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EPUB ⚖ A Slant of Sun: One Child's Courage ♳

A really touching story of a mother s love, courage, and persistance A great read for getting a parent s perspective on raising a child with special needs, in this case Pervasive Developmental Delays Not Otherwise Specified an Autism Spectrum Disorder It is a bit dated, so it might not have the most up to date therapies but I think that there is something universal in the process she and her husband went through as they started thinking Is this normal and What is best for my child I suspect that many diagnosis experiences are also still very similar unnerving, unsatisfying, and requiring a lot of grieving Kephart knows her son well and appreciates all aspects of him while also seeing the big picture and identifying the ways in which he absolutely must change and grow to function in the world You see how necessary this kind of parenting and simultaneouslyhow difficult.3 starts because I did not love her writing style at all times, but I was reading for a class and looking for particular bits of information so the fanciful sections felt like filler to me and I wonder if they would seem be welcomed by other readers. Since I have a cousin who was diagnosed as being in the autistic spectrum , this book hit really close to home I found it to be inspiringly hopeful and uplifting as well as beautifully written. EPUB ♄ A Slant of Sun: One Child's Courage ♺ Named A Best Book Of The Year By Salon Magazine And The Philadelphia Inquirer, A Slant Of Sun Was Praised For Its Incandescent Prose About The Experience Of Loving A Child Who Brings Tremendous Frustration And Incalculable Rewards And For Its Extraordinary Resonance Like Operating Instructions And The Liars Club, A Slant Of Sun Is A Contemporary ClassicNearly One In Five Children Grow Up Facing A Developmental Or Behavioral Challenge, And Like Them, Beth Kephart S Son, Jeremy, Showed Early Signs Of Being Different Language Eluded Him, He Preferred Playing Alone To An Afternoon On The Jungle Gym Doctors Diagnosed Jeremy With A Mild Form Of Autism Called Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified A Slant Of Sun Is A Passionate Memoir About How Kephart, Guided By The Twin Tools Of Intuition And Imagination, Helped Lead Her Son Toward Wholeness Pulsing With The Questions, Is Normal Possible Definable A Slant Of Sun Speaks To Everyone Not Just Parents Of The Redemptive Power Of Love This book is on my favorites shelf and I am reading it for the 3rd time, having first read it eight years ago As a guy, I found this this story profoundly moving as, through it,I found myself revisiting my own boyhood with its pain, passions and challenges It is a beautifully written story that tells of the courageous efforts of both a mother and her son, working together, to face and overcome the challenges that this little boy faced What came through to me, so beautifully and honestly described, was the discovery, healing and growth that they BOTH experienced in the process. If you have a child that has a disability, but you see it as an opportunity for him her to blossom then this emotionnal tale will lift your heart. A heart wrenching story of a mother as she discovers that her beloved child is not quote normal, possibly autistic Very heart warming as her son progresses. Beautifully written Kephart is a writer by profession, now writing about her son She could be writing about car wax and her words would enchant But, spilling out her heart about her child it s breathtaking Like all the anecdotal books, I appreciate seeing the parade of emotions and experiences spilled out on the page Book Description At a time when as many as one in five children face the challenge of growing up with a behavioral disorder, and parents are finding themselves at a loss to know how best to raise their children.For Beth Kephart s son, the diagnosis was pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified a broad spectrum of difficulties, including autistic features As the author and her husband discover, all that label really means is that their son Jeremy is different in a million wonderful ways, and also different in ways that need our help In intimate, incandescent prose, Kephart shares the painful and inspiring experience of loving a child whose special needs bring tremendous frustration and incalculable rewards What, in the end, are you fighting for Normal Kephart asks Is normal possible Can it be defined And is normal superior to what the child inherently is, to what he aspires to, fights to become, every second of his day With the help of passionate parental involvement and the kindness of a few open hearts, Jeremy slowly emerges from a world of obsessive play rituals, atypical language constructions, endless pacing, and lonely frustrations Triumphantly, he begins to engage others, describe his thoughts and passions, build essential friendships Ultimately this is a story of the shallowness of medical labels compared to a child s courage and a mother s love, of which Kephart writes, Nothing erodes it It is not sand on a beach It is the nuclear heart of things hard as the rock of this earth. This is a beautifully written chronicle of a mother s realization that something is not right with her child, and her struggle to define what the problem is, and how to best help her son Beth Kephart is a writer, who stays home with her first child, and who gradually begins to notice that Jeremy is not like other children.He seldom speaks, and when he does it is never in sentences He is not interested in other kids, or in most toys Except for cars, he is obsessed with toy cars, and spends hours building elaborate patterns of various cars Sounds harmless, right But he also is terrified of having people come over to the house, and he is increasingly absorbed in his own world as he withdraws from the world around him His mother describes coming out of her denial that there s a problem, and then the frustration of finding the right path, the right therapy, the right school The official diagnosis, at age 2 1 2, is Pervasive Developmental Disorder How the author, and her husband, and Jeremy, work tirelessly and bravely to ensure Jeremy a place in the world where he will not be isolated and alone that is the story here These parents are so present and involved and engaged with their son that he does, eventually, pull through, and get assimilated into regular school One day, around age seven, after Jeremy,alone in his room, practices having a conversation with a friend from school, he yells down to his mother, See Mom, I AM like other kids That part made me want to cry For each milestone he makes, I could feel his mother s joy and I, too, celebrated Love and caring attention doesn t always heal everything, but it goes a long way This is a great book for anyone with a kid in their life who is having problems, especially anywhere on the autism spectrum. Kephart s prose is so beautifully written I couldn t wait to pick it up every night A touching story of a mother whose first child is diagnosed with PDD as a toddler This book is her journey through discovery of who her son is both despite his challenges and in celebration of his differentness There is an extraordinary scene towards the end of a book where a woman with tragic facial disfiguration enters the restaurant that she and her son are sitting in She knows this woman s disability will cause her son to scream and cry so she explains to him what he must do and distracts him from the woman s view Prose from this page reads, It is frankly unforgivable that I, who know the brutality of differentness and the loneliness of separateness, could not, did not extend beyond myself. A memoir written about her son and his diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.This is a lovely book that is written in elegant prose and highlights Beth Kephart s son, Jeremy What I really liked about this book were all the poetic elements that struck a cord in your heart and perfectly illustrated what Beth Kephart was going through I enjoyed this book, I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a different perspective on childern and their remarkable courage Taken from my book reviews blog