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This was fascinating It s called a novel but it s its own genre really The first person narrator reads so true you d swear it s memoir.That narrator has studied art and each chapter features an artist or artwork that she explains, mixed with some literary quote and ongoing personal reflection What plot there is is piecemeal.A neat little summary from me is impossible and a larger exposition would ruin it for you And you should read this.But let me share some of the paintings that are featured even though sometimes the exact painting is not identified There s Hubert Robert, who liked his ruins Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita and his Self Portrait with Cat Henri de Toulouse Latrec and his En observation M Fabre, Officer de reserve Alfred de Dreux and his Deer Hunt El Greco s The Agony in the Garden And then there s Augusto Schiavoni s portrait of a girl in a lilac dress, I think this one, La ni a sentado The author is convinced the girl is her, and says this about her What she lacks in wordliness she makes up for in attitude she can turn a look on you as withering as radioactive fallout, and her lips are sealed so tight that the sound of Velcro accompanies the parting But inside she feels made of butter, and it takes all her patience, every ounce of her, not to lose her temper Be a good girl She wrestles nightly with the question Is a person born bad, or does she become so She sometimes gets angry pushed for a description, she says it feels like a snake inching up her leg. There are plentypainters who make appearances Victorica, Rothko, Picasso, C ndido L pez, Henri Rosseau but you can find those More authors too, just the right quote to advance her self reflection or tie things together.I liked, too, her passing observations A cage is a strange thing, perverse even it isn t that you suffocate inside it, rather you get used to living off the minimum amount of air possible.And I once heard that 90 percent of the dust in a house is skin cells This being so, my oldest brother was still there, really, when my other brothers walked in.A friend of the narrator asks her what she s reading, saying, Tell me what you re reading and I ll tell you where your head s at Gogol, she says.Well, I m reading this, maybe re reading this immediately Where s my head Ser un esp ritu inquieto, sentir que mi cuerpo se desmaterializa, mi pl mbeo cerebro sobre todo desprenderme de los arrebatos que son mi c rcel, del magma que brota de mi coraz n las veinticuatro horas, volverme ondas intermitentes de energ a, centelleos caprichosos del m s all , en fin, parar de pensar, eso ser a la gloria Libro magn tico, interesante, inclasificable, que te lleva a partir de una historia de un cuadro o un artista a una cr nica ntima, personal Entrelaza las historias con un talento y una intensidad incre bles La intertextualidad desborda y produce un infinito deseo de leer y ver todo lo que el texto expone Arte y vida juntos, entretejidos, d nde todo se cuenta miserias, enfermedades,angustias, amor, en una voz narrativa nica, singular, envolvente Un texto de no ficci n, prodigioso y exquisito Libro inclasificable, excelentemente escrito Combina arte con intimidad, museos y cr nica social Una joyita Es muy posible que admita relectura Como si fuera un poema, dif cil de resumir. This is the second book that I finished today that I would call weird and wonderful The narrator relates episodes from her life through various works of art and the stories of the artists Wonderful writing about art and life, in general My only complaint is that I would have liked the parts to becoherent and fit togetherlogically As what might be called experimental fiction, however, this is one of the better examples. Gosto da capa, que me atraiu a compr lo.Do que tem dentro n o gosto Uma narradora que relata uns epis dios da sua vida sem qualquer interesse, nem liga o entre eles intercalados com descri es sum rias de quadros e de uma pequena biografia dos respectivos pintores Para ficar mais bonito, inclui cita es de escritores e at resumos de filmes Uma salganhada presun osa Este libro no es ni ficci n, ni memorias, ni ensayo Pero tiene algo de las tres cosas, porque la autora tiene una sensibilidad especial, porque sabe de arte, pero m s importante, porque escribe maravillosamente bien, y le gustan las historias Y todas las personas estamos hechas de ellas, tenemos historias dando vueltas Ella las cuenta desde su vida, pero tambi n desde las vidas de artistas de quienes cuenta sus cuadros Todo es historias Y eso es precioso de leer Gran libro, y uno de mis favoritos de este a o. This is a bit unusual, but successful piece of auto fiction from Argentina The author is the art critic The book blends the reflections of her alter ego s personal life with the fragments about the artists and paintings I found her perception of art fascinating, really thrilling sometimes Her knowledge seems to be boundless and she brings the artists alive in a very economic, but self sufficient fragments which are never trivial I liked it especially when she talked about the Argentinian artists whom I ve never heard about such as Schiavoni The pieces about Rothko, Courbet, Toulouse Lautrec were striking as well She blends them skilfully with the personal life of her heroine and the associations never come across as artificial However, the personal bits themselves are quite dark sometimes and a bit less developed I was glad that the subject of her digressions was the art, not medicine or anatomical dissections which was the subject of a few successful recent books in this style Add dry, self deprecating humour and slightly pessimistic world view to the picture and you have a worthwhile addition to the genre. &Read Pdf ⇤ El nervio óptico ⇱ The Narrator Of Optic Nerve Is An Argentinian Woman Whose Obsession Is Art The Story Of Her Life Is The Story Of The Paintings, And Painters, Who Matter To Her Her Intimate, Digressive Voice Guides Us Through A Gallery Of Moments That Have Touched HerIn These Pages, El Greco Visits The Sistine Chapel And Is Appalled By Michelangelo S Bodies The Mystery Of Rothko S Refusal To Finish Murals For The Seagram Building In New York Is Blended With The Story Of A Hospital In Which A Prostitute Walks The Halls While The Narrator S Husband Receives Chemotherapy Alfred De Dreux Visits G Ricault S Workshop Gustave Courbet S Devilish Seascapes Incite Viewers To Have Sex, Or To Eat An Apple Picasso Organizes A Cruel Banquet In Rousseau S Honor All Of These Fascinating Episodes In Art History Interact With The Narrator S Life In Buenos Aires Her Family And Work Her Loves And Losses Her Infatuations And Disappointments The Effect Is Of A Character Refracted By Environment, Composed By The Canvases She StudiesSeductive And Capricious, Optic Nerve Is A Book That Captures, Like No Other, The Mysterious Connections Between A Work Of Art And The Person Who Perceives It , , , Definitivamente estoy mal equipada para afrontar la realidad soy un ej rcito de uno que, a metros nom s del enemigo, se da cuenta de que olvid su bayoneta Un texto exquisito.