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Grateful is how I am feeling Grateful for this story that has threaded its way into my heart and makes me appreciate the life I have For although there is always something that could be better, the lives of these women will make you rethink the positives and at least, temporarily, discard the negatives.The sequel to the space between us, continues in this exquisite tale of a Woman, Bhima, who struggles with poverty and bringing up her only grandchild alone, until an opportunity presents herself She develops an alliance with an older, poorer, cynical woman Together they form a relationship of respect and through time finally share the secrets of the past that have remained hidden for fear of shame and humiliation Umigar takes us on a human journey of self and selflessness At times loathing and shaming others, victorious and rewarding in small successes that boost the human spirit in hope in the darkness and depths of poverty where one dares to rarely elevate from.5 for the yellow kite that now floats freely and mends the broken past. I have read a few books by Thrity Umrigar, and I think this is my favourite so far The Secrets Between Us features some of the same characters as her earlier book The Space Between Us Set in Mumbai, India, the story focuses on Bhima and Parvati, two older women with difficult pasts living precarious lives Bhima lives in a slum with her granddaughter, surviving on income made from cleaning and cooking for others Parvati barely survives by selling six heads of cauliflower every day Both women are hardened and guarded in their own ways Bhima determined to be proper and Parvati quick to be irreverent Through necessity, the women forge a business relationship and eventually a friendship selling produce together in the market Their backstories are heartbreaking, but this is also a forward looking book, suggesting that there is room in modern India for women to be independent and for the class system to lose some of its rigidity This isn t a literary masterpiece, but I really liked the characters especially the relationship between Bhima and Parvati and found the story kept me reading Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy. The Breathtaking and Riveting Conclusion to The Space Between Us by Thrity UmrigarUpon reading the opening paragraph, I breathed a sigh of relief I was home When I had finished The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar I felt a gaping void within me I didn t know how to let go of Bhima and Sera They are two of the most unforgettable protagonists I ve ever experienced in literature But worry I shan t I found out soon after there was to be a sequel, The Secrets Between Us In The Secrets Between Us we find Bhima in a very different set of circumstances than the previous novel She is finding her way after being unceremoniously discharged from Sera s household Bhima is not one to hang her head resignedly, and give up, though She is one of the strongest women I ve encountered, quietly demanding respect In this sequel, we are introduced to Parvati, whom we only caught a glimpse of in The Space Between Us She is as unique as a pink elephant The friendship that blooms between Bhima and Parvati made my heart a flutter.There were some serious themes in this book Some of the most prevalent themes included poverty, sexual objectification, and inequity between the caste system Thrity Umrigar does it again, and again, and again She is a beast The language of her prose is almost poetic When I m reading her novels, I forget where I am It s as if I m in a trance like state Thrity Umrigarmakes the world stop It s me and the book and nothing else And I expect no less from a writer.My review for The Space Between us book1 can be found here From the beginning, I was drawn in by the writing as I remember being when I read The Space Between Us The story of Bhima, a poor servant continues as she works two jobs struggling to provide for her granddaughter Maya I immediately felt as if I was back in the awful conditions, the poverty and dangers of a slum in Mumbai It s hard to believe that this is modern day India, but a quick internet search will lead you to numerous articles on the slums that exist in India today As the sad things that happened to Bhima are recalled and the hard life she lives, I thought it couldn t get any worse, until we meet Parvati, an ailing woman who sells nearly rotted vegetables at the market because that s all she can afford to buy and sell Her story felt like it was just too much at times, but I don t doubt the author is depicting the reality Bhima recognizes the importance of education and that the only way out of the slum, out of the poverty is for Maya to continue with college Bhima represents perhaps, the hopes of so many living there who struggle to lift themselves up when so much is stacked against them Umigar, through the character of Sera Dubash, Bhima s previous employer from the first novel, shows that women even in the upper class can be subjected to and suffer at the hands of male dominance This is not easy to read at times It s about the the haves and the have nots and is a commentary on class, but thankfully touching on the possibility of changing attitudes It s about friendships, hardships, identity and self esteem, about women with strength of character who somehow manage to uplift the reader in spite of their tough circumstances It s been a while since I read The Space Between Us Having read that was my main reason for wanting to read this one It could probably be read as a stand alone since some of what happened in the first book is reflected on here, but I think it was a meaningful story having known Bhima from the first book I received an advanced copy of this book from HarperCollins through Edelweiss. Hands down one of my favorite books of the year, and possibly all time The Secrets Between Us is actually the sequel to The Space Between Us, and while many people have read this one as a stand alone, I highly highly encourage you to read both books in order Book one is just as good and sets up all the emotional and family backstory to be able to fully engage with and understand this one Trust me it is 100% worth the investment of time.Set in Mumbai, this feminist tale is one of poverty and wealth, family and friends, business and the power of education, and most of all, the things that make a life worth living The main character several times thinks to herself, How many levels of hell can there be , when considering her place in the world compared to her friend s, and this is something that will stick with me for life Misery and poverty, as well as happiness and wealth, are all relative Having a wider perspective can bring so much compassion and a sense of greater purpose..If you like international stories that will tug at your heart and that will help make you a better world citizen, read these two books I actually listened to both of them on audio via scribd and the performances are AMAZING They enhanced my enjoyment of the books so much, and definitely helped set the place and tone of the story If you are a listener, I strongly recommend this medium for these books 4 Once I started The Secrets Between Us, I resented having to put it down, to sleep, to work I bonded with each character and loved the way the friendships of the women, especially Bhima and Parvati, are at the forefront of this novel The women have difficult lives, made bearable because of each other Umrigar is a fine writer and cast a spell over me. Can I give this 6 stars Everyone needs to read The Space Between Us and then get ready to read this when it comes out. This is a favorite author and her tales are never boring And they highlight Indian cities and life during the most modern times of change.Having said that, I also have to post this That this is so sad and filled with tragedy that it can hardly be held as an enjoyable read I stopped 1 2 way through for some days while reading much lighter and joyful If you like the light at the end of the tunnel kind of development of hope or tolerance or friendship surmounting all in a death hour declaration style and like to cry or seek out cry reads as favorites perhaps then you will like this continuation of The Space Between Us far than I did Because in aspects it reminds me of the Job tale in the Bible And every stereotype of miserable comes clearly around, despite all the poetic language surrounding the fact of it.Truthfully, I would give it 3.5 stars rounded up for the excellent depiction of a personality with one set of values being made massively and most usually invisible or completely irrelevant by the sensibilities and standards of another time And so having to adjust Somehow I rounded it up for her two principle women characters and how well she defined their conversations with each other That was 5 star.The embarrassed and neglected old women experience here might I think probably contain some equivalency for a majority of the populations of females on this entire earth that happened to be born in the first 1 2 of the 20th century and still remain alive today Because the social and practical people to people approach society in general too is quite angrier and selfish now than it was in their youth Not by the judgments of the modern enlightened but by the comparisons of experiences for masses of those humans not only the women either within those varying periods Despite wars and other terrible social detriments, the structures of family, community etc were so much defined Strictures of class and other myriads of sensibilities and their perspectives of how success demonstrates itself to the wider community and to your own family and to other individuals even to the thoughts of self identity are changed As they are here within the very most important tenets and goals of these women s lives And within the poorest strains of India it s just magnified the values that have changed for the sacrifices that have been lived This is about two older women primarily, their life sacrifices and tales and the values they are given for their lives Even unto their own values for themselves and the values they give each other Bhima from The Space Between Us is one of them I think you d miss some of the ambiance in this if you had not read that book first It s about different types of friendships too But it is filled with betrayals, tragedy, and some ultimate social queasiness to place and being comfortable in the places they are too I found the names very difficult More than in her previous books And also I am ignorant of at least half of the foods, so that made some of the Parsi and also other allusions to comparisons nearly impossible for me to understand.For some readers it will also be about the reaction of the youngest generations to a success model or ideal And to others it might be about empowerment in general Especially if you are rather in the school of Mother Teresa types of solutions, which I m not Yet is it ultimately a very sad and painful history that you will read. {Free Pdf} ¹ O segredo entre nós – Romance (A distância entre nós Livro 2) ê Continua O Do Best Seller A Dist Ncia Entre N S, Que Vendeu Mais De Mil Exemplares No Brasil Nas Ltimas P Ginas De A Dist Ncia Entre N S, Best Seller Absoluto De Thrity Umrigar, Bhima, Uma Mulher Pobre E Marcada Pelos Percal Os Da Vida, Demitida Da Casa Dos Dubash, Uma Fam Lia De Classe M Dia Alta, Para Quem Trabalhou Como Dom Stica Por Mais De Vinte Anos A Demiss O Foi Originada Por Um Ato Imperdo Vel Provocado Por Um Membro Da Fam Lia Contra Sua Neta, Maya, Em Quem Bhima Depositava Todas As Suas Esperan As De Um Futuro Melhor Longe De Sera Dubash, Sua Patroa Que At Ent O Havia Sido Sua Nica Amiga E Confidente, Bhima Precisa Encontrar Outra Maneira De Sustentar Sua Pequena Fam LiaA Sorte De Bhima, Entretanto, Toma Um Rumo Inesperado Quando Seu Caminho Cruza Com O De Parvati, Uma Mulher Mais Velha, Aparentemente Amarga E Sombria Sem Muitas Op Es De Trabalho, As Duas Decidem Formar Uma Sociedade Em Uma Barraca De Frutas E Verduras No Mercado Local Enquanto Passam Os Dias Esperando Os Clientes, As Duas Mulheres Se Tornam Cada Vez Mais Pr Ximas, Trocando Confid Ncias Sobre Suas Vidas E As Feridas Que As Assombram Juntas, Aprendem A Vencer Os Fantasmas Do Passado E Criar Novos Come Os Quando Tudo J Parecia Chegar Ao Fim Uma Hist Ria De For A, Amizade E Renova O Diante Das Dificuldades Da Vida, O Segredo Entre N S Um Romance Poderoso, Que Evoca N O Apenas As Complexidades Da Vida Na Ndia Dos Dias De Hoje, Mas Tamb M A Dura Realidade Enfrentada Por Mulheres Nascidas Sem Privil Gios, Para Quem Cada Dia Uma Nova Luta Pela Sobreviv Ncia E Que Poderiam Habitar Qualquer Grande Cidade Do Mundo Thrity Umrigar Comp S Uma Hist Ria Humana E Comovente Que D Vida N O Apenas A Duas Mulheres Indianas Muito Especiais, Mas Tamb M Cidade De Mumbai Com Todas As Suas Cores E Contrastes Salman Rushdie Apesar De Ser A Continua O De A Dist Ncia Entre N S, Este Novo Livro De Thrity Umrigar Se Destaca Por Si S Ao Narrar O Triunfo Da Amizade E Os Destinos De Mulheres Que Se Tornam Gigantes Diante De Obst Culos Aparentemente Intranspon Veis Uma Obra Magistral Sobre O Poder De Supera O Do Ser Humano The Washington Post Thrity Umrigar knows how to write a book that draws me in and keeps me in its clutches until the very last word Her characters have depth and there are no gratuitous characters or tangents The meaning unfolds with beautiful prose that allows space for the reader to react on a personal level Generally, I m not big on sequels but liked The Space Between Us enough to preorder this one Glad I did.Thrity took a minor character Parvati, the vegetable vendor, and turned her into a driving force in this book The urban slums in modern day Mumbai come alive and haunted my consciousness The inhabitants daily degradation was inescapable I did not want all of the gruesome details but I needed them to take me out of my comfortable existence Each of us carries our past inside of us and it is this past that inescapably directs our present Yes, we can forge new paths, but I believe our past puts up roadblocks and forces us to take detours To feel human, family is important than money Sure, that s easy to believe if you re not hungry and living in abject poverty Even then, it s still true Bhima s sacrifices for Maya, her granddaughter, bring hope that the cycle of poverty can be broken It is not the words we speak that make us who we are Or even the deeds we do It is the secrets buried in our hearts Or another way to say it People think the ocean is made up of waves and things that float on top But they forget the ocean is also what lies at the bottom, all the broken things stuck in the sand That is the ocean too Yep, I really loved this book.