book that I didn t want to put down because there are quite a few suspects and quite a bit of info per the in s and out s of politics I had pretty much figured out who did what halfway thru the book but, I didn t care because, it was that interesting a book that I didn t want to stop reading until the end You ll love it Jana Claytons father is dead from an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound Jana doesn t believe her Father would commit suicide but she can t get anyone to listen to her She thinks she is being followed too She doesn t trust anyone with any ties to her Father so she hires an outside security agency to look into her fathers death and act as her bodyguard Dylan Parker listens to Janas story but thinks she is just a grieving daughter who can t accept the fact her father committed suicide, until attempts are made on Janas life Dylan realizes there is muchgoing on and decides to take to job protecting Jana and to help her find proof her father was murdered Mystery, intrigue, dirty politics and romance are all found in this book I loved it and am looking forward to the next in the series 3.0 RATING I think Debra Webb is a gifted writer The problem I have with this book is that I don t love political intrigue stories and I likesteam in my romance It s hard to balance suspense and romance Some readers preferof one than the other I need things hot and that usually leaves me a bit wanting when I read a Webb book I probably won t continue with this series because of that Too bad, because I love the damsel in distress protective hero set up.Note At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow throughs Kindle Unlimited program To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out the Subscription Addiction group Against the Wall is the start of a new series by Debra Webb and Regan Black As previously proven these ladies are powerhouses when it comes to collaboration and this effort is no different After the unexpected death of her father, Jana Clayton believes there is something bigger going on When no one will listen to her suspicions she hires her own Protector Dylan Parker The sparks fly as they begin looking into her father s death At the same time, Parker tries to keep Jana at arm s length as she is a client All good intentions go out the window as the threats to Jana s life becomeserious Together they must unmask the killer and fall in love This novel is a must read for anyone who is a fan of romantic suspense, or even just Webb and Black s great writing style. Against the Wall is the first in this series and is a suspense story that will keep you reading until you have finished the book Debra Webb and Regan Black are fabulous authors and together they are awesome It has all of the suspense and intrigue that you look for in a great mystery.Jana s father s death was unexpected and suspicious to Jana, she does not believe he committed suicide but no one believes that he was murdered.She decides to hire a Protector and Dylan is the person for the job They will take you through the secrets and relationships that surrounded both her Father and her to finally get to the truth.I loved this book and can t wait for the next one in the series. (DOWNLOAD) å Dylan á When Hope Is Lost, Truth Is Blurred, And Your Life Is On The Line, It S Time To Call In The Guardian Agency Jana Clayton S Father Is Dead She Is The Only Person In The World Who Is Convinced It Was Murder Rather Than Suicide No One Will Listen To Her Concerns That The Scene Was Staged Or That There Must Be To The Dreadful Situation Grieving And Frustrated, She S Increasingly Worried That She S Being Followed, But She S Not Sure She Can Trust Her Instincts Any Desperate For Help, She Reaches Out To A Private Investigations Group Known As The Guardian Agency Dylan Parker, The Sexy Cowboy Who Answers Her Call, Isn T Anything Like The Investigator Jana Expected Though He S A Complete Professional, It S Clear He S Reluctant To Believe Her Theory Worse, He Stirs Up Desire And Longing She Doesn T Have Time To Indulge She S Ready To Send Him Packing Until The Bullets Start Flying There S No Way She Can Dodge The Danger Long Enough To Unravel The Situation Alone Trusting Her Guardian Agent Is Her Only Chance To Survive, No Matter The Risk To Her Heart Author Note Previously Published As Against The Wall, This Novel Has Been Updated And Revised For Your Enjoyment You Won t Be Disappointed A great beginning to the Dangerous Protectors Series by the amazing Debra Webb and Regan Black Against The Wall is a suspenseful, fast paced read If you are a fan of romantic suspense, you won t be disappointed with this book I am looking forward to the next book in the series.