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Cute, sweet story. I have never read an English M M romance like this It clearly resembles some of the best Yaoi manga plots Since I am Chinese, I felt strangely familiar with how this story goes. @Download Ñ Haru to Aiden ⚡ Haru To Aiden Is A BL Stepbrother Romance Full Of Angst And Smut Scenes If You Re A Fujoshi And Have A Thing For Stepbrothers Love, Then This Is The Book For You Eighteen Year Old Haru Ono Has Been In Love With Aiden Davis, His Older Stepbrother, Since He Was In Middle School Trying To Keep His Feelings Under Wraps Is Annoyingly Hard When They Re Living Under The Same Roof With Four Other Brothers In Such Close Proximity, So Since Aiden Is So Caring And Selflessly Showers Him With Brotherly Love Haru Knows That Family Is Important To Aiden, Who Has Been Shouldering The Burden Of Raising Five Younger Siblings Since The Deaths Of Their Parents, And It S Best Haru Never Reveals His Forbidden Feelings To Aiden Then Again, An Eighteen Year Old Boy With Raging Hormones Can Only Bottle Up So Much Until Everything Starts To BurstWelcome To The World Of The Davis And Ono Brothers, Where Family Means Everything To These Young Men And Love Is Forever A New Adult Stepbrother BL Novel yaoi BL It was cute, though not very well written but okay. 3.75 5 Sweet story and sweet characters For MM romance lover Safe, no cheating, no OW or OM drama Secondary characters who diserve a story themselves I like this book. Predictable but cute Very yaoi like. He hugged me tight and even kissed my forehead to soothe me, convincing me of his devotion You re precious to me, Haru, and I seriously won t know what to do if I don t have you with me The YAOI ish cover had caught me instantly right from the first time I saw it, the blurb is the second things that made me one clicked the book and read it right away.Having a crush on your stepbrother was not easy, lived under the same roof with your crush and must hide what you feel is a daily torture Haru must face everyday Aiden is everything to him, a father, a mother, a brother and now he has feeling for him and the guilt slowly eat Haru from inside Aiden become his stars and moon for years, and Haru can t bear it any with the feeling So he decided to move out from the house and trying to finding his own peace by being away from Aiden.But the question is, will Aiden let him leave Because what Haru didn t realize is, Aiden also has the feeling for his little brother for years.Stepbrothers love is one of my fave trope, and I always have soft spot for this kind of story Haru to Aiden become another fave book I love from this trope It sweet, heartwarming with a bit touch of angst, but overall this book is definitely one good reading I love the way the author stir the inner conflicts that engulfed both Haru and Aiden, how they trying to hold what they feels for long and the worries that almost ruined their relationship.Haru s shrine maiden look that passed down from his Japanese ancestors not only has attracts both genders and Aiden but also ME His petite posture with fair skin like snow princess reminds me of Yos, an Instagram couple I ve followed Pic courtesy Yos Max Instagram Yos has delicate petite looks while his husband, Max suit Aiden description quite well And I must admit that I ve picturing them while I m reading this book.Really can t wait for what happen next with them on the next book from this series, Aiden to Haru Note I ve heard that the story have similarities with Super Lovers Anime I haven t watching the anime so I can tell how similar the story is So, I made my review pure from what I read without being influenced by the anime But similar or not, I must admit that the story is quite good, sweet very light reading even with the slightly angsty touch in it So, I ll leave to you whether you want to give this book a try or not But if you re a BL or YAOI lovers like me, I will recommended this book for you. Retelling of Super Lovers AnimeThis book is just a retelling of the anime show Super Lovers anime show with a FEW changes I m shocked with how much of the book is just from the show or close enough that it s similar