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This is genre fiction pas de deux It s a good mystery with a truly creepy lesbian villain, and it s a good romance featuring two lesbians who have landed desirable women and need to change their ways enough to hang onto them.The book also fits into a third genre, one I particularly enjoy fiction about lesbians in recovery In that category it s unique, as far as I know, in not only presenting a character who s attending 12 step meetings, but also depicting how she uses the steps to solve a Big Problem.The first few chapters cover predictable action, but by page 27 the villain is in full swing and the story heats up My favorite part was a delightful exchange between a lesbian attorney and a mobster she once represented, who s a fan of Ellen DeGeneres.The epilogue points to a sequel that will give usabout the villain, and I hope we ll be seeing it soon. Sometimes Quickly was a short light read with a plot that has numerous good quality s to it I found it very interesting how the characters lives were all intertwined together due to one sinister woman I was definitely intrigued at what was going to happen next and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat I was enjoying the book immensely when it just came to an abrupt end without really being finished It appears as the author sets it up for there to be a second book, yet some major parts of the plot were left unfinished Such as what became of peg s legal situation That was a sizable part of the story Up until the end of the book I was thrilled with what I was reading I give it 3 1 2 stars wanting to give itbut the inadequacy of the ending was a big disappointment for this reader Thank you NetGalley for letting me give an honest review There s quite a lot packed into the 130 pages Peg falling in love with Allison, obsessive ex of Allison s trying to remove Peg from the picture by digging up dirt and blackmailing her There also comes a secondary story line with Peg s cop friend Morgan falling for a tech genius Laura There s also a bit of mystery in between, and if you re paying attention to the dates written on top of the chapters wow, it s everything just happened in a blast.For me the book s close to a 4 star and I ve decided to round it up to a 4 The story line is actually good, though it would have been better if there would bepages in between either on the couples ortowards the action at the end.Camille is definitely obsessive compulsive and certainly creepy as hell From how the epilogue left things off, I m hoping that there will be a sequel in the future where the villan gets caught P.S I got this review copy via NetGalley Got an advance copy from netgalley for an honest review.Camille is a piece of work, you really don t want to get on her bad side or have her for an enemy She will chew you up then swallow only so she can poop you out into the the trash where she thinks you belong She has got some major problems and she just figured out that just because you re rich, doesn t mean you get everything or anyone you want Allison is a sweetheart and you can tell she likes her job Meeting Peg after a car accident was kind of destined Peg is everything Allison wants andand it doesn t hurt that she s amazing in bed This was a really interesting read, when you think about there were really three stories in one here Peg and Allison, Camille and all her problems and Peg s friend Morgan and Laura Even with that I had no problem keeping up and read it to the end The ending is abrupt but it does give the allusion of a sequel, which I hope is true. (Ebook) â Sometimes Quickly ⚾ Twenty Years Ago, Peg Ryan Was A Drunken, Womanizing New York Attorney Who Made A Terrible Mistake NowYears Sober, Peg Thought She Had Put The Past Behind Her But As She Is Settling In A New Position In Chicago, Her Past Comes Back To Haunt Her Just As She Falls In Love With Allison, A Real Estate Broker Their Friend Morgan, A Police Detective Accustomed To One Night Stands, Falls For Laura, The Owner Of A Company On The Brink Of Success As Peg And Allison Are Dealing With Peg S Past, Morgan And Laura Question Their Future The Very Different Ways That Each Woman Handles Fear, Values Integrity, And Cherishes And Protects Their Loved One Are Revealed Will Their Differences Draw The Women Closer Or Drive Them Apart During This Time Of Turmoil Sometimes Quickly Is A Fast Paced Tale About Smart, Capable Women Who Don T Always Know The Right Thing To Do, Especially When Making The Wrong Decision Can Cost Them Everything