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Another picaresque novel, but one that lacks direction.Myron Tany meanders the Gaen Reach as a crew member on the Glicca, a tram ship that stops at a never ending series of small, strange and entertaining planets As is Vance s way the local customs on each are ridiculous and novel Unlike his other books, the other crew members get large amounts of focus Like a warm autumn breeze its is enjoyable but lacks concreteness This is a novel where really nothing happens Ports of Call leads directly into Lurulu, but ends not on a cliffhanger, rather like the author had taken a larger work, and selected a chapter at random, slicing it in half This book is a trifle, though an enjoyable one. Ports of Call was first published in 1998 near the end of Vance s writing career It is still in print in paperback and Kindle through Spatterlight Press My out of print hardcover copy is 225 pages long, and this is the second time I ve read it in recent years I rated it a 3 both times It is a novel that will probably be of interest mostly to Vance fans Readers who are new to reading Vance are advised to begin elsewhere.Ports of Call begins in the Gaean Reach on the planet Vermazen with our main character, Myron Tany.As a boy Myron was obsessed with stories of space exploration while growing up in a country village where everything was tranquil and soporific His parents wanted him to become a financial analyst like his father and take a post at the Exchange When Myron enrolled in the College of Definable Excellences he tried to compromise by taking some math and economic courses but also some classes in cosmology, space propulsion and Gaean anthropology Myron s path to becoming a financial analyst is interrupted by his great aunt, Dame Hester Lajoie, who is a wealthy widow with an eccentric, independent and flamboyant personality Dame Hester wins a legal judgment for slander and is awarded a space yacht named Glodwyn At first she has no interest in the Glodwyn and plans to sell it saying she has neither time nor inclination to go hurtling through space in an oversized coffin One morning Dame Hester decides to at least visit the ship to see what it looks like and brings Myron along with her After inspecting the space yacht Dame Hester at least considers the idea of visiting another nearby planet to watch some festivals.While reading the journal Innovative Salubrity, Dame Hester encounters an article by a person using a pseudonym describing advance research on aging that the author encountered on a planet called Kodaira at a clinic named Place of Resurgent Youth A second article in the same issue by a Dr Maximus discusses his research and the Exxil Waters that he discovered while doing research as a biologist on newt like creatures that seemed extremely long lived He claims that after trying the water himself and on some volunteers, he found that it had regenerative powers so he opened a clinic When Dame Hester has Myron investigate Kodaira, he finds there is no such planet Dame Hester decides to contact the publisher to find out the real name of the author of the article After considerable effort and much cunning she tracks down the author and cleverly discovers the real name of the planet She, of course, wants to visit the planet in her new space yacht and partake of the treatment that this clinic offers to the few persons who can find it and afford it Naturally Myron is extremely enthusiastic and, after providing so much help in locating the planet, he hopes his great aunt will invite him to join her.Much to his disappointment, Myron is not invited on the trip and the captain his great aunt appoints will not hire him as a hand on the Glodwyn But Myron does not give up easily, and after he is able to expose the new captain as a fraud, Myron himself is given the position as ship s captain They quickly hire a crew and begin their trip to visit this planet that is reported to have a fountain of youth clinic But it is a long, tedious journey and Dame Hester becomes bored and decides she wants to land on other planets on the way She is use to being entertained and wants to see some sites and visit exotic markets to relieve the boredom Ideally she would like to visit a world that is amusing, with beautiful people, appetizing cuisine, interesting entertainment, and very good shopping opportunities Myron has no choice except to try to please his aunt When visiting one of the nearby planets they encounter in a restaurant a friendly outgoing space traveler named Marko Fassig Dame Hester finds him charming and entertaining so she hires him as a purser even though they do not need one.Myron soon finds that Fassig is interested in socializing and charming his aunt than in working so upon arrival at Port Tanjee on the planet Taubry he tells Fassig he is fired Fassig goes to get his things but does not return But Dame Hester learns about Fassig being fired and decides to fire Myron instead and to keep Fassig because he is the entertaining of the two Myron suddenly finds himself standing alone at a terminal on a planet to which he is a stranger Fifty one pages into the novel and Dame Hester leaves the story But she is a very interesting character and much of the initial humor and lively, witty dialog was related to her comments and interactions The beginning of the novel might even remind some readers of the comic writings of P G Woodhouse While the rest of the novel is certainly not without humor it does not have the same type that Dame Hester s character provided.Myron is left in Port Tanjee which is noted for its Museum of Non motile Amphibian Carapaces and its hanging cages where prisoners who violate local rules or laws are displayed for public ridicule After a brief conversation with a man in a hanging cage, Myron visits the Owlswyck Inn where he meets the crew of the cargo ship Glicca When one of their crew members is arrested and jailed after a comical dance scene, Captain Maloff finds he is short a worker and hires Myron as their supercargo.The Glicca travels from port to port on different planets picking up and delivering cargo, packages and sometimes people, and they take aboard a group of eleven religious pilgrims In the novel Vance often develops clever conversations about religion, philosophy and the meaning of life Many of these are humorous or satirical but some are deceptively serious Often this involves the pilgrims or different crew members, especially Wingo, who is interested in comparative metaphysic During one such conversation Wingo comments, I might well recommend mystics and zealots to caution, lest after decades of fasting and penitence they are allowed Truth, only to find it to be some miserable scrap of information, of no account than mouse droppings in a sugar bowl The novel also has some fascinating and often humorous descriptions of eating and drinking scenes at taverns and restaurants on different planets where exotic cuisines are sometimes described in detail At times the descriptions seem over the top, however In one scene, for example, the waiters deliver to the restaurant customers a grilled dinner that is, an enormous ard sea worm, a foot in diameter, eight feet long, fringed with twin rows of small jointed arms The waiters cut away the forward proboscis and the frontal process, as well as the terminal organs, from which exuded a yellow froth The passage continues on in a similar very graphic vein with the guests eating the pungent white flesh as they might devour slices of watermelon Readers will vary in their appreciation of these different epicurean descriptions.Waiters, shop owners, innkeepers and others are usually portrayed as dishonest cheats who insult the customers while trying to fleece them There is one restaurant, for example, where customers have to pay extra for a clean plate in order to compensate the dishwashers These are often amusing encounters, and Vance clearly had fun with some of these descriptions.Myron s travels to different planets are also interesting because of the strange customs and odd people he frequently encounters One of the dramatic scenes was when they visited a planet where human skins are the main export from the planet and are sold to other planets as expensive pelts, mostly for elaborate art projects Myron has to literally fight to save his own skin Vance, of course, is a master at describing and creating bizarre worlds with their unusual people or creatures.Additionally the novel has many detailed descriptions of various gambling games Some involve Moncrief the Mouse rider and his entertainment troupe of two large, stern Klute women and three younger acrobatic women called Flook, Pook and Snook They offer games and entertain for gambling purposes in theaters, at inns, etc Moncrief encourages audience members to place bets with him which he usually wins There is also gambling on the Glicca, usually involving Moncrief, Chief Engineer Schwatzendale or some of the pilgrims These include card games and games that are invented en route I found some gambling scenes to be entertaining but others seemed to continue too long.The main character, Myron, is perhaps not the most exciting or fascinating Vance main character and his adventures did seem relatively tame compared to those in other Vance novels But Myron is likeable than many Vance protagonists Also, he is not the only character that is portrayed, and I found some of them to be quite interesting Many readers also mention that the plot is very thin which is true , but Vance is a storyteller and his stories and adventures can often engage readers despite their lack of a highly structured plot Individual readers will have varied reactions to this emphasis on travel and adventure over plot As mentioned above, the novel involves many descriptions of different gambling games, exotic cuisines and metaphysical conversations Again readers will probably respond differently to these sections, and some readers might find the pace slow at times.Ports of Call also does not have a real ending Instead, the story suddenly stops during flight to one of the ports The storyline continues in the a subsequent novel Lurulu that was published six years later Lurulu is a word from myths and legends that represents a mysterious search or yearning for something meaningful, a wistful longing for a real reason for living In the follow up novel Lurulu devotes the first two chapters to summarizing what happened in Ports of Call The book I own had both novels included in one book so it was easy to read them as one novel Overall Ports of Call is well written and worth reading but is not one of Vance s better novels and will probably only appeal to Vance fans Readers will probably respond differently to this novel, but those who are unfamiliar with Vance s writings are advised to begin elsewhere. [Free Pdf] ♾ Ports of Call ☣ Jack Vance, An Undisputed King Of Science Fiction, Outdoes Himself In This Space Exploration Novel Myron Tany Has Been Given Command Of A Space Yacht By His Crazy Aunt Hester, Giving Him The Perfect Chance To Live Out His Childhood Fantasies Of Intergalactic Adventure, Alien Encounters And Exotic Romance Set In Vance S Gaean Reach Universe, Ports Of Call Is A Veritable Catalog Of Adventures, Replete With Richly Detailed Encounters And Characters Worthy Of The Series That Will No Doubt Follow This Book This Is A Light, Often Comedic Space Adventure That Suffers Only A Bit From A Meandering Plot Vance Fans Will Revel In A Terrific Read I suspect that this book was intended to be funny However, I found it arch, pretentious and obvious Vance s vivid imagination shone through but it was a failure in all other respects. If I d read this as my first Vance book I would probably not have enjoyed it As it is, I believe I ve read most of his output and so I know what he s about And reading Ports of Call and so Lurulu is like exactly what it is one last fond loving look back over the landscapes and vistas that had been carved out of fire and stone over the last five decades a leisurely piece of nostalgia and the last opportunity to read some of his most beautiful descriptions and inventions without the annoyance of plot and tension to get in the way.For it is the descriptions of his inventions that are most memorable about his writing Any fool can set up a swashbuckling plot pirate captains and beauteous maidens are ten a penny high fantasy and the fall of ancient kingdoms can be bought by the wheelbarrowload but there are few who can transport the reader directly to the surface of a brand new planet, and make them fall in love several times in one book.For that, Jack Vance, I salute you and wish you well on whatever journeys you have yet to take. For all of Vance s inventiveness in making strange planetary societies I can t help but feel like they re all some iteration of that joke New Yorker cartoon caption of Would you look at this asshole Recently an old friend I had not heard from in 20 years got in touch and we agreed that 40 years on we still enjoyed the books of Jack Vance What I had not realised was that Jack Vance had written a final book Lurulu He is now in his nineties so is unlikely to write another I duly bought a copy of Lurulu in fact due to a mistake I actually bought two copies but before reading it decided to re read Ports of call which is the start of the story which concludes in Lurulu.This is probably the fourth time I have read this and I enjoyed it as much as the other times There is not much of a plot but of a series of descriptions of events However this is at what Jack Vance excels It s certainly a book I will read again was what I wrote on 1 October 2009.I am surprised that the last time I read it was so long ago This is a witty book with some philosophical musings. Oggi vi presento Fuga nei Mondi Perduti, romanzo di fantascienza dello scrittore statunitense Jack Vance Sono andato a sbirciare a quando risalisse la prima pubblicazione dello stesso e con stupore ho scoperto fosse tutt altro che di un altra epoca data infatti 1998 Perch dico questo Per il semplice fatto che avrei potuto parzialmente giustificare il ritmo blando e mesto della storia, se fosse appartenuta a un autore del XIX secolo, senza recare offesa ai grandi dell epoca che non soffrivano certo di questo peccato Insomma, il romanzo di Vance non mi per nulla piaciuto, non mai realmente decollato Non sapevo peraltro che non fosse autoconclusivo e di certo non andr a impegolarmi con il seguito, questo mi bastato Una storia insulsa, che doveva fondare i suoi cardini in viaggi mirabolanti per lo spazio alla scoperta di mondi bizzarri Mah, io non ho trovato nulla di quanto promesso, con viaggi privi di brio e mondi dallo spessore di una sottiletta, tutti uguali, con peculiarit ben misere e di certo non in grado di catturare il lettore Ci sono rimasto veramente male, e non ne capisco il motivo, visto il blasone dell autore Spero vogliate aiutarmi ad analizzare le cosa Recensione completa su Half a century after he started publishing, Vance showed in this story that he still had his gift For Vance fans, the characters are familiar types, but the writing flows just as smoothly as ever Ports of Call is a travelogue, somewhat in the mode of Big Planet but broader or Space Opera but less farcical In brief, a young man is forced to make his way as a member of a spaceship crew, visiting all manner of planets As always, the worlds are strange, the customs bizarre, the decisions whimsical.The book has a broader range of well developed characters than usual Where Vance often relies on a fairly normal narrator and weird, barely human companions or foils, here the crew of the spaceship are interesting and reasonable individuals in their own right.Some of the decoration is familiar For example, Vance expands slightly on one of his favorite risks that innocent actions can lead to unexpected and undesired marriage Since he seems to have been quite happy with his own lifelong marriage, it s best not to read into this anything but humor But the total is nonetheless very entertaining.So far, so good, and one of Vance s better books Unfortunately, whether through editorial pressure, bad planning, or some other cause, the book stops at what one might feel is about the 2 3 or 3 4 mark There s a quick epilogue strange in a book so obviously designed for a sequel that pretends to set up the sequel, but basically the book simply ends mid stream Given that the sequel, Lurulu, is so slim, it s hard to escape the conviction that it was all intended to be published as a single volume Had that happened, I d have been very pleased But this book, as it stands, is incomplete and unsatisfying.Overall, the main portion of an excellent Vance work If I end up buying all his work electronically Spatterlight Press , I ll consider simply merging Ports of Call and Lurulu into the one volume I feel they re meant to be I do recommend this, provided you buy Lurulu at the same time The two together make a good story.CVIE VI The setup is nothing new for a Jack Vance story a man essentially alone against the world in a hostile environment and having to live by his wits alone The description and cover copy go this far.What s odd here is that the description is deceptive Myron immediately falls in with the crew of the starship Glicca, who for once in a Vance story at least appear completely trustworthy and competent This development drains the tension and feeling of menace out of the narrative from the moment Myron gets picked up, the reader never doubts that he would survive and likely prosper The dangers are relatively slight and the events mundane.Instead, the reader is treated to a slower, relaxed narrative of low key adventures and interesting encounters with odd personalities, an episodic story with no central theme While it s enjoyable to bask in Vance s mastery of language and his imaginative creations without the urgency of a driving plot, the situation felt washed out and tired.