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Miniseries What a thoroughly wonderful story I have enjoyed this entire series, yet Frontier Matchmaker Bride is definitely one of my favorites I simply adored both of these main characters I couldn t help but read this novel quickly because I was so invested and hoping for their happily ever after.This story is part of a series, however, it can definitely be read as a stand alone novel if you have not read the other books.Frontier Matchmaker Bride really had it all for me There was great romantic tension and attraction between Beth and Hart They also seemed like a match that could never be, based on Hart s past A thread of danger also ran throughout the story and the author did a very nice job creating some tense situations This story was a lot of fun to read.I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my own.You can read this review on my blog [Free Epub] ♶ Frontier Matchmaker Bride ☩ The Lawman Meets His MatchSuccessful Seattle Matchmaker Beth Wallin Has Her Most Challenging Assignment Yet Find Deputy Hart McCormick A Bride Beth S Still Smarting After The Handsome Lawman Spurned Her Affections A Year Ago But If She Finds Hart A Wife, Beth Will Gain Favor With The City S Most Influential Womenand Perhaps Free Her Own Heart, As WellMarriage Is The Last Thing On The Deputy S Mind After Tragically Losing His Sweetheart, He Vowed Never To Love Again But As Sweet, Spunky Beth Introduces Him To Potential Fiancees, Hart Finally Feels A Sparkfor Her The Stubborn Bachelor Will Be Beth S First Matchmaking Miss, Unless They Can Both Admit That She Just Might Be His Perfect Match Regina Scott brings her Frontier Bachelor series to a wonderful conclusion with this book Most of the books feature the Wallin siblings, five brothers and 1 daughter, Beth, who is the youngest of the family Beth Wallin has played matchmaker for her whole family and now she has Deputy Hart McCormick in her sights Even though she has had feelings for Hart for years, she knows that he has none for her and she is bound an determined to find him a wife Hart, however, has no intentions of getting married Ever.In the meantime, there is a crime to solve and Beth is determined to help Hart do his job, much to his dismay Things escalate and Hart just may have to admit Beth Wallin has a place in his heart after all Regina Scott has created a delightful ending to a wonderful series with this effort and she definitely saved the best for last I have enjoyed the character of Beth Wallin in the previous books and was very much looking forward to her story I was not disappointed Sorry to say goodbye to this precious family My thanks to the publishers for a copy of this book The opinion stated is entirely my own. This was a long time coming Hope Scout can get his own story before LIH discontinues that will be the saddest day of my existence thus far This is the final installment in the Frontier Bachelors series Each of the books is its own story, but I have really enjoyed watching the fictional town of Wallin Landing grow as the family members married and the stories intertwined This novel focuses on Beth, and our matchmaker finally gets her happily ever after.While I have loved Beth s character from earlier books, it wasn t until this one that I got much insight into Hart Reading of his difficult childhood and the backstory of how he ended up in Seattle only made the ending that much sweeter for the kind, honorable lawman I appreciated his struggle with trusting God for the future knowing pain is a possibility, sometimes it is hard for him to let go and really live and I think many readers can relate to this.This romantic novel spends a lot of time centered on love, but not just the emotion true love, the kind that considers the other person s needs first, that goes out of its way to seek the best for the loved one, is the kind demonstrated in Beth and Hart I love that the emotions are involved, of course, but seeing how it is so much than just a feeling is beautiful.Those who have enjoyed previous books will love this conclusion, but it is a standalone story that can be read with no trouble for those who missed earlier novels in the series It is a sweet story of trusting God and taking the risk of loving again I highly recommend it, even for younger romance readers I received a review copy of this book from the author but was under no obligation to post a positive review The opinions expressed are both honest and my own. When it comes to matchmaking, Beth Wallin is the most determined woman to find brides for all the eligible bachelors in Seattle After all, she had much success with matching her brothers She s tenacious with one goal in mind, a happily ever after for every lonely heart But there s one just as stubborn and determined to stay single Deputy Hart McCormick He s one hard nut to crack with his unwillingness to bend to Beth s will Having rejected her affection a year ago, he s even immune to her charms So when Beth sets out to find the perfect bride for the Deputy, will he be able to deter her or will their stubborn hearts warm towards each other Perhaps God has already done the matchmakingHe d captured bandits, stopped vandals, and settled disputes with hostile natives Who would have thought the one thing to terrify him was the thought of loving a pretty woman named Beth Wallin I loved following along the Wallin family in Regina s books Getting to know Beth over the course of this series has been a lot of fun She s almost got her head in the clouds when it comes to her idea of happily ever after Her ideals for romance, while sweet charming, don t always turn out like the poetry books she reads But that doesn t stop her from trying I like her character determined, stubborn, idealistic, with a heart of romance beating beneath her exterior Hart, on the other hand, has seen the other side of life Catching criminals, chasing gang members, and jailing law breakers is his job so he s a bit hardened Love a brooding hero because there s so much to redeem about them in the pages of a story His rough past has lead him to the life of crime fighting instead of crime doing And tragedy has held his heart captive behind a wall that s impenetrable I knew from a previous book that there was something between Beth Hart, and seeing it played out in front of my eyes was a lot of fun Fighting against their attraction to each other just made the ending the sweeter Even I fell in love with Hart the I got to know him, but then again, brooding heroes are some of my favorite I would recommend reading the whole series so you get to know each character and follow along with the Wallin family Though each one can stand alone just fine as Regina gives enough backstory in every book It s one thing I love about series books, getting to be a part of a family and watching it grow I have a couple of books to catch up on after reading this, they are the next ones on my list Regina is one author who knows how to pull you in and keep you until the end I always look forward to whatever she writes Frontier Matchmaker Bride by Regina ScottFrontier Bachelors Series Book EightBeth Wallin is the youngest of six, and the only girl, and even though she s been playing matchmaker for her brothers she s single Ever since she first laid eyes on the deputy as a young girl, she had her first crushand thought he was the only man for her On the other hand he didn t return her feelings Now, to join a local ladies society in Seattle, her first assignment to prove herself is to find that very same deputya wife.Deputy Sheriff Hart McCormick wants nothing to do with love Beth may be a beauty, sweet, kind, and all things wonderful, but his past is enough to keep Hart single He just has to find a way to stop the pushy beauty from trying to complete her mission.This book was fantastic as was this whole series but it was sad to say goodbye I wasn t ready to leave Wallin Landing behind Plus, Love Inspired is ending their Historical lineso this is also the last historical from Regina Scott Thankfully she self publishes so I can continue reading her books Received book from the author for an honest reviewhttp Love it when a matchmaker gets caught in a web of her own making And Beth is a force to be reckoned with but she s so vibrant and sweet and cheerful it s hard for Hart to hold a grudge Or even dissuade her He s held a certain regard for the feisty matchmaker since her audacious declaration months ago His unkind rebuff was meant to spurnand protectBeth And while he still feels confirmed bachelorhood is the decent thing to do, Beth has stirred foreign longings that are proving hard to fight.In addition to all the fun and sniping this deputy and his matchmaker bring to the story, there s a suspense plot that stirs everything up into an exciting frenzy And Scott has dedicated some satisfying page time to the heroes and heroines of previous books in the series Namely Beth s brothers all happily married but still trying to run her life anyway So much fun Each book reads well as a standalone but this is a great series that you ll want to catch up with if you enjoy historical romance with sass and humour and a hard won happily ever after. I was happy to finally read Beth s story In the other books in the series there are little teasers that something happened between her and the deputy, and we finally learn what that was As the only girl amid several brothers, Beth is the heart of the Wallin family, and has been sweet to her new sisters in law in the previous books She really comes into her own in this story, and with her pursuit of a bride for Hart bringing her to town, she realizes how much she enjoys living there and having a little break from her brothers The pace is slow but steady as she tries one tactic then another to get Hart interested in courtship, but even though he humors her attempts, his fears prevent him from moving forward It was sweet to see them grow comfortable in each other s presence and harbor secret feelings they think are unrequited The case Hart is trying to solve of newcomers being attacked by a gang brings some action and an element of mystery to the plot, especially when Beth insists on getting involved There is also a subplot with Scout, the friend of one of the Wallin brothers, who returns to town wealthy from the gold fields and falling prey to the fortune hunting of the local seamstress I hope that one of the final books in this series will include Scout finding love All the books in the Frontier Bachelors series can be read as stand alones and in any order I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own