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!READ EPUB ♢ Weedmonkey ☪ Growing Up During The Depression And Forced To Live In Coal Mining Camps Throughout Appalachia, Virgie Hopkins Is Subjected To Child Molestation, The KKK, Murder, Homelessness, Starvation, And Ridicule For Being The Daughter Of The Town Whore Virgie Grows Up Hating Her Mother Who Was Taken Away When She Was Nine Years Old And While She Was Gone, She And Her Brother Were Put Into Foster Care, Starved, And Abused When Her Mother Returned, She Did Not Know Her Husband Or Her Children And Virgie Could Not Understand Why She Had Changed At , Virgie Made The Decision To Leave Kentucky And The Only Life She Had Ever Known After Discovering Her Prostitute Mother Was Having An Affair With The Young Boy Virgie Loved Filled With Hatred, Resentment, And Shame For The Woman She Called Mom, It Was Not Until Her Mother S Funeral, Did She Learn The Horrible Truth, The Reason For Her Change And The Reason Why She Became The Town Whore, A Weedmonkey A Haunting True Story Special Note About Weedmonkey From The Author My Mother Victoria Started Writing This Book When I Was A Little Girl And The Recollection Is From Her Memory Of Her Childhood In , She Was Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer And Given Three Months To Live I Was Not Only Heartbroken Because My Mother Was Dying, But Because Her Dream Of Writing The Book Was Dying With Her On Her Deathbed, She Asked Me To Finish Writing It For Her I Hope I Ve Made Her Proud WINNER Of Honorable Mention In Reader S Favorite And Featured At The Miami Book Fair Review By Sarah Rollins For Readers Favorite Weedmonkey By Lisa V Proulx Is A Moving Memoir Which Tells The Story Of How A Little Girl Called Virgie Was Brought Into The World Amidst The Remnants Of What Was The Old South, Amongst Wealth, Judgement, Poverty, And Injustice Virgie S Mother Is Considered A Town Whore, Her Father Works In The Mines, And The Story Continues With Virgie Herself Left To Look After Her Brothers And Sisters, Moved From Foster Home To Op Houses, And Exposed To Situations That You Would Never Dream A Young Girl Or Anyone Should Ever Be Forced To Face Lisa V Proulx Writes With Heart And Soul As She Tells Virgie S Story Her Writing Style Brings You Into The Story, And For Some Moments I Almost Forgot That This Was A Non Ction Book Her Words Pulled You Into Virgie S Plight And You Felt The Emotions Of The Young Girl, Her Hatred For What Life Had Dealt Her, Her Disappointment For What She Has Missed In Her Youth, And Yet Her Strength To Go On, And Become A Di Erent Person From The Mother She Knew And Grew Up With Weedmonkey Is A True Story Which Will Make You Smile And Cry As You Follow Young Virgie, Understand Her Background And Her Ability To Rise Above The Life She Was Forced To Live A Truly Touching Memoir, Written With Passion By The Author Who Undertook This Project After It Was Started By Her Own Mother A De Nite Must Read For Anyone Who Enjoys Books Of This Era Or Non Ction Stories That Demonstrate True Strength review after this hurricane passes hoping my fellow Fl readers are safe Self excusing, Self pitying, Poorly ConstructedI had to give it two stars, because I finished it, but the mother blaming hating wore thin very early on She did the best she could given her circumstances She clearly wants absolution for her own poor choices and outcomes, yet cannot look at her mother and know that she, too, did the best she could given what she believed to be her choices If you, too, want to hate instead of understand your mother, if you want to give Daddy a pass, this is definitely the memoir for you I know it was not one that helps me become of the person I aspire to be, nor did it provide escapist entertainment I finished it only because I started it It was a poor reason. My mediocre rating of three stars for this book is simply because I enjoy learning about the American sub culture in Appalachia The content of this book is dire, as I expected The actual writing is ridiculous I m pretty sure that no professional editor was employed to check on simple things like the proper use of then and than Within the first few pages the word compliment is used incorrectly So, being that I caught that error immediately, my expectations were lowered.Sometimes, with a Kindle version editing is lacking but it dies nevertheless irritate a reader.This book was supposedly put together from various notes and scraps of paper left behind by someone s the author s mother These notes, if they existed, are not put together in a cohesive fashion The writing does occasionally resemble that of a professional but mostly it s choppy and amateurish.As I said, the story is interesting enough, I just would have liked to have a bit of style. I m left puzzledwhether this is true or not If true, how horrific Yet, having lived in a holler myself, I understand much of it, and how these events can be factual Not simply having lived in a holler, but the mentality Well written Lorie Good bookStory was interesting but the writing seemed all over the place It was written in the scattered way that a person thinks which made it confusing and hard to follow. I clicked 2 stars, back up to 3 the story itself is interesting, but the story telling of it is poor so many mistakes in the editing, that is always an irritating thing, i start to count them and the writing lacked depth, it began to read like a list of sorts in started out with feeling, but grew to be points, like checking off, i mentioned this, i mentioned that i just grew bored, interesting life, but poorly written.. I had higher hopes for this oneI gave this book a one star rating because it didn t deserve better I also felt like I was reading a child s diary Lots of it didn t really make sense The author would finish with one era start another than go back to the previous era without warning It got confusing and some of the things that happened sounded questionable ,at the least I also think that these stories that the child experienced could have been stories told down from generations and so it has become a stronger memory in her mind for it Would have been much engrossing if they went with the grown up voice rather than the child s cuz it came off kinda hokey. I will begin by saying that this is not a flawless book by any means, it seems to have been self published and has many editorial mistakes I will also note that this book strikes a personal chord with me because my family comes from Eastern Kentucky, very close to the Pikeville area in which this book is set This is a biographical work, the best I can sort out, is that it was written by the main character known as Virgie, however she passed away before the book was finished and she urged her daughter to promise to finish it and publish it I am very happy that Lisa carried out that agreement There is an honesty and purity to this book that made it very difficult to put down First of all the book moves very quickly because it is so straight forward, no fluff, no flowery prose Virgie s experiences are heartbreaking and harrowing, and she is a character who is easy to root for If you are not familiar with this geographical area, especially during the time frame in which it is set depression era 50 or 60 years , it is quite fascinating and tells a tale of poverty, illiteracy, mental heath issues, abuse, but also of triumph and overcoming those challenges that we have no control over by taking control of every aspect of our lives which we have the ability to control I also never felt at any time that the characters were seeking sympathy or pity, but instead it seemed to me in an unlikely manner to be a beautiful catharsis that is universally human when we tell our story I felt honored that the writer s mother and ultimately her daughter had the courage and were brave enough to tell this story I was grateful to share it with them and when it was over, I felt a loss, and I wanted to know but in a good way Once again this story is rough in its style and it s construction, but it is well worth overlooking those flaws I enjoyed it a great deal. Interesting taleWow What a quick read I m sorry that Virgie had to leave the life she did I don t understand how parents treat kids the way they do but I guess everyone has their demons to fight Luckily Virgie was able to pull herself away from her poverty ridden life and move forward It wasn t easy but she did it.