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!READ KINDLE ♸ Fast Food Genocide ♀ Revered Nutrition And Health Expert, PBS Personality, And Bestselling Author Of Eat To Live, Super Immunity, And The End Of Diabetes, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Delivers A Hard Hitting, Culture Shifting Examination Of The Role Fast And Processed Food Plays In Our Nation S Health Crisis And Offers A Program To Help Us Discover A Lasting Solution, Including A Two Week Meal Plan And RecipesWe Re Eating Our Way To Discomfort, Unhappiness, Disease, And Premature Death Processed And Fake Foods Have Become The Primary Source Of Calories In The United States A Trend That Is Growing Across The Developed World While These Frankenfoods Efficiently Feed The Majority Of Our Citizens, They Do Not Contain The Sustaining Biological And Chemical Properties Of Food Produced In Nature This Fast Food Solution Is Causing A Fast Food Genocide That Is Shaping Our Bodies And Our Futures, Joel Fuhrman, MD, WarnsEating These Unhealthy Foods Make Us Fatter And Profoundly Affects Our Brains, Behaviors, And Even Our Genetic Makeup, Leaving Us Helpless To Social Forces That Will Keep Us Eating Fast Food Forever, He Explains They Create An Avalanche Of Harmful Problems Chronic Disease, Lowered Intelligence Levels, And Attention Deficits That Are Intrinsically Linked To Poverty, Reduced Educational And Occupational Opportunities, And Even Increased Drug Addiction, Violence, And CrimeAn Urgent Call To Action, Fast Food Genocide Also Provides A Clear And Very Achievable Solution While Food Can Destroy The World, It Can Also Heal It We Must Take Back Control Of Our Diet By Eating Specific Natural Ingredients In A Balanced Way And In Doing So, Our Right To A Healthy, Long Life Greater Knowledge Leads To A Solution A Solution To Your Personal Health Issues And A Solution For Our Society Dr Fuhrman Writes But It Starts With You This book has a fine general take away message nutrition affects all parts of our lives and people should try to eat healthy Unfortunately, the message is written in such an absurd and condescending manner The author basically concludes that everything that s ever happened ca be attributed to diet Some of the science is fine, but the author conveniently rejects any science that goes against his beliefs.As for actual dietary help, the author jumps as far as possible past my most basic rule for recommending anything to a patient don t ask for unrealistic things The most interesting part of the book involved some history of African Americans in the south and their diets during slavery While the history is interesting, the author seems to attribute the positive things that African Americans did at that time to the dietary advantages they had over poor whites I do not recommend this book. I thought I was fairly expert at all things nutrition, and also all things that Dr Fuhrman says in his other books I have than a few of his books and have read all that I have.But this book is absolutely stunning Life changing Must read.Disclosure I am a devoted follower His books have changed my life and my daughter s life I was practically unemployable, always sick in bed One day, while laying sick in bed with a headache, I saw Dr Fuhrman on the Dr Oz show He was bold and said things about headaches that my neurologists had never mentioned, specifically the link to animal protein I had nothing to lose Fast forward 3 years I am a team leader in my work group My manager can t fathom how my employer had laid me off twice in the past This way of eating absolutely has made my life better I am happy, I love my life and my work, I am hardly ever stressed, I am clear headed, feel generally great I can tell that I deal with stress much, much better than some of my co workers, and yes, I think it is the food In my past, I was always stressed out I even cried at work many times Now I feel happy in my work and things don t generally bother me.My daughter got over her severe depression by following these books I can t overstate the significance of that I thought we might lose her Heavy, I know.Daughter also cleared up her acne and I lost weight, but those two things are minor compared to just being able to feel great again. Listen, I ve read about 40 thousand of these types of books, which doesn t make me an expert by any means, but it does allow me to say simply that some are better than others This one is one of the not so great ones that I ve run across It isn t so much the writing, or that the information is presented in a way that is too academic for those of us who can t understand such things Its just that it is repetitive and boring Nothing is presented in a new and interesting way Its just a regurtitation of the same points made over and over and over for chapters and chapters and chapters It got old. Oy vey Furhman no holds barred here everybody gets it Sometimes I wonder if he goes a little overboard, but at least he is not holding back Made a couple of the recipes from the back of this book and they were very good But he s preaching to the choir, and I wonder how much influence this book is going to have. This is really not a well written book It keeps repeating itself, saying the same exact thing in six different ways with an attempt to be dissuasive or frightening It has a point, but the point is summarized in chapter 8 In total, this does include less than 30 pages of information, maybe even less Time consuming to read the entire thing Basically Don t eat anything that is cooked by a corporation, eat veggies and fruits, don t eat white stuff, try to avoid consuming too much meat and animal products Bad food kills you and makes you violent and stupid Voila I summarized the entire thing in two sentences. Look, Joel Fuhrman clearly knows his stuff And as someone who has recently shifted to a plant based, largely vegan diet, this book affirmed everything I was doing It is easy to start to feel smug about eating well and having an elitist food view and I had to CHECK MYSELF BEFORE I WRECK MYSELF I don t even eat very healthily but man.I loved the information this book provided, but I could not stand Joel s elitist, arrogant, tone I hated that he basically said that everyone wasting away in nursing homes is due to the fact that they were obese, or ate poorly their whole lives, etc and that they re essentially wasting government and taxpayer money I hated that he said doctors should never eat oils, consume soda, or eat anything but a plant based diet His lack of empathy, of compassion, grated me I understand he is passionate about his message and I get his end game I get that the world could change if everyone ate healthier I don t think there is anyone out there that would disagree that eating vegetables is good for you However, I don t think we should shame the people that eat poorly, that are obese, or god forbid eat red meat in the mean time. This book is fascinating and challenges many accepted beliefs about food and nutrition Dr Fuhrman s thoroughly researched new book, Fast Food Genocide reveals the main causes of the devastating and tragic health problems we have in society today The insights and research also illuminate underlying issues for our economic problems, social problems and psychological problems The link between fast food, junk food and obesity, heart disease and cancer may be well known, and is bad enough, but its contribution to mental illness, drug use and crime, is not something we can continue to ignore Our food choices are simply killing millions prematurely and causing incredible suffering, and we all have to pay for it with exploding health care expenses I recommend this book to everyone It gives solutions that can bring us all to a healthful future for us and our children By the way, the recipes look incredible, too. This at first looked to me like a topical publication that would contain knowledge familiar to anyone who follows the health pages I just wanted a basic, non imaginative audiobook this weekend , but it turned out to be several messy books crammed into one an indictment of the processed food industry a history lesson in Jim Crow discrimination and eugenics policies a sociological hypothesis ascribing a link between processed food and violent crime rates and a primer in Nutritarian dietary advice basically whole foods plant based eating with the obligatory Appendix of sample recipes Most of it was interesting albeit well known information, but I found the crime diet message dubious And I object to the use of the word genocide in the title, which is a specific term with a definition based in human rights jurisprudence. Provides a lot of evidence which spurred me to examine my eating habits The book, however, is very repetitive and too alarmist The title does not adequately represent the content, which was a happy surprise This is not a book about fast food restaurants, but a book about our diet and we have plenty of sins even if you never set foot in a fast food restaurant and how our diet impacts our body.