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Sabrina and Corina is a collection of short stories about different Latina women living in the western United States Most of the stories are bleak, featuring female characters who are poor, beaten down, and broken Many of the women feel pushed to be in relationships with men for financial support, but these relationships aren t healthy and end up hurting the women even Those who try to survive on their own don t fare much better Here are brief summaries of some of the stories A girl s junkie mother only returns to the house every once in a while, stays a few weeks, then disappears again for months A woman has to apply funeral makeup on her dead best friend from childhood A little girl gets lice every time she s forced to visit with her poor half brother Even though I was meh about the ending on this one, it was one of my favorite stories Two sisters have to come to terms with their mother s terminal breast cancer diagnosis, while their father struggles to pay for her medical care.And the sadness goes on And on Honestly, I wouldn t normally finish a book like this It s just too damn depressing But the one saving grace is that at least some of the women are strong survivors And it helps, too, that there are repeated themes of family loyalty, community, perseverance, and deep respect for grandparents and tradition.The stories are beautifully told, but every single one is hopelessly tragic Even when people rally and come together, it s always clear that they have no chance at a good life So my advice is to read Sabrina and Corina with caution Maybe only take on a couple stories at a time and then supplement with some good self care Trust me, you re going to need a lot of hugs after this one Big thanks to One World and Net Galley for the ARC See of my reviews at www.bugbugbooks.com. This collection was everything I wanted it to be and It s centered around Latina women of indigenous ancestry and that is definitely the shining star in all of these stories and BRAVOOOO for bringing this into the spotlight It felt refreshing, and I feel honored to have these words.These stories revolve around women, mostly working class women, who are strong, courageous and determined humans Their ancestors were here before America was America and I think people mostly white people forget this or unfortunately, choose not to care History books tell us certain stories about the wild West, but this collection shows us the truth and gives us a lens to see the West from something other than a white person s gaze Halle frigin lujah It helps us remember and honor those cultures that were here first and that makes me feel like I m holding literal magic in my hands.There is a depth to each story and always a sense that although things might be tough or hard, or let s be honest, just real, cause this shit isn t always easybut that there is a way to progress and move forward BUT THEN, add women centered stories, culture, intimate portrayals, gorgeous sentence structure and storytelling and characters you fall in love with immediately for both good and bad yes please BUT WAIT, you also get love, atmospheric descriptions where landscape and location plays a main character, thoughts about heritage and what that means, friendship, and family dynamicsscreaming BUT ALSO, most of the narrative takes place in Denver, Colorado I m only a short drive from Denver and so many references and places in the stories I could picture and I nearly screamed with excitement as I frantically flipped pages while soaking it all in This collection is that good.These stories are tough, emotional and have a sense of sadness interwoven in each one So when you read them, don t expect happy, funny although I laughed quite a few times , or a lighthearted read What you need to expect is a connection with characters you may never make again although I have high hopes we will start to see of this from authors and from Fajardo Anstine herself and a sense that our true history is important and should be honored This collection will make you laugh, cry, worry, think and ultimately, a better person I truly believe in the magic of this book.Sabrina and Corina is beautiful collection of stories even the cover is one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen and I would suggest you run and grab a copy of this asap I promise you, you won t regret it P.S I was lucky enough to meet Kali Fajardo Anstine last week in Denver and I haven t come down from the high since I can t wait to see what else she has to offer us I know a book is in the works for sure and I m thrilled copied from my blog over at #Download Book ñ Sabrina & Corina: Stories ⚡ A Haunting Debut Story Collection On Friendship, Mothers And Daughters, And The Deep Rooted Truths Of Our Homelands, Centered On Latinas Of Indigenous Ancestry That Shines A New Light On The American West Kali Fajardo Anstine S Magnetic Story Collection Breathes Life Into Her Latina Characters Of Indigenous Ancestry And The Land They Inhabit Set Against The Remarkable Backdrop Of Denver, Colorado A Place That Is As Fierce As It Is Exquisite These Women Navigate The Land The Way They Navigate Their Lives With Caution, Grace, And Quiet Force In Sugar Babies, Ancestry And Heritage Are Hidden Inside The Earth But Tend To Rise During Land Disputes Any Further West Follows A Sex Worker And Her Daughter As They Leave Their Ancestral Home In Southern Colorado Only To Find A Foreign And Hostile Land In California In Tomi, A Woman Leaves Prison And Finds Herself In A Gentrified City That Is A Shadow Of The One She Remembers From Her Childhood And In The Title Story, Sabrina Corina, A Denver Family Falls Into A Cycle Of Violence Against Women, Coming Together Only Through RitualSabrina Corina Is A Moving Narrative Of Unrelenting Feminine Power And An Exploration Of The Universal Experiences Of Abandonment, Heritage, And An Eternal Sense Of Home This short story collection about Indigenous Latina women living in Colorado and bound by family, tradition, trauma, mental illness, and a lot of death It was a good book, and it touched on a lot of important topics I appreciated the way that absence and abandonment was explored in so many narratives The common experiences of the various women felt real and connected Family loomed large in this book It was palpable But The format I felt with every new story, that I had to start over getting familiar with everyone again, despite the common themes in this book I wish, so much, that this book had been a novel about various women in the family living their lives around the tragedy in the title story I wish we could have come to know them all and their stories and histories in relationship to this central loss I wanted an epic story of a spread out family and all of the common ties and differences that shaped their relationship to this particular loss I wanted to see their resilience and their traumas shape their reactions I wanted a very very long novel There were excellent seeds here I m excited to see from the author Thank you netgalley for the ARC L, opinions are my own. Thank you to Netgalley and Random House for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Sabrina Corina Stories by Kali Fajardo Anstine is a collection of short stories based around Latinas of Indigenous descent living in Western America My absolute favorites of the bunch are Sisters, Cheesman Park, Tomi, Any Further West Each of these stories has a sense of absence, a sense abandonment The various bittersweet relationships between mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, women and their male counterparts, women and other women are very much explored with care It keeps you attached to the snippets of the lives we jump into for just a few minutes I absolutely adored the thought provoking character study, the character work that was done to bring the lives of these women to reality There is such unique and divine quality surrounding them, Faji s voice is beautiful and her descriptions of Latin American culture are poignant You have to slow down and truly take these stories in, take in the way Faji uses language to coat the pages of her collection in a fine mist of dazzling truth and magic There are strong and compelling survivors that live through cycles of violence acted upon their bodies, their culture, their lands A lot of the narrative is very bleak and dark at times, though It helps to slow down two fold because then you aren t as heavy hearted reading this collection in just one sitting but also when Faji brings in the light, you can find some hope through her utter honesty Indigenous women are missing or dead There is violence enacted upon the woman body at every turn and yet nobody says a word at the physical evidence of that fact Two of my five star short stories in this collection Sisters and Cheesman Park actually have similar discussions on the way that battered or bruised women are not seen Faji truly does not pull her punches in exploring the harsh realities of not only womanhood but being of Indigenous descent and being other This collection is out in this world now and honestly, recommend to get yourself a copy. This collection blew me away Each story here is centered on the experiences of Latinas of indigenous descent in and around Denver Fajardo Anstine brings her readers so close to her characters their desires, their fears, their families, their histories that we feel like we re inside their bodies and minds SABRINA CORINA is deeply intimate, profoundly beautifully written, so surprisingly and flawlessly plotted that each turn of the page is a revelation I can t stop thinking about it I can t wait to buy it for everyone I know. Sabrina Corina is an impressive collection of short stories Though the stories show considerable range and depth, there are consistent themes of abandonment, family, culture and belonging that thread the stories together quite beautifully Mental illness and familial domestic violence also features prominently in many of the stories Even so, there is a thread of a quiet sort of melancholy through the stories that binds them to one another Fajardo Anstine is a talented writer, and the subjects here latinas of indigenous native ancestry are so important However, this was not a five star read for me, mostly because although I was impressed with the stories and wanted to connect to them, I just didn t quite get there I never became fully immersed in the stories save for a select few or characters again, except for a select few However, I did find this collection to be incredibly well written as well as thought provoking overall. There are times when we open a book and its undiscovered terrain The social construct we live in doesn t always apply to the story we are entering so we have to come in with an open mind In this book, Kali Fajardo Anstine takes certain elements and amplifies it to the point were we grow weary of the terror, the evil, and all of the harm done against the women that we encounter I think it was meant to be written that way Sometimes the stories and the settings are the same but the impact they have on you are still striking To see the same violence over and over again, the cycle can either infuriate you to action or numb you I think she meant for the reader to feel this I think she wanted certain aspects of the world we live in amplified and mirrored in such a way that we didn t lose sight of them We often get muddled through with fogs and mists that are put in the way to draw focus away from the bigger picture She wants us to confront this, to get tired of the gentrification, of the violence against women, of white men using them as commodities, as exotic objects that they can use to immortalize their name, to perpetuate their violence while still feeling superior, to continue the colonization of the land but now through the women It s an amazing read She doesn t mince words Sometimes the worst harm is done through family that ask well what did you expect Family that is supposed to be there for you but can t be there for themselves so you have to either sink with them or let them go It s just a provocative and offers a different perspective into the lives of indigenous Latina women The cycle of violence that follows generations and the chains between the stories were wonderfully crafted You see parallels between the stories that guide how the story impacts you I think this repetition of the same violence amplifies your indignation against colonization The prose hits you in a way that just makes the story hurt and leave behind a bruise as a reminder of the violence The violence that we should be furious at and the people that continue to perpetuate it Just a five star read overall.Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group for a free e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The cycles of violence against women in these stories broke me But Kali Fajardo Anstine has a way in her writing to make you want to read me I really wish this was a novel, I was so invested in the characters and plot that I read the book twice only 200pgs This collection of short stories is ugly yet beautiful A moving narrative on the life of Indigenous Latina women Sabrina Corina is a must read Thank you, NetGalley Random House, One world Publishing for the e copy in exchange for an honest review. I love the cover art It s gorgeous and eye catching This collection of short stories, Sabrina and Corina, centers around female Latina culture in Colorado The stories are both hopeful and sad Every story is thought provoking It s an interesting read that s different from most short story collections It s a good read overall.