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@Read â Gut Check í A Darkly Comic High School Drama About Brotherhood, Body Image, Concussions, And Toxic Masculinity From Boston Globe Bestselling Adult Author Of That Book About HarvardWyatt Has Wanted Nothing Than To Play Football On Grayport S Championship Winning Team But Not For The Fame, Glory, Or Girls It S His Last Chance To Build A Relationship With His Older Brother Brett, The Star Quarterback, Before He Leaves For College Now That Their Team Has Gained National Attention, A Big Win Could Be Just What The Small Town Needs In Order To Rebound From A Fishing Season That Has Been Devastated By Red Tide But When Brett Suffers A Terrible Concussion, Wyatt Must Decide If Keeping His Brother S Secret Is Worth Risking His Scholarship Future Told With Irreverent Humor Reminiscent Of Carl Hiaasen, And A Stark Honesty About Brotherhood And Masculinity For Fans Of Andrew Smith, Gut Check Explores The Struggle Of Grappling With Uncomfortable Truths I very rarely enjoy books that are focused on sports It s just not a topic I m interested in But Eric Kester s Gut Check had me hooked by the time I started the second chapter Wyatt comes from a family of local football legends His father was on the road to great things before an injury his senior year in high school, and his older brother is currently the star quarter back When Wyatt makes the team, it seems like he finally has his chance to prove his worth to his brother The dynamic between Wyatt and his family felt so authentic, especially his struggle to impress his father, even though he clearly doesn t respect his father Difficult topics such as poverty and abuse were not sugarcoated at all, but the novel never felt depressing or dreary although there were definitely still shed tears I would recommend this title to any of my teen readers that enjoy realistic fiction. 5 This is a solid mix of relationships and sports Wyatt has lived his life in the shadow of his brother Brett, who is the varsity quarterback in a town that lives for football Grayport is a poor fishing town on the brink of financial disaster when the red tide starts to appear, and the residents live for Friday nights When Wyatt makes the team and misses a block, causing a hard hit to Brett, he is torn between honoring Brett s wish that he not tell anyone about his brother s headaches and getting his brother the medical attention he needs Recommended for grades 8. Great writing, solid relationships built A little crude due to the realistic high school football player settings Not sure if I ll get it for middle school since I d put it at of a 9th grade book But I enjoyed the voice and pacing from the writer.