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I don t usually review the typical second chance romances, but something about this one caught my eye, and am so glad I read it The protagonists 2 Jax and Marty, were sweethearts in their collective pasts I would have liked a little of each of their lives during the past and subsequent movement to present day, for the most part I felt that the characterization of these two was very good In between the inevitable squabbles, hot, steamy sex and coming back together, there was sufficient material in this book for even the jaded no pun intended romance reader to appreciate I would read books from Jade Allen in the future if they present themselves to me at the appropriate time My rating for this book 4.25 stars.I don t leave synopsis of a book, as the author s blurb does a much better job then I ever could, nor do I don t leave spoilers as I feel this does an injustice to subsequent readers I am leaving an honest review voluntarily. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.I am really starting to appreciate this author ,,,, each time I read one of her books,,,,,This is a story about Marty who is back in town, from New York, as she is her friends Maide of honor for her wedding that is becoming a disaster,,,, but, first, the girls go out on a bachelorette party, and go to some kinda strip club dance club,,,, they are all drooling over the guys but when the dancer with the tattoos come on stage, Marty just cant keep her eyes off him,,, she thinks he reminds her of someone,,,, and then it happens,,, he looks straight at her, and then she knows, it s her boyfriend from high school, Jax,,,,,So when he is done dancing he slips a card in her hand,,, it s his card, for her to meet him in the private room for lap dances and such,,,,Jax owns his own garage, is doing well, but dances at night, to help pick up some of the bills for his mother who has cancer,,,, he sees his high school love, gives her his card after the lap dance so they can arrange to have dinner plans,,,, he is really starting to enjoy her company,,,,,AGAIN,,,, This is all I am going to tell, you,,, but it would behoove you to pick up this book,,, I know I m happy I have read it,,,,,, FREE EBOOK ♺ Stripped Down ☨ I Started Dancing At Night Cause I Needed Extra Money To Help With My Mom S Medical Bills Chicks Hounded Me About My Tattoos And My Bed Was Never Lonely At Night, And The Best Part Was I Had My Choice Of Any Woman I Wanted I Had It All Figured Outuntil My Ex Marty F Cking Leoni Showed Up At The Club One NightThat Woman Was My High School Piece She Had Rounded Out Into A Hot Young Thing Whose Curves Would Overflow In The Palms Of My HandsAll I Did Was Invite Her Out Back For A Special Private Dance, But Little Did I Know It Would Be The Spark That Reignited The Fire That Once Burned Between UsNow I M Determined To Figure Out Why The F Ck I Suddenly Can T Let Her GoStripped Down Is A Standalone Page Novella With Ultra Hot Steamy Scenes And Explicit Language Written For Readers Age And Over The Kindle Edition Contains Additional Bonuses For Your Reading Pleasure This is a quick but entertaining book I liked it for the most part, but I do wish it was longer so that the story could have been fleshed out It s been 10 years since Jax and Mart have seen each other, and their initial meeting couldn t have been awkward With the way their high school relationship fell apart, I would have loved to have gotten answers on the current relationship between Marty and her parents.I thought there was a possibility that Jax and Marty were headed towards a HEA, but his sudden behavior flip in regards to the situation with his mom was so out of nowhere it almost read like two different people Marty was there for him back in high school so why treat her like crap in the present time Plus his internal thoughts regarding her made him seem like a d bag of the highest order Made me mad that it took a song for him to realize how much of a douche canoe he was with her, then when he finds her he wants to posture and act all macho when he gets to her best friend s house This after he didn t talk to her for months No sir I don t care how many beautiful words he d throw at me, the fact that he went off grid when life got serious would always make me question if and when it would happen again He comes clean about what happened, but there s still some drama on the way to their HEA. This is a beautiful second chance romance with a heart of gold and a few tear jerker moments Marty is back in her hometown for her best friend s wedding, and runs into Jax, her high school flame, at the bachelorette party While he s on stage, dancing, as a stripper It s clear to both of them that there s unfinished business between them, and soon they re spending time together, sorting out what separated them all those years ago, and figuring out if they have any kind of future together Then tragedy strikes again and it s every man for himself in the aftermath Jax is a wonderfully complex blue collar hero, a man who s made something of himself despite the devastating loss he endured right after high school Marty is determined and strong, and a little bit sassy She s got a fulfilling career but her heart has never moved on from Jax Together they are a very sweet couple, and their love story is heartwarming in every way I highly recommend this book, especially for readers who love second chance romances I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book through Booksprout. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Marty is at a male strip club with her friends for a bachelorette party She is Maid of Honor, and is pulled up on stage with Bride To Be One of dancers is her high school boyfriend, Jax, not seen since her parents pulled her out of his home and said she was too good for himOf course she recognizes him, and he gives her a card for a free private dance They catch up some, and start texting each other He works at the club since good money and he needs to keep up with medical bills for his mom s cancer, as well as do his job as a mechanic in his garage in town Everything that could go wrong with wedding plan does, as florist overbooked and no flowers, singer went to Europe, caterer had wrong date bookedso Marty busier than originally planned Jax and Marty do go out to lunch and catch up and agrees to go out to dinner with him also Interesting story of re igniting lost love No spoilers in the story, but Jax and Marty do help each other with the wedding and maybe can keep the flame goingbut have to read the book to find out. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Great story about a second chance romance Jax works two jobs He owns his own garage but works as a stripper at night in order to make extra money to pay his Mom s medical bills Marty is back in town for her best friend s bachelorette party When she sees a guy with tattoos dancing on stage she is interested but then she is pulled up on stage with the bride to be When she gets a close up view she recognizes the tattoo as her high school sweethearts Jax slips a card into her hand that s for a private dance and when Marty goes to the private room it brings back memories from when they dated She tries to keep from talking but finally Jax coaxes her to talk He gives her a card with his cell When Marty tells the girls what happened they tell her to contact him Marty texts Jax to ask him to lunch so they can catch up Will lunch be the start of something new for them Will Marty walk away and back to her life once the wedding is over in a week Will the problems from their past and new tradegy be to much Received this book as a Goodreads giveaway win Here s my honest review.I absolutely loved the storyline with Jax and Marty A second chance bad boy romance, for the most part It was a quick read, and entertaining At some point after these two start seeing each other and putting the past in the past, it takes such a sharp left turn out of nowhere I so am trying not to give spoilers here but it was quite unexpected and not justified the way Jax went left and kept going Marty supported him in his high school years and his family every step of the way and had relationship with his family members She in future helps him become famous by Hooking him up with the right people, due to her career Even tells him she loves him while making love to him and he doesn t run from that Felt like a huge chunk was missing in between past, present and future I was wowed with the ending Did not see that coming at all Made me pretty emotional rooting for Marty Not sure if I d have given Jax another chance, so kudos to Marty.This Author was a first time read for me and I did enjoy the book I will give another of her books a shot and hope the fill ins work a little smoother Thank you Jade Allen, for allowing me the chance to read this. Stripped Down is a sweet, sexy second chance romance Marty is at her best friend s bachelorette party at a male strip club when lo and behold, who is one of the strippers None other than Jax, her high school sweetheart, the boy her parents forced her to break up with back then, and whom she hasn t seen since they graduated As he dances around her on the stage while she and her BF are being twerked upon by all the strippers, she can t believe she s seeing Jax again and how very different he is than the boy she once loved, and lost When she feels something being shoved into her hand, and finds out it s a dancer s card, meant for a private dance, she isn t sure she wants to go down memory lane with him But, her friends shove her into the waiting dancer s hands and off she goes.When they drift into a sexy, kind of emotional, relationship, I was sort of cringing, because I knew it was all going too well I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and when it did, damn, it hurt I won t give spoilers, let s just say that Jax is lucky that Marty is much nicer and forgiving than I If it had been me, I d have made him grovel, really grovel I m talking kissing my feet and my ass, full body massages, and chocolate for days kind of groveling.And that epilogue Whew, that was pretty intense for awhile there But it wrapped things up nicely for Jax and Marty, and they deserved it because they had gone through a lot to get to that HEA.Even though Stripped Down is short, it s mostly fully fleshed out and Marty and Jax are great characters Their chemistry is electric, and has only gotten stronger since high school I appreciate that they re both three dimensional, realistic characters There are no cookie cutter, cardboard cutout characters here Just two interesting, likable leads with a strong emotional and physical bond Kudos to Jade Allen for this sexy, sweet second chance story I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Celebrating her best friend s upcoming wedding, Marty swallowed her shot of tequila as the house lights dimmed and the music got loud Male dancers appeared among the fog that rose up on the stage The bachelor party ladies called out to the dancers, laughing and having a wild time Before she knew it, Marty was lifted up on stage to sit with the bride to be while the men danced around them The one with the tattoos moved against her and, when she looked up at him, she recognized her high school boyfriend, Jax Only now he wasn t a lanky boy he was a muscular, sexy, man Would they rekindle the romance they started in high school This was a fast paced, fun book The crazy bachelorettes were so animated and provided lots of laughs With a light sprinkling of back story, the reader can wonder about a possible second chance romance between Jax and Marty who had their relationship cut short back in high school by her parents The characters were very likable Jax was a responsible guy who was dancing for extra money to help his mom with medical bills Marty was an established music producer There will always be bumps along the way, but could they recapture what they had left behind I think this is a book worth reading It has some surprises to keep the reader s attention and may take a few of us down memory lane I received a copy of the book from BookSprout and am voluntarily leaving a review expressing my honest opinion.