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Very informative and easy to read and understand Recommended reading. Este es un excelente libro para profundizar en el conocimiento de cada signo zodiacal, e incluso una introducci n b sica a los aspectos principales dentro de la carta astral Es de lectura r pida y muy entretenida, lo lei en 3 dias y me encant Si te interesa la astrologia y quieres aprender m s del tema, este es tu libro Actual rating 4.5 starsI really loved this book It taught me the huge difference between the magazine horoscopes and astrology, for which it s already worth reading, trust me, even if you are sceptical about reading the stars.It s less about telling your future and about learning to read yourself, becoming a better version of yourself and exploiting your positive traits to the fullest You are not just your sun sign , on which your daily weekly monthly horoscope is usually based, but you have all of the zodiac on your chart, and that is why e g two Libras are not the same.It teaches you how to read your own chart and analyze it It s a really nice exercise and a wonderful way to think deeply about yourself and everyone else around you I especially enjoyed reading the charts of my friends and family, it always proved to be right, and they were very surprised how accurate a picture it painted of them.I highly recommend this book to anybody who can open their mind up about astrology just a little bit and learn about it before judging it too harshly. A utilitarian guide to the stars not full of poetry as I have known astrologers to be, but rather a staunchly practical companion. Es un libro de astrolog a din mica seg n su autora y b sicamente un manual de cortapalos sobre astrolog a Como tal, es muy claro, tiene mucha informaci n sobre mitolog a griega especialmente la que tiene relaci n con los planetas, no tanto con los signos y presenta varios ejercicios pr cticos que son muy tiles sobre todo los relacionados con la faceta negativa de cada signo Por la sencillez y claridad lo recomiendo para quienes empiecen a interesarse en el tema. This guide to the stars is definitely a very good introduction to newcomers in the world of astrology The descriptions of the planets, houses and signs are simple and very well understandable, but not less complete or accurate because of that There have been multiple times when I laughed out loud because some of the descriptions are so on point that it just humurous.The book teaches you to read your own birth chart and that of others and does a very good job in this As the author warns, this skill won t come overnight and requires practice and dedication The process is slow but once you start getting used to it, with help of the book, it becomes and easy I would highly suggest to read the examples of famous people s birth chart, even if they don t interest you Otherwise you will miss a great deal of how the reading of charts actually works, as it can be very nuanced. This is a thorough and well written guide, great for those new and experienced in astrology. This book was so easy to read and is one that you can flick to chapters or just read it normally I ll definitely be coming back to this one time time again as a guide when doing birth charts This book is a wonderful read for anyone interested in astrology It is great for beginners or those who already have a basic idea about what astrology actually is not those horoscopes you read in the paper and not just your Sun sign, but so much a Moon sign, a Rising sign, a Mercury Sign, a Venus sign, a Mars sign and so on but feel overwhelmed by all of this new information For example, I could not for the life of me get a basic understanding of the houses, but this book made it fun and easy For anyone interested in astrology, but fairly new, I would recommend this book.The book is fun, but it does take astrology very seriously The author does not sugar coat anything she tells it like it is for every sign, the good and the bad If you have any insecurities about your personality or your regular habits, this book could easily trigger you As fun as this book can be, I would approach this caution Don t read the gone wrong sections of your signs if you aren t ready to be criticized Unless, of course, you don t take any of this seriously and it s all just fun and games for you but even then, you may feel offended For me, going into this book and this exploration was about self improvement I didn t want my ego to be stroked at least not too much Hey, my Venus is in Leo after all I need a bit of ego stroking I wanted to look at both the beautiful and the ugly aspects of myself, and this book was PERFECT for this I highly recommend for anyone looking to improve themselves I ve only been on this journey for a month or so and already it s helped me so much than any other personality type indicator eg MBTI ever has.I will definitely be returning to this book as I need and want to I will probably purchase it in the future I took it out of my local library I tend to borrow books whenever possible, and I try to only hold on to those which I feel I need around me at all times, and The Signs may very well be one of those books The knowledge inscribed within its pages is invaluable `Download Book ↡ The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe Your Life ↻ A New Constellation Of Astrology Guru Vogue Nobody S Future Is Written In The Stars, But We Can Use The Stars To Help Write Our FutureFor Thousands Of Years People Have Looked To The Night Sky For The Answers To Life S Problems Today S Practice Is A Far Cry From Newspaper Horoscopes And Fortune Telling, But Instead Uses The Ancient Wisdom Of Astrology To Help Us Better Understand Our Choices And Ourselves It S Not About Prescriptive Descriptions Of Personality And Fate, But About Putting The Individual At The Centre Of Decision MakingIn The Signs, Carolyne Faulkner Describes With Warmth And Humour The Qualities Associated With Each Star Sign The Good And The Bad And Explains How You Can Use Your Birth Chart A Map Of The Night Sky At The Time You Were Born To Make Smarter Choices, Avoid Triggers To Stress And Forge Stronger Relationships This Is A Clear And Simple Guide To Using The Stars To Take Control Of Every Aspect Of Your Life