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~Free Pdf ♞ The Queens Heir (Stone Bearers, #3) ♿ Going Home Makes Everything HarderAfter Being Hunted By Humans And Transformed Into A Demonic Creature Called A Drow, Drynn Believes His Family Will Be Safer In The Forest Problem Is, Drow Are Waiting For Them ThereWhen His Brother Is Taken By The Same Drow Who Burned His Home, Drynn Is Told That He Needs The Ashes Of The Phoenix To Defeat Them It Only Would Require Him To Return To The Human Kingdom And All The Dangers He Thought He Left BehindBut When He Discovers That His Brother Has Been Forced To Join The Ranks Of The Drow, It Seems They May Have Already Run Out Of Time The Queen S Heir Is The Direct Sequel To The Queen S Opal , And The Queen S Gift , A New Series Set The Same World As The Stone Bearers Clean Read Fantasy Violence, Light Innuendo, And A Few Darker Themes Recommended For Young Adults And Teens Twelve And Up Other Books By Jacque Stevens Stone Bearers The Stone Bearers The Frog S Princess The Queen S Opal The Queen S Gift The Queen S Heir The Queen S Bane Coming The Queen S Rite Coming Please Note The Queen S Opal Is Book One The Stone Bearers Is A Standalone Novel That Can Be Read Before Or After The Full SeriesThe Short Story, The Frog S Princess, Can Also Be Read In Any Order Find It In The Fantastic Worlds Anthology Or Have A Free Digital Copy Delivered To You After Signing Up For My Email List At Sjacquebooks Those On My Email List Will Receive Monthly Emails With Updates On Deals, Review Opportunities For New Releases, And Other Exclusive ContentFairy Ring Fairy Ring Shards Of Janderelle Fairy Ring Changeling Of Janderelle Coming Fairy Ring Prince Of Janderelle Coming Others Winter Falls A Tale Of The Snow Queen Depths A Tale Of The Little Mermaid Coming I loved how the book started with the banter between Tavyin and Kol and Cindle and the new dragonet.There was a lot of action at the beginning compared to the other books I d only wished the book would have moved at a slightly faster pace It felt like there was lots of talking but still everyone was stuck with their personal issues It s book 3 and Drynn was still not self confident and not accepting that he is the bearer and right so.The narrative was a bit confusing too There are just so many different narrators and my e reader program didn t show cursive or how e.g the thoughts of the dragnots might be set apart Also, the flashbacks were confusing sometimes as it took a few sentences until realising that it was a past memory playing out.I also haven t figured out the drow yet Their action with Tavyin seemed so different from their behaviour against the rest of the world.Nevertheless, it s such a rich world created, with interesting characters and a quest to conquer and elves you just have to love. Now I have to wait for the next one to see what happens So much going on in the story that I had to make myself slow down to not get lost Just a minor typo base should be bass when they were discussing singing Keep writing, Jacque Hello, Goodreads Thank you for checking out The Queen s Heir It will be released Mar 2018 If you wish to join my review team and get an early copy of the ebook, please feel free to contact me here or by email.To get the most current information on review opportunities and releases, please consider joining my mailing list at sjacquebooks.com Those who sign up will receive a digital short story from the Stone Bearers world.If you have any other questions, comments, complaints, etc that you would like me to respond to directly, please don t hesitate to reach out to me here or through email I love to hear from you Jacque Stevenssjacquebooks.comsjacquebooks at gmail.com I really enjoyed this book , as I have with the previous 2 in the series The characters are developing well as of their past is revealed The conflict continues between elves, drow ,dorran and human wizards with intrigue and mystery clouding the desired outcome Will peace ever be achieved We ll just have to read on Great story Jacque. Ok, this is just a a quickie review Unfortunately, I m in a hospital and asked my husband to post this since I don t have the time or ability right now to do better even though the book definitely deserves it.Bottom line Jacque Stevens The Queen s Heir third in the Stone Bearers series is wonderful and easily worth five stars This was one truly fun novel and definitely recommended It had just what I wanted, was well written, with excellent world building especially in developing the Drow and with a great plot, and it s lead Drynn and cast of supporting characters were simply superb. To the end.A some time confusing story But I read all 3 books they where enjoyable, funTo read I am happy to recommend this series. The story continues to grow on me I am in love with all of the characters There is a lot of heart in them even when they are feeling at their worst I am constantly amazed at the complexity of the characters and the different races Jacque Stevens has done a great job of creating a whole new world with complex interactions that all come together in a great story I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series It can t come soon enough.