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#Pdf Þ Salvation: Scenes from the Life of St Francis Ð eBook or E-pub free

A sensitive, modern and insightful perspective on the life of Francis I highly recommend this for its beautiful prose as well as Ms Martin s sincerity This book elevates Francis out of the realm of make believe and myth and sketches a likely portrait of a truly amazing human being I plan to re read this one #Pdf Ý Salvation: Scenes from the Life of St Francis ì Inspired By The Fresco Cycles That Depict The Life Of St Francis Of Assisi, Acclaimed Author Valerie Martin Tells The Life Of Francesco Di Pietro Bernardone In A Series Of Vividly Realized Panels Of Moments Both Crucial And Ordinary Drawing From Myriad Sources And Moving In Reverse Chronological Order, She Begins In The Dark, Final Days, With A Suffering Francesco On The Verge Of Death, Then Shows Us The Unwashed And Innocent Revolutionary, Unafraid To Lecture A Pope On Christ S Message We See His Mystical Friendship With Chiara Di Offreducci, A Nobleman S Daughter Who Turns Her Back On The World To Join Him, And Finally, The Frivolous Young Francesco On The Deserted Road Where His Encounter With A Leper Leads Him To An Ecstatic Embrace Of God Salvation Is At Once An Illuminating Glimpse Into The Medieval World And An Original And Intimate Portrait Of The Man Whose Legend Has Resonated Through The Centuries From TheTrade Paperback Edition I found reading Valerie s book compelling for choosing to present St Francis as a series of scenes I am viewing in a gallery exhibition Quite often, biographical studies overwhelm the reader with material such that a good portrait of the subject is hard to discern Her approach has left me with many chapters from his life that I can recollect quite well As a student of spirituality, I have come to respect a first person account as it gives me a truer sense of what that person was really like as opposed to a projected persona that is meant to endear me Valerie comes close to giving the reader that experience through her probing research of the many accounts available from individuals who were part of his inner circle As monastic s, they seemingly recorded every moment of his dramatic existence.One question I have had, not explored in this book, is whether he ever made amends with his parents After all, he did break one commandment to honor another Many Franciscans I have queried over the years have been unable to shed any light on the relationship with his own family members post his profound San Damiano exclamation of a new direction in his life Valerie did leave me with a good overall impression of who he was as the itinerant healer He showed an extremely rare gift for being resolute in his belief of living in absolute poverty during the course of his life, never wavering Although that has only been heeded to varying degrees, even by his contemporaries, he had profound insight into human nature and why he felt this way of life critical to our earthly salvation. Valerie Martin in Salvation fills in the realistic details of well known scenes from the life of Francis. Martin makes a fine contribution to the body of literature written about perhaps one of the most sacred individuals to have ever lived The perspective that she offers provides a personal portrait that fits nicely alongside the overwhelming number of biographies written by devout religious authors and authorities. A lovely and inspiring book Beautiful language and enjoyed the scene based writing One need not be religious to enjoy More of a human and objectively spiritual piece if that s possible. it is very likely that the most popular of all Catholic Saints is St Francis of Assissi As the apostle of peace and the patron of ecology he is, of course very popular currently The fact that the latest Pope has chosen the name Francis, specifically after Francis of Assissi, rather than any other Francis e.g., Xavier, de Sales, andthan 80 others of course renews interest in this great saint.This book is very well written and researched, and recounts events in the life of Francis in the form of a novel many of the events of the life of Francis One of the most interesting facts about this book, however, is the authorship itself In the Introduction, Ms Martin recounts, Apart from the interest his history arouses in me, I do not have a special connection to San Francesco I am not a believer in miracles rather, I hold that the laws of nature apply even to those who know nothing about them I am not a scholar of his period, not an Italian nor can I read Italian or Latin with ease not a Roman Catholic or particularly religious I am not even a man p.13.It says a great deal about the compelling spirit of St Francis, and the nature of his life that so many are compelled to write and read of him Notwithstanding the many professed differences which the author has with the perspective of St Francis, she produced a creditable work on his life, which is easily accessible to the reader, and holds interest and focus.Most of the best known stories regarding Francis are mentioned, only as they need to be, but Ms Martin also does an excellent job in giving insight into his personality and feelings She does so, as she herself warned in the introduction, not from the perspective of one blinded by the fame and glamour now attached to St Francis, nor his aura of holiness enhanced by the miracles which have been attributed to him, but rather from the view of a historian The portrait of St Francis does not suffer and is not diminished by such perspective and treatment Rather it is enhanced.This book proves that all are edified by a study of the lives of the saints, and not merely Catholics. This is a book I read once before, when I received it as a Christmas gift in 2001 I was trying to decide what to read next a few weeks ago, and saw it on the shelf, and decided to read it again I m glad that I did.I have been a fan of St Francis of Assisi since I was a little girl, particularly since he is the patron saint of animals, and I love animals Of course I read and heard the various stories about him, and as I got older I realized that like anyone else, there werelayers to him than the schoolroom stories This book tells his story in a series of vignettes, as opposed to being a narrative biography Francis is a multilayered person, devoted to God and dedicated to helping others and leading them to heavenly salvation He preaches simplicity, kindness, and patience with oneself and others around them Valerie Martin takes someone who in modern day could be thought of as some kind of religious fanatic whacko, and instead shows us an individual who decides to live his life in a way that is opposite to the lifestyle he lived as a child, and becomes truly happy with his choice.The book is not religious per se, but a knowledge of medieval history can help the reader place things into context I liked the fact that I could put it down and pick it back up without having to remember the plot an advantage to this type of storytelling The St Francis of this book is not the one I knew in my childhood, but rather aadult version who is still interesting One thing that hasn t changed is my wonderment puzzlement at the lives of the early saints, lives that are not just alien to me in their locales, but in their devotion to God I like to think of myself as a spiritual person, but I am also lazy and one who enjoys creature comforts I don t think I m saint material