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Refreshing new presentation of algorithms I was intrigued by the visual premise of the book especially at a time when I was looking for a refresher on algorithms This book is an enjoyable journey through a usually dry topic and the visual illustrations by the author help reinforce concepts.Its a bit light on examples through actual code but those examples can be easily researched online The big O notation topics are especially useful. The visual way of explaining algorithms as seen in this book is very appealing and pretty good and one can easily breeze through the content Human brains grasp visual narrations better Can be a starter book before delving into advanced and books such as CLRS. FREE PDF ☩ Entendendo Algoritmos ☪ Um Guia Ilustrado Para Programadores E Outros CuriososUm Algoritmo Nada Mais Do Que Um Procedimento Passo A Passo Para A Resolu O De Um Problema Os Algoritmos Que Voc Mais Utilizar Como Um Programador J Foram Descobertos, Testados E Provados Se Voc Quer Entend Los, Mas Se Recusa A Estudar P Ginas E Mais P Ginas De Provas, Este O Livro Certo Este Guia Cativante E Completamente Ilustrado Torna Simples Aprender Como Utilizar Os Principais Algoritmos Nos Seus ProgramasO Livro Entendendo Algoritmos Apresenta Uma Abordagem Agrad Vel Para Esse T Pico Essencial Da Ci Ncia Da Computa O Nele, Voc Aprender Como Aplicar Algoritmos Comuns Nos Problemas De Programa O Enfrentados Diariamente Voc Come Ar Com Tarefas B Sicas Como A Ordena O E A Pesquisa Com A Pr Tica, Voc Enfrentar Problemas Mais Complexos, Como A Compress O De Dados E A Intelig Ncia Artificial Cada Exemplo Apresentado Em Detalhes E Inclui Diagramas E C Digos Completos Em Python Ao Final Deste Livro, Voc Ter Dominado Algoritmos Amplamente Aplic Veis E Saber Quando E Onde Utiliz LosO Que Este Livro IncluiA Abordagem De Algoritmos De Pesquisa, Ordena O E Algoritmos Gr FicosMais De Imagens Com Descri Es DetalhadasCompara Es De Desempenho Entre AlgoritmosExemplos De C Digo Em PythonEste Livro De F Cil Leitura E Repleto De Imagens Destinado A Programadores Autodidatas, Engenheiros Ou Pessoas Que Gostariam De Recordar O Assunto I absolutely love the author s visual approach to teaching algorithms Coupled with a plethora of examples, the bite sized chapters in this book are ideal for people like me to follow I would highly recommend this book not only to beginners, but also to experienced developers who want to refresh their algorithms knowledge and ultimately, make it stick. A simple and nice introduction to most popular algorithms, if you wanna to know what is an algorithm and which ones are most popular, that is a good book, but if you re looking for a book to help you to write and deep understand algorithms, take a look for other books. Dont have a CS background and ever wondered what that O logn stood for Fear not, Aditya has your back covered I have tried several times to learn the basic algorithms and their respective time complexities but have failed miserably The illustrations and the code samples in Python make it much lucid to grasp the concepts that are otherwise very ambiguous usually covered with a lot of complexity math Kudos to Aditya now I am ready to tackle the stanford course by Tim Roughgarden. wietny wst p do algorytm w Bardzo plastyczne, dzia aj ce na wyobra nie przyk ady ich u ycia Polecam A quick engaging introductory read on an important topic While I d love to think that I could pick up some authoritative algorithm textbook, my experience self studying suggests I might not get that far I still have a pdf of SICP that I ve read all of two pages of despite the universal acclaim that book gets That being said, Grokking Algorithms is pricey at 44, especially for something you could read in an afternoon My copy sat around a few months before I read it albeit in the book eating climate of New Orleans , and the pages were falling out as I finished reading Pretty shoddy It has less value as a reference than one might think because it only covers a handful of algorithms I d recommend getting it at the library if you re a self taught programmer wanting a gentle intro to algorithms or are experienced and want a refresher Podcast interview with the author Studying algorithms is a lot like studying accountancy profoundly boring on the surface and still quite boring if you dig beneath However, if you spend a lot of effort and dig down far enough algorithms can become mildly interesting, if you ve got nothing else better to do.This is an excellent book on algorithms that managed to made them than just mildly interesting The book is aimed at the beginner but also touched on advanced topics and algorithms It is well written, takes you patiently through required steps and includes some appealing pictures and diagrams I have finally lost my fear of hash tables and graphs.The book also includes python code with simple implementations of the algorithms and at the end of it I felt confident that I could code my own I can t of course, but at least I felt that I could, which is much better than the overwhelming feeling of blackest despair I usually get after closing an algorithm book. The best book I ve ever read on algorithms Also the only book I ve ever read on algorithms, but probably for a good reason.