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Ok, slow to start and I had to make myself finish It did get better The grand mother is a witch and I cannot get my mind around the lengths she went to to break up her grandson s marriage Good conclusion. This novel kind of sickened me in many ways I couldn t believe that someone would force someone literally into getting an abortion It was disgusting to read about How the hero blamed the heroine after she was so distraught over the loss of the baby Let s just say the hero was an idiot until he changed nearly the middle. This is the third Mather book that I ve read that has the hero and heroine estranged because the heroine had a miscarriage that may or may not have been an abortion Crappy writing and annoying characters.Do not waste your time on this. AFTER MY CHANGE After almost five years of marriage William and Francesca Quentin split amid a lot of heartbreak and horrible accusations Five years on, Francesca has shown up on William s doorstep seeking shelter from the trauma she is facing in the city, and William is in the process of giving into his grandmother s wishes of remarrying a rich woman and providing his grandmother w a great grandchild Only now w Francesca back on the scene he is remembering his love for his ex wife I placed my rose colored glasses on and began to read For the most part, this wasn t a passion filled book, but the love between William and Francesca felt comfortable and sweet Yes, he was cruel to her some times, and really he should have had his eyes opened to his grandmother s machinations Francesca, what to say, how could she defend herself against that accusation I suppose she could have tried harder and surely there was some proof there that could have been found Or maybe both these characters were really on the same level of denseness I was drawn into the story because I wanted to know why they were torn apart, and then I wanted to know how that played out So I continued to read and couldn t believe it when I discovered the reason for the separation and how that played out It was so unbelievable Will was completely devastated about that loss, or so he claimed He said he could NEVER forgive Francesca for what she had done and I couldn t blame him She on the other hand, had already forgiven him for his accusations, but claimed that she had been hurt from the loss as well It seemed like she was hurt by his accusations though His grandmother was a POW She truly only cared about that house Nothing else mattered She manipulated everything because she didn t think Francesca was good enough for William and of course it didn t help that Francesca wasn t rich Now, of course, granny wants money and a grandchild, which makes what she did even worse I know you want to know what she did SPOILERS Apparently Francesca had an abortion Unbelievably it was the grandmother that manipulated that I had questions about this for one how could the doctor agree to this w out the patients signature somewhere but I guess it s HPland and anything goes It made no sense to me, but I continued to read the story to see how all would turn out The ending then made no sense to me I couldn t believe that granny would suddenly have a change of heart and she had money So why couldn t she have just given some to her grandson to save the house But I digress The ending yes, didn t make sense to me until I reasoned out things that didn t happen in the story It was mentioned earlier that Francesca thought perhaps Will had put something in her milk to help her sleep Why would she think he would drug her Perhaps he is capable of doing something nefarious then Hhhhmmm so w my dark glasses now in place, because frankly rose colored HEA all is good and fine won t do for this story, I reasoned out another ending MY SPOILERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Granny seemed to hate Francesca so I don t see her having a change of heart okay sure it could happen but not for a woman that was like this She was willing to kill her grandchild to separate that marriage up Which begs the question why didn t she just off Francesca as well I think Will took care of Granny I think he threatened her at the hospital and then thought how truly demented this woman was she wouldn t let him live in peace w his wife so he took care of the problem Nothing can keep him from his true love and Granny threatened their HEA As far as the last will of Granny, I think it said grandson s wife NOT Francesca She was probably thinking he would have married the OW that she had been trying to get Will hooked up w before Because Will, Fran, and Granny had a blow up a few days before Granny went into the hospital for a stroke so when would she have had time to change her will to include Francesca IMHO that is what happens NO it s not in the book, but it made sense to me in the end w this alternative view `FREE PDF ↵ Dishonourable Intent ☋ He Had To Protect Her From Himself Life Was Complicated Enough For William Quentin Without His Ex Wife Turning Up On His Doorstep He D Been Crazy About Francesca, And The Agony Of Her Betrayal Still Haunted Him Will Knew He Should Heed His Grandmother S Warnings, But He Couldn T Turn Francesca Away, Especially As She Was In Fear For Her LifeAlways So In Control Of Her Emotions, Francesca S Unexpected Vulnerability Threatened To Topple All Of Will S Resistance To Her But What Chance Was There For Them When She Had Heartlessly Demonstrated That Her Independence Meant To Her Than Bearing His Children