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Rachel Kramer Bussel and Cleis Press have done it again It s no secret that I absolutely adore these erotica anthologies This one is no exception in fact, The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2 goes above and beyond There s so much erotic goodness to unpack here.As mentioned, this is an anthology of erotic stories, the connecting theme of which is submission There are 69 stories total People tend to think of submission and domination as strictly black and white, perfect puzzle pieces But this book just goes to show that if you ask 69 people what submission means to them you will get 69 very different interpretations Which is good news for us, since it ends up producing books like this one Submissives of so many different types get a story here This is hands down the most inclusive erotica anthology or otherwise that I have ever read There are switches There are dominant Females both with men and with women There are Dominant males, both with men and with women In some instances, there s than those two in the scene There are some that fit into neither gender category There are people of color There are those who are young or new to the idea of BDSM There are those who are experienced such as a grandmother and those who have been in the scene a long time, sometimes even professionally There are different body types those who are small, or curvier, or scarred, or surgically affected They have representation of so many folks here, it s awesome Proof that not all erotica is a stuffy white hetero dude in a suit and a doe eyed brunette who has no idea what s going on cough moving on.As for kinks, there is absolutely something for everyone Kinks for days, my friend Including some very specific ones that I enjoy that I did not expect to see But which ones That s up to you to figure out, a lady never tells unless we re Fetlife friends Here s a very oversimplified list of some of the things you can expect in the way of kink BDSM obviously , bondage, rope, training, power struggles, pet play, spanking, a host of different toys, affairs, pegging, role play, blades, gender play, tickling, different time periods, accents language, food, and strangers There s bound pun intended to be something on this list that sets off your fires.There are some stories that focus heavily on the connection or romance between characters, so if you re vanilla minded don t be scared away The few issues I had with this anthology are pretty standard comments about anthologies Namely, they won t all be winners to everyone There are some kinks that are not my kinks and that s okay so I didn t enjoy them as much There are some names titles euphanisms that turn me off There are some writing styles that I just don t enjoy But the good thing is that in 69 stories, the ones I enjoyed far outweighed the ones I did not Plus, each story is completely independent of the other stories, so you can scan or skip or delay the stories you don t think you ll enjoy, without effecting story lines or anything like that Rather than talk about all 69 stories and their negative and positive traits, I m going to highlight my three favorite stories from this collection The first is Chased by the Wolf by Mischa Eliot It involves a male Dominant and a female submissive, a costume party, collaring, and a Predators and Prey themed party hosted at the zoo This party where dominants dress as predators, and submissives as prey sounds like one I would absolutely go to The writing style is playful but alluring, and stands out to me because of costuming and event type.The second story is called My Girl, My Boy, My Enby by Annabeth Leong The pairing in question here involves a female Dominant, and a submissive who is gender non binary, who has girl days and boy days and non binary days This stands out to me because it is honestly the first erotica I have ever read that has a non binary character in it And that means the world to me My fiance is NB, so I was into, connected to this story and it set off sparks I didn t know I had Well done you It felt very intimate while still being dirty, it was a good balance.The final story I d like to highlight is called Oktoberfest Addiction by Roxanna Cross It involves a male Dominant and a female submissive It also involves Oktoberfest, risque themed outfits, hair ribbon bondage fantastic idea , and German mustard in some very interesting places I like women in dirndl dresses, food, and Germany Sue me It was very fun to read, and again the tone was a bit playful and a bit cheeky It sounded like a fun festival that I d love to be a part of.Some other 5 star stories that get a shout out include Metamorphosis by Emanuelle de Maupassant books, public play, libraries , Imago by Anna Sky tattoo guns , Cari s Recital by Rod Harden ha public play, bondage, piano , and Apprendimento by Kathleen Tudor punishment, clothes pins, f f All in all this book is one that has a secure place on my erotica shelf It s such a mixed bag in a good way of different stories and pairings and fantasies and even time periods It s like hitting shuffle on my dirty thoughts, and that s a great thing If you re a fan of BDSM, erotica, RKB s other anthologies, or even sex in general, there s something in this book for you Thanks to Cleis Press who gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I am a super fan of Rachel Kramer Bussel and Cleis Press I absolutely adore these erotica anthologies This one is no exception The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2 goes above and beyond There s so much erotic goodness packed between these pages There is a story in here for everyone. I received an advance copy and voluntarily chose to review this collection of 69 very short erotic stories that all deal with the theme of Submission What I particularly like about this collection is how much variety and contrast there is from story to story For example, sometimes it is a male who submits, other times it is a female These are not stereotypical bondage stories Instead, they each get into the psychology of the characters While some stories use explicitly sexual language, others don t even use one x rated word In Chased By The Wolf by Mischa Eliot, the submissive woman wears a bunny costume sent to her by her dominant to attend The Predators And Prey Ball at the local zoo Eliot describes the zoo and nighttime chase of the participants so expertly that I felt like I was there When the dominant finally catches his submissive, she is scooped up and carried off He then brings her to his home where she says He bathed me and petted me until I begged for He then teases her, making her wait They don t even have sex in this story, and there is not one sexually explicit term, yet it is so sexy and a complete turn on Roped In by Adrea Kore is about Shibari which is a Japanese erotic rope bondage practice Kore s skillful description of the character s experience with the rope s feel of release and tension while it snakes around her body is concurrently described with the tension and suspense that builds up throughout the storyline The Shibari practice, which she is introduced to at a workshop, is completely new to her Kore relays to us in the beginning that a rope is involved This immediately conjures up images of a rough, beige colored rope We learn that this is not the case and that the rope is red and silky, and the male Shibari instructor says Rope has its own intuitive intelligence It responds to different bodies in different ways It turns out that Kore s character is VERY responsive to the rope She submits to it and, in a sense, to all the people involved in the workshop who are watching which is very erotic Metamorphoses by Emmanuelle de Maupassant is a very sexy story about a young female librarian s assistant and the headmaster of the school We are initially introduced to the main librarian, an older woman, who hired this assistant and claims she made a good choice in hiring the young woman because she is so helpful She says that she has even offered to close up the library for her for the third night in a row Little does she know that the headmaster has been servicing the young assistant after hours by having her climb up the bookshelves while she reads to him as he slowly undresses her Apparently, this is a new sexual awakening for her While he prepares to pleasure her, she assures herself that she is still, indeed, herself Apple of her father s eye, church on Sundays, doesn t stay out late She s a good girl, isn t she It is the young woman who submits in this story, but then again, she is the one who is being focused on and is the one receiving the pleasure So even though he is enjoying her submission, it seems he is submitting to her than she is to him Dr J s Lashed takes place on a sailing ship at sea This very hot and sensual story is revealed to us as the female co captain describes the male captain Nelson had always taken care of me, my well being, my safety But today he expressed a need His need consists of undressing her and giving her a flimsy gauze to wear, tying her up to a pole on the boat while she faces the bow of the boat, and he takes pictures of her As he snaps the photos, she feels consumed by the ocean and at one with it Feeling her arousal grow, she says The ocean whispered to me You are his Submit This collection also contains hardcore BDSM material, but it is never run of the mill The stories are complex, and there truly is something for everyone here Each story is well thought out and not written merely as a device to get off While so much erotica focuses on what men want to read or what women writers and women readers think men want them to read and also want from them regarding sex in general , these stories are truthful I would recommend The Big Book Of Submission Volume 2 to any reader of erotic fiction male, female, feminist, and hardcore BDSM advocate. What a delightful book A great tale of Domination as well as submission.Every avenue of this genre explored through delightful short storiesWet and pulsing tales that take us to a different world.A world of wet pleasure.Gorgeous offering that leaves the reader wanting Five stars So many story s in this book, some good, some better There will be a one for everybody s taste For me some were too short.I received an ARC and this is my honest opinion. 69 stories Sexy, titillating, something for everyone The role of submission is surprisingly different for everyone In this book are many fascinating stories of submission with varying themes that will sure to feed your imagination and create new kinky fantasies Whether it is absorbing pain, being bound, getting spanked or playing with power, this book of short stories in this huge volume will entice the reader in you There are few of my favorite authors like, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Selena Kitt, but also have found some very talented, new to me authors, like Malin James, Angela Sargenti, and Rob Rosen In The Assistant by Malin James and Conference Call by Elizabeth Coldwell, the office theme is similar, but each is handled differently and so delightfully delicious.Metamorphoses by Emmanuelle de Maupassant is taboo and wickedly enticing as it reveals a young assistant librarian, Evie, who begins a game of discovering her sensuality as the Headmaster does naughty things to her, all the while as she reads aloud from a book So poetic and beautifully descriptive I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. Firstly I must admit that I have only, so far, read the submissions from authors that I have previously read, Emmanuelle De Maupassant, Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.Each was a well written story Each gave a glimpse of time, almost as if you were channel hopping and caught just a moment s of the characters lives I hope I will find the other stories to be as entertaining as these three. This is my first erotica ARC and I was pleasantly surprised I requested it because of a few of the contributors and I ended up loving most of the stories I received an advance copy and voluntarily chose to review. (FREE PDF) õ The Big Book of Submission Volume 2: 69 Kinky Tales Ý Whether You Are Simply Curious About Submission Or Regularly Revel In The Delights Of BDSM, These Sixty Nine Erotic Short Stories About Submissives Will Turn You On From Participating In A Musical Recital That Takes A Very Kinky Turn To Making A Grocery Run While Using Sex Toys To Indulging In A Risqu Office Encounter During Working Hours, These Subs Delight In Obeying Or Deliberately Disobeying Their Masters And Mistresses In Public And In Private They Are Rewarded And Punished In The Most Wicked Of Ways That Will Leave You Breathless Edited By Rachel Kramer Bussel, With Stories By Selena Kitt, Jade A Waters, Dorothy Freed, And Sommer Marsden Among Other Talented Writers, The Big Book Of Submission, Volume Offers Arousing Tales That Delve Deep Into The Thrills Of Spanking, Bondage, Power Dynamics, Service, Exhibitionism, Erotic Adventure, And Much This is scorching hot Each story is less than 1500 words though.Before finishing reading it from the library I ve ordered it.I m going to read all the authors books from which this anthology is derived