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so many helpful ideas, I need to go thru and bookmark as there is not an index so much in this book that was eco friendly, do it yourself, natural and non toxic for the home a very happy read I found so much out about my own community by the helpful tips in this book to look for certain things online in your community. LiveGreen is a beautifully illustrated guide with lots of tips on how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle it is about making small, sustainable changes over the course of a year A really nice book with lots of info on how to live a eco friendly life In every aspect Many things I already knew from the internet or did I decluttered most of my clothes 3 years ago, when the KonMari method wasn t this big yet but I think it s good to have something offline to check once in a while And the illustrations are just so good I loved them An interesting little book I am very keen to make sustainable lifestyle choices This book is full of simple ideas and small steps help reduce our impact on the planet Beautifully illustrated and well written with chapters from cleaning to re organising your home Definitely a worthwhile read. Cute Not preachy at all and beautifully illustrated Will definitely be revisiting this again and again. Beautifully illustrated, this book contains lots of practical and simple ideas for living a ethical lifestyle. This is a great little book to help anyone staring their journey to living a eco friendly lifestyle Packed full of hints and tips, for every area of you life. {FREE PDF} ï Live Green Ì Many Of Us Are Already Doing What We Can To Adopt A Greener Lifestyle We Recycle, Try To Reduce Our Waste And Plastics, Choose Organic Food When Shopping, Eat Less Meat, And Opt For Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Yet We Often Wish We Were Doing And It Can Be Overwhelming To Know Where To Start Live Green Is A Practical Guide Of Tips And Changes You Can Make To Your Home And Lifestyle Over The Course Of A Year Tackling All Areas Of Your Life From Home And Garden, Your Cleaning Routine, Food, Fashion, Natural Beauty, And Christmas, This Book Has All The Ingredients To Help You Achieve A Sustainable Existence Learn How To Modify Your Daily Habits To Rid Yourself Of Environmental Guilt And Rediscover The Pleasures Of Living A Slower And Simpler Life From Creating Your Own Eco Friendly Cleaning Products And Improving Your Natural Beauty Regime To Creating A Capsule Wardrobe And Composting Discover How To Get The Most Out Of Life By Living Intentionally Live Simply Live Green Really enjoyed the tips and tricks in the book, including the sections on gardening, houseplants and eco friendly cleaners Highly recommend