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I agree with the premise of this book and I think that it starts off strong, but I feel that it ended a bit weak That said I do believe that discomfort is necessary to avoid complacency and to be truly engaged. I liked The Power of Why probably because it was new to me, whereas the message of this book, be comfortable being uncomfortable is something I ve been practicing for about 8 years.I also hate that she physically describes almost every person she uses as a case study Aka with flieing golden hair and wide blue eyes barf. One of those book that you can re read over again to remind yourself of the mindset you should be in when you re at a place of discomfort Providing a lot of situational cases, the author takes aim to help you understand it directly without sugar coating This book covers of discomfort told through other people s experiences and stories The message being you just have to reframe your mind at times get through the pain.Two great parts that summarizes it all Turning away from the discomfort of change is tempting, of course, because you re turning away from the risk and the possibility of embarrassment and failure But you re also turning away from the opportunity to stretch yourself, test yourself, and grow You re turning away from the possibility the likelihood that change will be for the better and even if it isn t, you will almost certainly learn something worthwhile whether the answer is to reframe the discomfort, or ignore it, or lean into it, or reinvent yourself, or enlist help, or simply dive in at the deep end, there is an answer that will take you from Why change to But how I wanted to like this book but I found it to be well researched but tedious and narrow in scope Lang tries to convince us to move out of our comfort zones but spends most of her time profiling athletes with Olympian credentials or fearless entrepreneurs who are unafraid of losing millions What about us ordinary folk who just want to.improve and enrich our lives The only truly riveting story was that of Maher Arar and he apparently has PTSD, a condition which I believe goes far beyond discomfort What a rarefied world Lang must live in I wish I had read The Year of Saying Yes instead. I read 71 pages Amanda proves her point about discomfort by telling stories of people who have endured through their challenging achievements She made sure the stories were sufficiently different to cover most aspects of discomfort After finishing the book, it was clear to me that discomfort is actually a personal game changer, but there is no beauty in it So, Discomfort would be enough as a title.It was a pleasure to read the book The text was really straight, written in a journalistic style, almost like a modern documentary, crafted to attract reader s attention. I decided to read this in hopes it would help with my anxiety I was all for reading a book about the different ways in which one can reframe and manage discomfort to be happier, whether this discomfort is physical, mental, psychological, whatever Mostly, I got what I came for The book is divided into ten parts, all of which follow pretty much the same format the title announces how the chapter will address discomfort, and Lang starts by telling the story of someone who has overcome their discomfort in a given situation one way or the other Then, she ends the chapter by relating the story directly to how us, the readers, can take this information and apply it to our own lives I found the format relatively efficient, but here s the thing I would have loved diversity in terms of the examples of discomfort explored The stories were mostly about discomfort as it relates to businessmen and businesswomen and athletes In fact, maaaany stories were about athletes Now, I m myself pretty uninterested in sports in general, yet still found those parts interesting to a certain extent Lang does a good job at linking discomfort as it relates to athletes to general discomfort that everybody experiences Nonetheless, I eventually grew tired of reading about athletes discomfort Namely, I would have loved a story or two discussing examples of people overcoming mental health challenges specifically The book touches on the topic of mental health, obviously, but never tells a story of someone whose discomfort was primarily a mental health or disorder issue I was hoping for that, and didn t get it. I read this book since Amanda Lang is one of my favourite journalists and I enjoyed her first book, The Power of Why This novel follows a similar layout, consisting of observations about resilience supported by Canadian and international stories as an example However, I found her second book to be a lot less exciting Perhaps Amanda is busy in her newer role on Bloomberg TV but many of the lessons throughout the ten chapters seemed very obvious and lacking substantial insight The stories seemed far generic and felt like a compilation of articles one would read in the newspaper I felt another lacking aspect of the book was that it didn t include negative outcomes of a high tolerance to discomfort There are probably scenarios where discomfort signifies negative headwinds that one should actively avoid Overall I felt that the book would be worth a read if it was around 50% shorter in length purely for the Canadian stories. {Kindle} Î Beauty of Discomfort, The ¹ The Groundbreaking New Book From The Bestselling Author Of The Power Of WhyMost Of Us Don T Like Pushing Ourselves Too Hard, Admitting We Don T Know Or Stretching Too Far Outside Of Our Comfort Zone But Embracing Discomfort Is An Important Tool For Success It S A Secret Known By Everyone From Ballroom Dancers To Stand Up Comics To The Marines Discomfort Is Not The Same As Fear Or Anxiety, And, Important, Knowing How To Take Advantage Of Discomfort Is Not An Innate Ability But It S Something That We All Can Learn The Beauty Of Discomfort Draws On Cutting Edge Neuroscience And Provides Examples And Strategies From All Over The World To Help You Become Creative, Innovative And Effective In Your Work And Life When I first picked up this book, I was excited to discover the psychology behind dealing with discomfort and how one can get comfortable being uncomfortable to grow and learn Less than halfway through this book, however, I was disappointed, for two main reasons one, the book gives way too many examples of different people in different situations, which is interesting at first, but very quickly becomes exhausting to read, because you have to first learn the background and context of the situation Two, there is not much of the psychology explained to be able to apply it to your own story Overall, I wouldn t recommend it, unless you want to read multiple stories of different experiences, and even then, it s a bit too long.