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!Download Pdf ♸ Paper Love ♒ Falling In Love Wasn T Part Of The Plan In This Lesbian Romance From Best Selling Author JaeSusanne Wolff Isn T Thrilled When Her Mother Sends Her All The Way Across The Country To Freiburg To Save Her Uncle S Stationery Store From Bankruptcy Freiburg Is Too Provincial For Her Taste, And Besides, Pen And Paper Are Outdated AnywayAnja Lamm, Paper Love S Only Full Time Employee, Takes An Instant Dislike To The Arrogant, Digital Loving Snob Who S Supposed To Be Her Temporary BossBut Thanks To A Meddling Cat, A Business Trip To A Stationery Fair, And An Armada Of Origami Boats, Anja Soon Starts To See Beneath Susanne S Aloof Exterior, And Susanne Discovers How Sexy Pens And Notebooks Can Be At Least When Anja Handles ThemAs The End Of Susanne S Three Month Stay Approaches, Will She Stick To Her Plan To Leave, Or Will She Open Her Heart To Than Just Paper Love Themes Enemies To Lovers Geek Romance Office Romance Set In Germany Workplace Romance, Words So I have decided that I like Abby Craden s narration of books I think I will just have to lean on listening to hers going forward for good audio book experiences.Paper Love is a sweet romance Susanne begrudgingly travels to Freiburg to help her uncle s failing business Anja has worked with Susanne s uncle for years Their working relationship starts off a bit rocky when Susanne misreads one of Anja s responses as homophobic Together, they will try to save niche stationary journal pen store This had everything I like in a good romance A rocky start One of the characters being a bit cold and aloof Being forced to work together Cute scenarios that push their proximity to one another Fighting against falling Their dialogue was on point Mature No contrived miscommunication Just two women navigating their life challenges together I liked the supporting characters as well Anja had a fun best friend Susanne had a sister that she would refer to as her wombmate since they were twins Really cute I was a little confused in regards to the Uncle I could have sworn that he was nudging the two of them toward being together and so was completely surprised when he confronted Susanne in a negative manner later in the book It felt a bit inconsistent conflicting to me.There was some explicit intimate scenes They were sexy For the record, I agree with Anja about shower sex being overrated.Overall, you just can t go wrong with a Jae book.I recommend this to people who like to read about romance, Germany, superstitions, BMW of pens, crowded trains, and paper boats. I ll admit that the last batch of books by Jae I haven t been too taken with and I think I d have a similar feeling towards this one EXCEPT it was helped by the fact that I consumed the audiobook version read by Abby Craden.As books go, this is a straight forward, slow burn romance that is of a gentle journey The conflicts are created by one of the mains being an ice queen and an ongoing battle of city mouse vs country mouse between our leads Angst comes in the form of wondering if the beloved Paper Love stationary store can be saved and also a looming deadline where the ice queen wants to go back to the city.The story takes place in Germany which provides an interesting backdrop.I didn t find anything earth shattering here but, as always, Jae invested in building the characters and their story arc and the book overall has a solid base I listened to Paper Love slowly over several weeks and Abby Craden s voice lends a lot to make it a soft and entertaining read.Little side notes One of the leads and a supporting character are bisexual and biphobia was handled really well, the love interests are in their late 30s, and this audiobook is currently available on Scribd. I received an ARC of this book from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.While not a favorite book by one of my favorite authors, the book is still quite enjoyable for many reasons Possibly largely due to just what it sets out to do tell a female female romance set in Germany involving only Germans It was quite fun to bump into the unknown to me.While I did, for the most part, like both of the main characters, neither really clicked for me Unfortunate, but that happens The main characters being Susanne Wolff and Anja Lamm Susanne is an aging, currently out of work by her own choice business consultant Wolff also has a non identical twin sister Lamm is a long time employee of a stationary store, the same store owned by Wolff s uncle Both women, if I recall correctly, are somewhere in their thirties Anja is somewhere around 36 or 38 and Susanne might be slightly older or not, I forget now.The book opens with Susanne dreading a question her mother always asks this time of year New Year s resolutions Because she knows she ll have to admit to quitting her job with her resolution being finding a new job I m not sure why that is was a must thing for Susanne to admit, but it did push things along Since that got a completely unexpected response from the mother who said that it s great or something like that because her Uncle no not that one, the other one, the one on your father s side of the family being the father s brother needs help trying to save his business Serious and immediate help as in, the place will probably close within three months without some help, any help and so it s great that a highly skilled, clever, etc etc business consultant is there available to try to help for free Certain problems, though, to how this isn t really great Susanne has a seriously bad attitude about the whole thing before anything even was learned about the situation Susanne really didn t want to have to be forced to go to some middle of nowhere German city to try to help plus a Susanne is not at all knowledge about the industry her Uncle s shop is in pens stationary etc and b does nothing to learn about the industry before arriving in the city.Right, but let s move on, mostly because I just shook myself awake to continue typing not a good position to be in obviously I m going to have to wait for night three before I fully polish an actual review ETA I said this jokingly, but I fell asleep two paragraphs after this one and then there s a really long string of 2 s that I m not sure how to interrupt in other words, we are now in night 3.Other point of view character is the quite short it s important Anja Lamm Wolf Lamb, get it get it it is, like, one of the first comments that pop up uh, somewhere in the book Lamm has spent the last, oh, darn, I can t remember Spent the last really long time being an employee at Uncle Nobby s store I do not recall if that s actually the guy s name, but that s what I read every time his name came up, so that s the name I stuck on him which, for all I recall, might actually be his name in the book Lamm s late thirties and really, and I mean really into pens, and stationary, and all that seriously, she is, to the point she s super giddy and bouncing around like a ferret on sugar when she learns she gets to go to the Paper um, convention.As expected, there are other minor characters, though the most important other characters are Miri sp , Anja s lesbian friend which I mention because I forgot to mention that Anja is bisexual ETA and here s where I fell asleep Um, let s try to reconstruct this now.I m not sure why I said it was expected Mmphs Stupid need to sleep.Right, so, there are some good minor side characters in this book characters that help push the story along Including Miri, Lamm s best friend, and Frenzi seriously I cannot recall the non identical sister s name, but it wasn t that, I think I started with an F though Oh, and I suppose I should include Uncle Nobby may or may not be his name since that s the person who owns the store to which Wolff went to try to save, and Lamm works at.Also important is a small cat Lovely cat Lovely interaction with cat Though there were times I was sad when Wolff kept tossing the cat outside and or not letting the cat inside it s not her cat, but a neighbor s cat said neighbor just gave birth and the cat and the child are not getting along looks at notes Right right, there s a ton of kissing in this book either a tease or a warning, depending on if you like or care to not involve yourself with graphic depictions of wet germ filled mouths interacting with each other Scientists at Harvard School of Dental Medicine have discovered than 615 different types of bacteria that can live in the mouth, tongue and throat making it the dirtiest place in the human body what, the sister is a dentist, I figured I could pull up a quote from dentists goes back to looking at notes, realizes other tab is still locked in on germs, flees screaming goes back to notes In addition to the many sloppy graphic kissing scenes, there are also many scenes of a graphically sexual nature Right So I enjoyed the book, but I find that it is the second favorite of the new Ylva books I ve read I ve read two new Ylva books.Rating 4.37August 8 2018 Behind the spoiler tag are my notes I wrote three nights ago after I finished the book view spoiler NOTES 1 I rather enjoyed reading a a non USA based f f story that b contained no USA citizens everyone in the story was is German 2 for the most part I rather liked both main characters but, admittedly, until something clicked in me, i found myself somewhat distant from the characters and action.This is a work place romance,,but with a twist on that later.3 I really like the cat, though there were moments when I was sad, but on that later4 this book deeply dove into the power and lure of kissing not really what I like reading but I m weird and stuff5 there was a lot of graphic depictions of a sexual nature 6 I liked the brief flashes seen of the nonidentical twin sister and Miri, Annie s BFRating up in air at moment Leaning towards 4.37 hide spoiler Highly driven business consultant, Susanne Wolff, walks out of her job she realizes the bigotry isn t going to change Fortunately, her mother has a job for her and not one she s thrilled with Her uncle Norbert s stationery shop, Paper Love, is failing in the face of new technology and her mother thinks Susanne s business skills could turn it around The challenge of turning around the business looks less complicated than dealing with her uncle s assistant, Anja Lamm, who seems to be entrenched in Paper Love both professionally and personally.This is a really gentle, slow burn romance with adults behaving like adults It s a lot shorter than most of Jae s novels and also a lot less complicated It s nice to read a story set in a unusual location Germany and the author s love of Freiburg, her home town, shines through The characters are deeper than their names suggest although I did have a giggle at the Wolff and the Lamm There are also great secondary characters in Franzi, Susanne s twin and Miri, Anja s best friend And then there s the stationery You know, collecting stationery and using stationery are two completely different hobbies and I do both, much to my wife s consternation This was a really easy book to like romance and stationery Book received from Ylva Publishing for an honest review. Paper Love is a wonderful, feel good story of two thirty somethings finding unexpected love.Fresh off quitting her job as a business restructuring consultant, 38yo MC Susanne is pressed by her mother into helping an uncle with his failing stationary store Paper Love She storms in rather imperiously, determined to do what ever is necessary, including firing long term employee, the cute 36yo Anja, or even shutting the store down After all, who uses 2,000 fountain pens and fancy paper in the modern smartphone world Actually, Susanne storms into the store with wet boots, having accidentally stepped in a B chle Susanne certainly doesn t want to hear about the local belief that she is now destined to marry a local Freiburger As our MCs begin working together, their back and forth between balancing the personal touch and the bottom line is delightful Narrator Abby Craden is absolutely terrific for all the voices, including that of the cat, Muesli While there is insta attraction between our MCs, there is also insta dislike Their path is a fun slow build romance, and both fight their growing attraction for much of the book Susanne is determined to spend no than six weeks in Freiburg, and has no interest in a long distance relationship Anja loves Freiburg, and has no desire to have a short term fling and a broken heart At the 64% mark, they finally kiss, and Anja decides to tell her live life as an adventure best friend, MaryI kissed her I kissed Susanna She expected Mary to stumble to a halt and stare at her, but her friend waved her hand dismissively Oh, that s nothing I slept with her sister Now Anja was the one stumbling to a halt and staringHahahahaha On their first night of almost having sex, Anja asks to postpone things because it s the last day of her period What a rare moment of realism in lesfic Cuddles abound for the night Many elements of Paper Love reminded me of Georgia Beers Blend , where two women are forced to work together at a family owned winery, and argue over tradition and modernity The MCs were very likable, their family members and friends were fun, the cat was great, and the book cover was absolutely fantastic I will certainly re listen to this book 5 This book is in my recommended books of the monthhttps recommendeThis is a slow burn romance between Susanne Wolff, a business consultant, and her uncle s stationary shop employee Anja Lamm When Susanne is urged to try to save Paper love , a small shop located in Freiburg, her relationship with Anja gets off to a rocky start Can they learn to trust each other to keep away Paper love from bankruptcy Will their budding friendship develop into something This love story has the unexpected setting in a stationary store within the also unexpectedly beautiful background of Jae s home city of Freiburg Germany I have to admit that I knew nothing about this place so I googled it and discovered a hidden gem You should do it too Kudos to the author to put this incredibly charming city on the lesfic map Her depiction of Freiburg in the narrative is evocative and flows naturally like the water in the city s typical small canals known locally as B chle It s a refreshing change from the usual lesfic scenery.There are apparent contraditions in this novel Susanne Wolff German for wolf embodies the succesful city executive focused on her career while Anja Lamm lamb is idealist, laidback and provincial Digital and paper worlds war against each other as the two women try to find a way to rescue Paper love from commercial disaster Eventually they find that their common ground doesn t need to disregard one but to complement each other Slowly, as their relationship progresses, Anja discovers the importance of business planning and online marketing while Susanne and most of us readers discovers the sexy side of stationary There are no big dramas or angst, the story flows with the simplicity of two very different people getting to know each other and fueling their attraction in that contrast Even the characters sexuality is diverse, as one is a lesbian and the other bisexual In that regard, Jae gives a good insight on biophia and prejudices against bisexuals without forcing the issue to the reader.The secondary characters are well rounded, specially Susanne s womb mate , Anja s best friend and Muesli, a cute little kitten Jae as always delivers a well written, entertaining and original story.Overall, a feel good slow burn romance set in a charming city 4.5 stars.ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.See all my reviews I usually enjoy Jae s books so I don t know what the hell went wrong with this one because I didn t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, the characters were nice enough, I just found myself getting bored, there s nothing particularly wrong that I can point out I just lost total interest and only stuck with it because I was given a free copy, I m very disappointed that I didn t enjoy this The sex scenes were just ok for me, just an average sweet romance I supposeRecommended to romance fans.An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review. This is a well structured romance, in which one of the protagonists, Susanne, is an executive, urbanite and focused on her work before anything else and the other protagonist, Anja, is an employee in a stationery shop, born and raised in a rather small city, somewhat insecure in her personal life and passionate about her work Both must work together because the owner of the store where Anja works is Susanne s uncle And since Susanne is between jobs and the store needs help so that it does not have to be closed, somehow forced by her mother, she goes to see if with her experience in business, she can refloat the store.The story unfolds little by little At first Susanne does not seem very interested in the work she has to face, rather in liquidating the business, which causes Anja to see her as a threat But thanks to the soft and friendly nature of Anja, Susanne gradually lowers the walls that prevent her from getting involved in the store, in her relationship with her uncle and in her growing attraction towards Anja.The matter keep moving forward but always with the deadline that Susanne has marked for her return to her real world and this creates a bit of ansiety and distress, mainly in Anja but also in Susanne, which makes them a little reluctant to start a relationship that may have an expiration date.But there is not much drama in the book, it is rather a tender love story, in wich to discover that the simplicity of little things can fill than any valuous possession And to learn a few things about stationery.Summing up this is a very entertaining and easy reading, highly recommended for fans of sweet lesbian romances An ARC of this book was sent to me by Ylva Publishing for an honest review Stands up in Cherry Poppin Anonymous Hello, my name is Farah and I finally lost my audiobook cherry to Jae s Paper Love, narrated by Abby Craden at the age of 42 Why I chose it as my first was because she narrated Ask, Tell by EJ Noyes so I had to familiarize myself with her voice before listening to it Ms.Craden was an excellent Susanne and Muesli the cat I wonder if there s any animals in Ask,Tell.It was challenging to find the perfect device to listen to the story I used the headphones first but 2O minutes later snores, ear buds less than 2O minutes snores Bluetooth speaker snores and a bit of drool F this I ended up sticking with the phone speaker and yatta I did it I can t help myself from associating Paper Love to The Shop Around The Corner You ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan Tom Hanks especially when Shopgirl reaches out to NY152 on how to save her gorgeous bookshop Huge congratulations to Jae for the stationary shop setting As a parent, the stationary shop is like a second home and I m thankful that the one we are one foot away from moving in, opens at 7am and closes at 11pm Perfect for the Ohh I just remembered that I need for school So Paper Love is a workplace small town hate to love romance I should be extremely happy, as it has most of my favorite trope but due to some big misses, it ends up being just an okay read Anja and Susanne are in their 3Os, successful in their careers, nice enough ladies but compared to most of the het gay YA leads that I ve spent time with, the YAs are much confident when it comes to affairs of the heart Anja always want to play it safe while Susanne suffers from daddy issue so the push pull element is quite frustrating and boring On the business side, it s quite interesting as two different minds battling to prove their ways ideas are better while fighting off whatever feelings they have for one another and Jae scores another big point by not turning the shop into an instant success after Susanne and Anja finally get on the same page Jae also makes me think hard when she writes this scene Anja comes over for a Valentine s dinner date at Susanne s Susanne asks her to keep an eye on the lasagna in the oven while she takes a shower So I m thinking, if I am in Anja s apron Will I take the risk of eating medium rare burnt vegan lasagna or join Susanne in the shower Lasagna NAKED GF in the shower Decision, decision, If you have Scribd, then do have fun with the audiobook but to spend USD9.99 unless you re a hardcore Jae fan it s better to invest your money on other books BTW, I like Anja because she hates black forest cake and she calls Susanne, Young Padawan once Thank you Tere, for the audiobook listening tips.Attention dear shoppers Ask,Tell audiobook by E.J Noyes, narrated by Abby Craden is now available on Scribd.