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More later, but this is beautifully written and exceptionally charming, and I can t wait to recommend it to people janet mcnally s sentences levitate up into my heart and hang there like fireflies FREE PDF ♛ The Looking Glass ☤ GIRLS IN TROUBLEThat S What Sylvie Blake S Older Sister Julia Renamed Their Favorite Fairy Tale Book, Way Back When They Were Just Girls Themselves Now, Julia Has Disappeared And No One Knows If She S In TroubleSylvie Is Trying To Carry On Julia S Impressive Legacy At The Prestigious National Ballet Theatre Academy, But Julia, Ever The Star Of The Show, Can T Stay Hidden Forever And When She Sends Sylvie A Copy Of Their Old Storybook With A Mysterious List Inside, Sylvie Begins To See Signs Of Her Sister Everywhere She Goes She May Be Losing Her Grip On Reality, But Sylvie Has To Find Out If The Strange, Almost Magical Things She S Been Seeing Have Anything To Do With Julia S WhereaboutsWith The Help Of Her Best Friend S Enigmatic Brother And His Beat Up Car, Sylvie Sets Out To The Beat Of A Fleetwood Mac Playlist, Determined To Return To New York With Her Sister In Tow But What Sylvie Doesn T Expect To Learn Is That Trouble Comes In Lots Of Forms And That The Damsel In Distress Is Often The Only One Who Can Save Herself This review originally appeared on Novel Ink.I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Going into The Looking Glass, I wasn t entirely sure of what to expect I knew it featured some of my very favorite things ballerinas, a road trip, hints of magic, and Fleetwood Mac However, I didn t expect the beautiful writing or how much of a hidden gem it would be.The story follows our protagonist, Sylvie Blake, as she tries to both process her sister Julia s year long disappearance and uphold Julia s impressive legacy at the prestigious ballet school she attends On her birthday, Sylvie receives mail from Julia the first anyone has heard from her in a year Julia has sent her a book of fairytales beloved by both of the sisters as children Sylvie finds a drawing in the back of the book, presumably made by Julia, and sets off to find her older sister, using the drawing as a road map.Sylvie s road trip companion is her best friend s older brother, and naturally, a romance develops between the two of them However, romance takes a backseat to other, important themes in The Looking Glass This is a story about family, about fairytales and the fairytales we create about the people we love , about signs from the universe or, at least, the things we perceive as signs from the universe.I LOVE books about ballerinas and ballet schools see also Tiny Pretty Things First Position , so I loved reading about Sylvie s and Julia s experiences as ballerinas The almost otherwordly perception of ballet as an art form and of the ballerinas who perform it fit perfectly with the fairytale like quality of The Looking Glass.Speaking of fairytales, this book is chock full of fairytales coming to life It s a modern fairytale in its own right, set against the backdrop of New York City I m not big on fairytales and retellings, but I thought the way McNally incorporated these elements into the book was brilliantly done As frequent readers of the blog probably have noticed, I ve been on a fabulism and magical realism kick recently, and this book was the perfect, magical read McNally s lyrical, lovely writing definitely contributed to the atmosphere and magic of The Looking Glass I m intrigued to go back and pick up her debut now, because I found her writing so immersive and compulsively readable.Also, it s worth mentioning if you re a Fleetwood Mac fan, you HAVE to pick this one up Fleetwood Mac is the soundtrack of Sylvie s roadtrip, and every chapter is named after one of their songs Once again, this was a brilliant choice because all of the mystique and intrigue surrounding the band and their legendary frontwoman, Stevie Nicks , felt like the perfect fit for such an ethereal story.Overall, The Looking Glass is a book that absolutely deserves hype and attention It offers wonderful commentary on the stories we craft about real people and whether people really need to be saved Plus, ballerinas Road trip romances Great music references If you enjoy your contemporaries with a side of beautiful writing and magical elements, you must pick this one up. Certain aspects of THE LOOKING GLASS were interesting enough for me to see it through to the end, but ultimately, this just wasn t for me. Sylvie described her sister as a red giant, blazing scarlet She looked up to her and idolized her, and then, Julie disappeared When Julie sent Sylvie her childhood book a year later, Sylvie believed it was a sign she wanted to be found But, sometimes a girl in trouble doesn t need or want saving Pro As someone, who has lost a loved one to addiction, I really related to many of the things Sylvie and her family were experiencing The pain, the anger, the despair it was all there Pro I am a former dance mom, and I found myself enad with all the ballet in this book Not only did McNally share the beautiful parts of a ballerina s life, she also shed some light on the difficult parts So when Sylvie s brother says, ballet dancers are superheroes They go through some major pain to make something beautiful, I found I could only agree with him Pro Sylvie was struggling with so many things, and this search for her sister gave her the time and space to work through many of those issues the loss of her sister, her broken family, her doubt about her future She had many BIG things on her mind, and this journey ended with some good and bad outcomes Pro I love a good road trip, and this one had a lot of really fun moments Fleetwood Mac, fairy houses, and Wegmans what could I ask for Pro I really adored the way McNally told this story She gave the story a little touch of sort of magic, intertwining the fairytale touches brilliantly, and just provided me with such a beautiful and vivid story Pro I wasn t sure about Jack, but that road trip changed my mind He was complicated, but I loved the way he interacted with Sylvie, and I liked that he was such a rock for her I also ADORED Tommy I could have used of him in this story, because his friendship with Sylvie was really special, and I thought he was really special too Overall A bittersweet story of sisterhood and self exploration, which was touching, heartfelt, and beautifully told ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS If MOSQUITOLAND, PAPER TOWNS, and Anna Marie McLe s writing had a baby, this would be it G o r g e o u s I m not sure how Janet always to write the stories I long to read, and this book is no exception A story of fairytales mysteriously popping themselves up into reality It s a heartfelt adventure twisted into a magic like adventure of looking for someone loved and gone It s delightful, wonderful, poetic in ways I aim to write Now, I m off to have a Fleetwood Mac binge The Looking Glassby Janet McNally4 out of 5 Stars.I haven t got much to say about this book except that I liked it very much the story was interesting, the characters were likeable, the chapters were short which are much appreciated nowadays, the plot was easy to follow and I devoured this book in a matter of couple of hours.The story contains magical elements in it, poetry as well as Stevie Nicks with whom I became obsessed with a couple of years ago.I loved how the modern world and fairy tales started overlepping into the reality I ve never came across to a book whose main character shares the same name as mine I feel so special.Side not I m not always gullible, I swear p This book comes out on my birthday and it is the perfect present.Wispy, dreamlike, warm, and golden A story about sisters and dance and Fleetwood Mac and fairytales and signs from the universe and random things we may read as signs from the universe.It is a gentle, sweet, beautifully written daydream of book for those looking to bask in gorgeous language and well drawn characters Don t read this book expecting to buckle up for a wild ride read it in the grass under the sun, or curled up in blankets near a rainy window pane Put RUMOURS on in the background and fall headfirst into THE LOOKING GLASS s hypnotic rhythm.