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#Free Book â The Canal Boat Café Christmas (The Canal Boat Café Christmas, Book 1) ⚣ eBook or E-pub free

It was lovely to be reunited with Summer, Mason and the other characters that live near their canal barges.I ve downloaded the second in this series and can t wait to find out how their week in London goes This book gets a thumbs up from me as it s a nice easy read. Summer and Mason have been together a year now only Summer plans to propose this Christmas after all the hustle and bustle is over.However when the opportunity comes along to join their friend Claire in London s waterway s, Little Venice comes up the pair have to decide whether to travel and be busy or stay where they usually moor and relax and with the return of an old flame things get tenseI enjoyed being back in the canal boat caf and especially when it was at Market Harborough in the book, a village close to me The adventure was dragged out by a lot of Summer rethinking her proposal idea and Mason s ex Tania came up a lot and the end drama was suspenseful and draws us in to read the next book #Free Book ⛅ The Canal Boat Café Christmas (The Canal Boat Café Christmas, Book 1) ⚞ A Christmas Special Continuing The Charming And Heart Warming Story Of The Canal Boat Caf , The Runaway Bestseller Summer And Mason Take Their Upbeat And Feelgood Canal Boat Caf To London For Christmas, With Unexpected ResultsPort Out Summer Is So In Love With Her Boyfriend Mason And Dreams Of Taking The Next Step With Him, But Is Mason Ready Too When Her Friend Claire Offers Summer A Chance To Come To London With Her Canal Boat, Summer Thinks This Will Give Them A Chance To Find Out, And They Embark On A Magical Journey On The Canal All The Way To The Scenic Beauty Of Little Venice But Will It Be Plain Sailing All The Way Wow I m not even sure that words can describe how much I absolutely loved this follow on novella It had everything I love reading about at Christmas gingerbread, decorations, hot chocolates, Christmas carols and so, so much The story follows on from Cressida s previous works The Canal Boat Cafe, but I think this could easily be read as a standalone as Cressida covers everything that took place in the book beforehand.First of all, I was so excited when I heard there was even going to be another story on Mason and Summer, and secondly, just take a look at that cover It s sooo pretty I absolutely adore the bold colours used, the poinsettia in the bottom left, the robin, the wreath, even the way the Canal Boat Cafe sign is hanging and the snow surrounding it is so pleasing to the eye Just beautiful Now, onto the story itself, it s available to buy now part one is out now part two is out in December which I cannot wait for and I would 100% urge you to give it a read It s hard to put down, but so easy to read With a festive feel throughout the novella The cakes and macarons that they bake just sound delicious, and the hot chocolate will have your mouth watering.The story follows Summer and boyfriend Mason as they embark on a journey to Little Venice in London to take part in a Canal Boat Christmas Fair doesn t that just sound so exciting This book actually made me really, really want to visit Little Venice and I was soon looking up how to get there and was telling my boyfriend that we re definitely going sometime soon Anywho, I loved the whole novella The parts before the Christmas Fair, the travelling to Little Venice, and of course the twist at the end of the book Which I didn t see coming at all But I m so eager to read the next one to find out what happens now Overall, a fantastically festive Christmas novel which I thoroughly enjoyed If I could give this than 5 stars I would I cannot wait for the next one Cressida McLaughlin does it again Another excellent storyAs usual couldn t put it down but didn t want it to end Love the way the books carry on and always keep you guessing All the twist and turns means you re always surprised Perfect for the run up to Christmas, can wait for the next instalment Will they or won t they Whilst I loved this book, the end of the story or next part of the story isn t even available until December Next time I shall think carefully before purchasing a book by this author I d read the first book and thought wow I actually quite like this and assumed the next one would be the same, I was very wrong I do feel there are some parts that could have been left out and then there would be no need to put the story into multiple books I would happily have given a minimum of four stars had the story ended in one book but as it didn t I dropped a star off of it, I dropped another star for how quickly characters who didn t get on are suddenly sharing secrets. Nice catch upI loved this novella that allowed us to see of Summer and Mason as their relationship progressed and the cafe expanded Throwing in Masons ex, being in London away from her support network I wonder how Summer will manage to negotiate her feelings and relationship with Mason I look forward to reading the next book. A sweet short into Summer Mason and how their relationship has progressed I wish it hadn t ended on such a cliff hanger to be continued but I m invested so I ll probably be reading the next one too I couldn t wait to read this as I loved the full book and wanted to hear about the characters and village and it didn t disappoint me at all very well written and continues on so well with romance and friendship very easy enjoyable read Summer and Mason are very much in love and summer still has her cafe and she s in love with Mason and wants to propose to him so speaks with her friend about the best way It s coming up to Christmas and another friend has ivied her and Mason to travel to London on the canal boat which they agree to do and she decides she s going to wait till New year to propose but they both head down to London and they get a shock while there and not a happy one and how does Mason cope but what does summer think as well Really beautiful read. Really enjoyed this book, bit of a cliff hanger at the end so will desperate to find out how it ends