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READ KINDLE ⚖ Law of Desire (Desire, Oklahoma 13) ♬

Great storylineIf you can overlook the grammatical errors, the book has a great storyline You also get to see all of your Desire friends as well. I love Desire Oklahoma I would pack my bags today , and move there if possible I am never disappointed when I read the next story in this series LInc, Rafe, and Krystal added to this little town with their commitment and love to each other I can t wait to see how they are doing in the next story of the series. READ KINDLE ♔ Law of Desire (Desire, Oklahoma 13) ♃ Siren Menage Everlasting Contemporary Menage A Trois Romantic Suspense Romance, M F M, Spanking, Sex Toys, HEA Krystal Kane Lived With Memories Of The Men She Loved And Been Forced By Family Obligations To Push Away Her Fantasies Kept Her Going, But She Knew That The Two Men Who Wanted To Share Her Couldn T Want Any Than An Affair When Her Mother Died, She Wanted Nothing Than To Get Away, Not Wanting To Hear From Them The Words That Would End The Fantasy Needing Them Than Ever, She Fought The Overwhelming Desire To Call Them, Only To Look Up, And Find Them Standing There Rafe Delgatto And Linc Barrett Had Waited For Krystal For Years, Unable To Forget The Woman Who D Stolen Their Hearts They Rushed To Her Side As Soon As They Learned She Needed Them, And Quickly Whisked Her To The Home They D Made For Her She Could Heal In Desire, Oklahoma, While They Proved To Her That Their Love Was Real And Protect Her From A Threat They Hadn T Anticipated I always love to visit Desire When I visit Desire I feel the love the men and women have for each other This love manifest itself in the way they protect each other, worry about each other s lives and how they make sure everyone in town is cared for Krystle, Rafe and Lincoln have waited three years for their HEA and nothing is going to get in their way any longer Great read. Wonderful story.I liked this m nage story which involves so much emotion and desire that lasts you through the intriguing storyline Read this for A story you just can t ignore. Bummed outI love the Desire books and anticipate each one that comes out but this one was just BORING and blah There just wasn t as much action or emotion and krystal was a boring character. Yea, my favorite type of MFM stories the men are not related I just feel brothers cousins sharing the same woman is just icky but I love good, romantic m nage stories with unrelated characters This story was just what I wanted, sweet, romantic, and sexy. Great ReadFinally Rafe and Linc are going to get Krystal after three years and her being through tremdous heartache she just can t imagine that they still want and live her. This book, though highly anticipated, was a letdown We all wanted to read about Rafe and Linc and learn why they couldn t be with the woman they loved Here, they finally get the girl That s where the good ends Krystal was not a complete character, seeming bland and boring Hope and Jesse came in at different points and those were the enjoyable female characters Come to think of it, Rafe and Linc weren t all that well rounded either I don t remember reading about their histories or much into their lives I only felt I knew them from reading about them in other books The plot never seemed to reach it s stride several times it had the potential to go somewhere exciting, but never did And, as always, the editing leaves something to be desired, blatant errors that made me wonder if anyone actually read through it before publishing This book made me wonder if Desire, Oklahoma had run out of good stories I have enough affection for other books in the series to give the next book a try, so I guess that is my answer. I am a huge fan of Leah Brooke and have read this series from the Founding Fathers to the current release so many times I absolutely love it This book was anticipated for a long time Even though Rafe and Linc are relatively newcomers to Desire, they have established themselves as strong men and committed police officers They came to Desire to make a home for the woman they love, the woman they want to marry Complications have put a hold on their plans so they do whatever they have to in order to keep a place with their love.Krystal s life is on hold because of her father s death and mother s illness She had such a wonderful relationship with her two men but that s over now Too many years have passed to pick up where they left off She just doesn t know how to make them understand She already knows they never will Great book