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!DOWNLOAD PDF ♌ Alls Well ☹ A Freewheeling Rollick Through The History And Future Of Our Species, All S Well Where Thou Art Earth And Why Blends Philosophy, Metaphysics And Ethics Into An Original And Lyrical Meditation On Refining Our Place In The Universe Generations Out Of The Caves, We Think We Know Our Place In The Vastness Of The Cosmos Only Years Ago We Hardly Knew That Our Sun Is Just Another Star Today, We Still Believe We Re The Most Intelligent Beings To Exist Yet Simple Arithmetic Suggests There Are At Least Trillion Thoughtful Species Elsewhere We Re Not Alone In The Universe, Just Lonely When We Sufficiently Mature, Others May Be In TouchAll S Well Suggests That This Maturation Will Be Deeply Rooted In Our Acknowledgement That At Our Core We Are Vessels Of Consciousness, Astonishment And Love With This Positive Summary Of The Human Condition, Lefebvre Argues That The United States Foundational Ideals Form The Correct Basis For A Set Of Universal Rights And Responsibilities, Excepting That They Never Were, And Still Are Not Yet, UniversalMoreover, Says Lefebvre, When Those With Privilege Accept Accessible Freedoms While Being Careless With Those Who Have Not Been So Fortunate, They Have Not Earned Such Freedom But Are Merely Taking Liberties Even These Liberties Come With Responsibilities To Protect All Humans From Deprivation, And All The Natural Bounty From Degradation To Accept That These Responsibilities Have No Borders, And To Act Accordingly, Has Never Been PressingInterweaving Small, Autobiographical Glimpses Of Lefebvre S Remarkable Life And Career, All S Well Is Nevertheless A Story Of Us All, Providing A Rare And Lyrical Perspective On Humankind And What Both Parts Of That Word Truly MeanJohn Lefebvre Is A Canadian Musician, Composer, Author, Entrepreneur, Retired Lawyer And Philanthropist He Is Co Founder Of DeSmog Blog, A Former Director Of The David Suzuki Foundation, Founding Director Of The David Suzuki Institute And A Founding Supporter Of The Dalai Lama Centre For Peace And Education He Lives On Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, With His Family I m not sure how to review this It s a series of essays on a wide range of topics that are sometimes philosophical, factual, and It s one person s perspective which is sometime interesting, but I struggle with what to do with those thoughts This is my problem not the author s He is obviously very smart and a deep thinker, which stretched me a little I really appreciate the NetGalley advanced copy for review There is a phrase in this book that stood out for me, Wells have water in them, but the water is not something the well creates or owns I could describe this book as philosophical, and even just trying to pin it down does not do it justice, because never before have I come across a book that explores consciousness, goodness and freedom There is this belief that there are higher powers, a certain level that man has attained or resides in that sets us apart from all the other speciesand in reading this book, John Lefebvre demystifies these misconceptions.It s an engaging read and if you get your hands on it, I hope you love chapter four, The Higher Trusts, as much as I did.Thanks Netgalley for the eARC, this book is a great conversation generator.