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I don t know where to start with this text Its transphobic reproductive centered approach to womanhood and femininity Its easy dismissal of cultural appropriation Its absurd disapproval of or less all modern medicine, and particularly the use of hormonal birth control Its blatant misunderstanding of history Its relative lack of any actually useful information on paganism witchcraft Which is, essentially to say, that I found this book summarily awful There s a lot a person can do when tying to update and re imagine the concept of the witch This bizarre, pussy obsessed version is not one of them For any woman, cis or trans, who doesn t obsess over sex, who has a complicated relationship with their genitals or lack there of that can t just be written off with a lackadaisical, but they re where ALL my power sits who is infertile or surgically altered, just knowthis book does very little to make you feel valid as a magical practitioner You may read it and disagree and I suppose that s a good thing, if it turns out the book is inclusive than I thought , but know this book emphasizes over and over again how necessary vaginas, ovaries, wombs, and clitorises are to womanhood and magic making So if you don t have those things, or do and would rather you didn t, I wouldn t recommend this text Note I myself am cis if a trans nonbinary person thinks I ve overstepped, let me know so I can correct myself This book is also very white The author is of Romani descent and she uses the term g psy constantly her prerogative as a member of that community, but something I want to mention either way , but she s also part Traveller, and she considers herself white The picture in the back supports that notion, and her carefree way of picking from cultural traditions that are not hers without second thought and encouraging her readers to do the same, fits right in line with white patriarchal ideology She s not concerned with making people of color feel safe in her book, and as a woman of color, I took a lot of issue with that Reading this book was a struggle for me, and its scary to think there are people who believe this is what a modern witch needs to be like This version of magic and spirituality is exclusive and alarming This version of history is whitewashed and incomplete This version of womanhood is reductive and offensive Also she quotes Joss Whedon like he s not a terrible example of male feminism and that s honestly the last straw for me.ETA A couple of folks in the comments have asked how this book is transphobic I ve decided to take one for the team and look back into this book to find some example of transphobic language I ll post some quotes and then talk a little further about it The witch is a woman fully in her power She s in touch with the dark She knows how to be the witness, how to let things go and how to follow her own counsel Most importantly, though, she questions EVERYTHING She s connected, pussy to the Earth And it s our wholeness, our intuition, our magic and our power the power that lies between our thighs that will truly change the world So, waking and reclaiming the witch takes really big ovaries If you want to do this, it takes a womb deep recognition that you are A woman who is powerful You bleed for five days and don t die don t tell me that doesn t make you a superhero I thought I ll piss off the transgender community for not addressing them either Yet this is the work I do I do women s work, and I m definitely not going to apologize for that That thought That need to apologize That s the very reason I HAVE to write this book.What I write is not intended to exclude others But trying to be all inclusive would totally miss the point It would feel like I was bypassing the particular story that I believe needs to be told because while some incredible, brave and courageous women have come before us and paved the way, there s still a lot of work to be done There s This is just from the introduction Some may argue that because Lister has acknowledged her exclusion of trans women in her conversation, she s covered her ass in terms of being problematic But saying I can t include everyone, I can only share my perspective is not the same thing as actively insisting womanhood NOT just cis womanhood, but womanhood in general only refers people with vaginas, wombs, and menstrual cycles at every available turn You may say, This book isn t for trans women And that would be true But that makes ittransphobic It s a hostile read for any woman who doesn t boast the right body parts Lister argues are necessary for magical empowerment And if she s cool ostracizing an entire aspect of the pagan Wiccan witchcraft community in her book, then there needs to be a up front acceptance that her text is blatantly phobic to trans people That s how transphobia works If you write a book that explicitly links womanhood to cis anatomy, then you and your book are transphobic Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. This book was so self serving and preachy that I was non stop eye rolling for the entire time reading This book was all about women power , while also feeling very patronizing to women reading it Further, the author is so incredibly transphobic I purchased this book as a supplemental resource, but there is no actual intelligent information communicated in this book.The author needs to realize her privilege and stop preaching about feminism when she obviously is a non apologetic transphobic piece of trash. Really interesting, totally out of my usual, not completely my cup of tea but a lot of cool new knowledge to learn about. S y tambi n no Bruja de Lisa Lister es un libro que he le do mientras menstruaba, creo que estaba m s permeable y en consonancia con mis emociones y por eso viv un abanico enorme de ellas Bruja me ha encantado, y al mismo tiempo lo he aborrecido Hab a momentos en los que me pon a los pelos de punta y lo amaba, y otros en los que lo quer a quemar Mi cara pasaba de la satisfacci n a la ira en segundos Igual os est is preguntando el porqu La primera parte del libro me pareci espectacular, hasta que me di cuenta de que eran las mismas ideas repetidas de forma diferente Es decir, el libro tiene much sima paja F cilmente le sobran unas 150 p ginas o m s y por cierto, nombr su libro Love your lady landscape unas diez veces O sea, es s per importante hablar del machismo, el patriarcado y la caza de brujas el episodio m s mis gino de la historia Pero pienso que todo podr a haberse resumido m s, simplemente eliminando ideas que no hac an m s que reiterarse La segunda parte no aparece hasta pasadas las 200 p ginas Lo recalco porque realmente es lo que ella est vendiendo Cuando cogemos el libro y le damos la vuelta para ver qu tiene pone sabbats, tarot, ciclos de la luna, herramientas, hierbas, cristales, elementos No obstante, lo cierto es que esta informaci n no aparece, como ya digo, hasta mucho despu s de una introducci n repetitiva y cansina Que s , ser empoderante, yo no digo que no, pero necesitas 200 p ginas para llamarme una y otra vez bruja poderosa o suced neos El caso es que la informaci n de esta segunda parte es bastante extensa aunque tambi n se puede encontrar en cualquier otro libro de brujer a Si eres una brujita un poco m s avanzada, no te estar contando nada nuevo, todo te resultar b sico Eso s , quiero agradecer que por fin, en este tipo de libros, se resalta el hecho de que hay vida m s all de la Wicca Bien En resumen, si est is empezando en esto de la brujer a, si os apetece un subid n de empoderamiento, que os recuerden por qu las brujas son importantes en el feminismo, lo disfrutar is Pero os lo advierto, de tan casino que es, tambi n os dar dolor de cabeza Ah Y una cosa m s, es tr nsfobo A ver si nos enteramos ya de que hay mujeres sin vagina. [ READ EBOOK ] ⚔ Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. ♵ Una Bruja Es Una Mujer Sabia, Una Sanadora Sin Embargo, Durante Demasiado Tiempo, Esta Palabra Ha Tenido Connotaciones Negativas En Este Libro, Lisa Lister, Tercera Generaci N De Una Estirpe De Brujas, Revela La Historia Oculta Tras Este Movimiento, Por Qu Tantas Fueron Quemadas Y, Sobre Todo, Por Qu La Bruja Est Despertando Hoy En Las Mujeres De Todo El Mundo Todas Las Mujeres Son Brujas, Y Cuando Se Conectan Con Sus Or Genes, Conf An En Su Intuici N Y Usan Su Magia, Pueden Crear Medicina Para Sanarse A S Mismas Y Al Mundo Este Libro Es Un Relato Con Voz Femenina, Que Acerca La Sabidur A Antigua Al Mundo Moderno, Un Repaso Por Las Diferentes Escuelas De Brujer A Y Sus Pr Cticas Descubrir S La Rueda Del A O, Los Sabbats Y Los Ciclos De La Luna Herramientas Para Mejorar Tu Intuici N, Incluidas Las Cartas Y La Radiestesia, Que Te Ayudar N A Tomar Decisiones De Forma R Pida Y C Moda El Antiguo Significado Verdadero De La Palabra Medicina C Mo Hierbas, Cristales Y Animales De Poder Pueden Ayudarte En Tu Trabajo Espiritual Sencillos Pasos Para Construir Tu Propio Altar En Casa, El Cual Te Servir Para Enfocar Tus Intenciones Y Alinearte Con Los Ciclos Estacionales Y Lunares C Mo Limpiar, Purificar Y Crear Espacio Sagrado La Manera De Trabajar Con Los Elementos Para Lograr Una Conexi N Profunda Con El Mundo Que Te Rodea Porque No Lo Olvides Somos Las Nietas De Las Brujas Que No Pudieron Quemar This book is pretty transphobic and also so awkward If you re looking for information about actual witchcraft, move along If you want to read about vagina power, well, I guess this might be for you It was not for me. I am so happy I didn t pay for this I took this out from the library, not doing much research Being a sucker for withcy books and sleek minimalist covers, I was like ok cool cool cool cool I could not finish this Actually, I could barely get through the first chapter There are some much elegant, in depth reviews, but here this book is basically transphobic trash If you re looking for a good witchy book, I recommend Jailbreaking the Goddess. DNF Perhaps there s to this book after that first couple of pages, but I decided to walk away from the all up in your face approach of telling me I m not empowered Moreover, I can t relate to the notion that my power emanates from my vagina I was hoping for a book that celebrated women and provided insights into their connection with the earth, its rhythms, its wisdom, and its elements What I read of this one, though, made me feel bad for not walking crotch first everywhere in a pair of combat boots. This would be a pretty good primer on all things witchy, if it weren t for the deeply uncomfortable focus on genitals Women s greatest power is only located in their reproductive organs No thank you Even as a cis woman I found this insulting at best, and I can t even imagine how a trans woman might feel if she picked this up I sincerely hope I m wrong, but the whole thing smacks of trans exclusionary radical feminism and no one needs to be exposed to that kind of toxic thinking I m all for embracing your womanhood, your body, your authentic self, but YIKES, you do not need a womb, vulva, cycle, or even breasts to be a woman Two stars because if you can get past the reductive and uncomfortable language, there are some good sections on things like herbs, teas, ritual, and beginner witchcraft Going to go have a cleansing bath after that much womb woman nonsense. 5 5 not because of the very conversational writing but because I read this at the right time and I believe it has impacted my life like an asteroid hitting Earth It has caused me to think deeply about my own philosophy of life and spiritually, and that is worth the price of a paperback alone.