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I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.Lethed is book two in the Guardians of Angels Series.Sylva Lark made her choice She decided to join the Guardians and leave her family behind Now she joins the fight against demons to protect the gates of Eirene When she comes across Prince Atticus she feels an instant connection but he is engaged to be married They both have strong feelings for each other but don t know why Will their memories stay locked away forever or will love find a way before death destroys them both This is one of the best books I ve read It had me on the edge of my seat through the whole story Lethed pulled me in and had me holding my breath till the end Now I m left begging for I tried to put this book down to draw it out but I couldn t stop reading The whirlwind of emotions were killing me, I felt my heart break and then pick up and back down again The characters and the feelings they go through grip you as if they were your own Every character was real and genuine I loved how the author added a bit from Attic s perspective at the end I wanted I can honestly say I hate the way things ended and left me biting my nails waiting for the next installment.I recommend this book for any lovers of YA paranormal romance who are looking for a real emotional story Hands down I give this book 5 fangs And will be eagerly awaiting the next book Phoenixed. Blah Although, the first book wasn t that great, but still held me interest This one..not so much Would love for these two characters to grow some damn balls Angel and demon guardians battle for control of heaven One woman misses her family, and is afraid to get too close to her new family She also chafes at the rules, especially the one that keeps her away from a guy she likes There s lots of action and angst, plus some romance.Typos an for on what an earth would , duplicate word Alyse the escaped the loosening net , hoard for horde hoards of Guardians were climbing. Slower than the first book but Kept the story moving forward I however was waiting for Sylvas training to take place which disappointingly never happened Character and plot development was great though I enjoyed the introduction and expansion of Alyses character Her hard added character fit the story so well and added the perfect amount of tension along with Leah A well above average teen romance novel set in a world of demon fighting warriors powered by angel blood There are the usual barriers thrown in to thwart the lives of the lovers In this case someone having taken away their memories of each other, an arranged marriage and of course, a demon trying to kill them. Why aren t these books available to read any I read the first one, can anybody loan me the least two books in the series at that cover Isn t it scary So for those of you paying attention I am trying to make this year the Year of the Finale Where I finally finish all the series that I am able to I ve been sitting on this series for almost two years now Not because its bad, on the contrary, because I don t want it to end.But, alas, all good things come to an end or some such stuff This may contain spoilers because its the second book so maybe don t read further from Right here No wait Here, yeah, don t read further from here.This is not a happy ending kind of a story people, so just so ya know The middle is really where this book shines You know what is going to happen, a fact which I am certain the author did purposely So it s nice to see how it all unravels between Attic and Sylvia The love story in this book is not seperate from the plot, at least IMO They parallel the plot making it so much richer than I remember it being It all comes down to duty versus love.Sylvia grows a lot in this book She becomes mature and knowledgable in the ways of being a guardian How they are expected to behave and learning their traditions Traditions mean a lot to these people, especially since they are a monarchy.Without traditions, the guardians would apparently fall apart and be no better than the demons according to the queen I really can t stand the her, she is selfish and enjoys rubbing their duty in their faces a little too much for my liking.Attic He is one hot ticket I tell ya He is a bit different this time around He is rigid and inflexable when it comes time to let go He just can t do it, and I love him for it.They have a choice to make Choose what is important.what is best for them Or what is best for the guardians The two don t seem to coincide, much to my dismay I admit I am super conflicted myself Why can they not have their cake and eat it too It was joyously heartbreaking to read.This is a re read and it was better the second time around It also counts toward my diversity reads since it features LGBTQA people in it I do love the chemitsy Marcus and Dimitri have I can t wait to find out what happens between them because something MUST happen Demon and Guardian how will they make it work Off to read the last one Wish me luck Lethed is the second installment chronicling Sylva Lark s fight in the battle against otherworldly demons for the sake of the angles and the home of dead souls, Eirene It s enjoyable, but not as intense a read as the first book See my review of Veined here The tone here is melancholy Sylva s world has shattered the story is only livened by supporting characters and infrequent humorwe found ourselves in the middle of an abandoned amusement park at a rusting, cobweb covered carousel In the thin, dusty moonlight, their once joyful leaping poses looked like escape attemptsWhereas the first book was a rollercoaster of highs and lows, action and angst, this one tended towards politics, pining, and sidestepping the matter at hand aka impending doom Little else occupies Sylva s mind aside from her star crossed love affair even though she has untold powers she could really be developing As usual for Sunday, family is at the heart of the story Familial ties can inspire characters as easily as ruin them, and these warring loves cause the best drama of the book in my opinion Though I must say I adored the gay romance subplot s , and all the antics caused by Sylva s pet cat All in all this book felt like a placeholder before the conclusion of the story in Phoenixed, which I ve already started So here s to battles, conflict, and kickass Sylva So, after reading VEINED, I couldn t wait to read LETHED It was sooooo good, and I was itching to get my hands on book 3, PHOENIXED But, apparently it won t be released until 2014 2014 What gives I m hoping maybe it will be released earlier Over a year is a long stinkin time to wait. `READ E-PUB ☘ Lethed (Guardian of the Angels, #2) ☟ Sylva Lark Made Her ChoiceNow She Has To Adjust To Guardian Life Training Killing Demons Controlling Her PowersIf Only Giving Up Her Family Wouldn T Hurt So Damn Much, And If There Wasn T A Strange Attraction To The Betrothed Prince Atticus She Just MetAmongst Murder And Mayhem, And Toeing An Unclear Line Between Right And Wrong, Sylva And Her Fellow Guardians Must Find A Way To Secure EireneBut It S Not Easy Going Up Against Underworld Queen Furie When Those On Sylva S Side Are Hiding SecretsWill They Succeed In Protecting The Home Of The Angels Or Will They Fail, Submitting The Heavens To The Fate Of Furie And Will Sylva And Attic Ever Remember What They Mean To Each Other Or Will They Stay Forever Lethed