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This book was Beautiful but tragic I loved every minute of it it was a heartbreaking tale with a few twists I didn t see coming It is kind of a modern day beauty and the beast but a very dark version I really can t wait to read .So well written just has you turning the pages to find out how it will all end. Stranger is a modern day version of the classic tale of Beauty and The Beast, with a horrifying twist that only B Bennett can deliver There is blood, guts, strong sexual content laced with non consensual sex So Reader beware This is one of the best reads for me to date this year, this story crushed my soul and broke my spirit as a mother, but slowly and surely, over time pieced me back together again Once you read this you will understand why It s been a few days since I ve finished reading it and I m just coming to terms with the fact that, I don t think I m capable of formulating the words to do this story the justice it so rightly deserves There are so many things I want to say and talk about, but at the risk of ruining it for you I will keep it to myself for now I will say that my heart shattered for both Beast and Gabrielle, and each for very different reasons On my own, I can t even begin to imagine the horrific events that happen to lead them to where they end up, but Bonny takes you there, all the way there While you know that physically you are not there, with the way that Bonny tells the tale you can t help but mentally picture yourself there and experiencing everything, right along side them every horrifying moment and every beautiful moment as well.Beast, what can I say about that poor tormented boy I quite honestly wanted to grab him up and love him like a child deserves to be loved I think his story is the one that resonated with me and broke my heart the most I still cry just thinking about him.I would, hands down, recommend this to anyone, even if dark and disturbing isn t really your thing this story will still find a place in your heart. #DOWNLOAD Û Stranger ⚶ Content Warning This Book Contains Blood, Guts, Strong Sexual Themes, Nonconsensual Sex, And Other Atrocious Acts Reader Be Warned He Was A Stranger My First Instinct Was Not To Trust Him, But Then I Learned Sometimes The Most Beautiful People Have The Ugliest Scars Fairy tales don t exist They re created to tempt us of what could be, but never will I m no prince, and she s no princess We re two people with very bad luck, and somehow, we found each other amidst the chaosMonsters barged in young Gabrielle s world and caused irreparable damage Monsters hurt her but a beast saved her Now hidden away in a regal mountain cabin, Gabrielle is kept for the winter by a man who wears a burlap mask to cover his face What is underneath the mask and what is he hiding I came from the land of tailgate parties, promiscuity, and teenage drug addiction Gabrielle I merely existed when I found her, I lived when she let me know her, and the last phase is her abandonment resulting in the death of a lonely beast BeastThe Beast, a scarred and lonely man has only ever wanted something to love When he found Gabrielle he decided to take a chance on hope hope that one person in the world could see past his scars.Well this was definitely one of those books once finished I found myself asking da fuq did I just read The book had its fair share of angst, gore, and hopeless thoughts between the two main characters At times I found some of the passages and thought patterns very repetitive His boyish hair and her wanting to save him and set him free from his past became a little much at times I would ve likedaction However, I did enjoy this author s take on Beauty the Beast The Beast had a very sad and depressing backstory that was unique from anything I ve ever read before This one was a hard one for me to rate as I did tear up at times and found some of it profoundly sad But, I felt one of Gabrielle s decisions in the ending negated the whole moral and meaning of the story I thought there could have been so muchA beast he is, and it shows through his feral demeanor There is nothing ugly about this beast He s rough around the edges, yet so unabashedly beautiful His honesty is art his soul is within reach, and it sends a pang to my heart when I think of his vulnerable state. Overall, I did enjoy the story and characters I personally wouldn t label this as horroralong the lines of dark romance though I m interested in future re tellings by this author as well 3.5 stars xx The content warning makes this book seem much darker than it is It s not a happy story Most of the abuse happened in the past and is mentioned briefly It s mainly about two screwed up people recovering together I wasn t loving the romance They went from disliking each other to love instantly, but nothing significant happened to make that shift Jude recovered from his severe mental issues way too quickly The end was unexpected Can t say that I loved it, but it was definitely not conventional. Wow My heart has been ripped to shreds This book was beautiful and so tragic I loved every minute of it The story was very interesting, and I love that it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling, but dark Very dark I ve never read anything by this author until now and after reading this I would love to read . Well how do you review this book Beauty and the Beast with a twist I don t think so This is so muchB Bennett sucks you in with a Man Beast who simply cannot get out of his own head Years of psychological and physical abuse he continues to bow down to the voices that continually torment his mind Gabrielle a young teenager raped and left for dead She also has her own demonds haunting her in her waking hours.You marked my skin and you bruised my soul but, you never took it awayMy heart broke for a young boy who had to endure the most horrific of horrors at the hands of someone who he only wanted to be loved by.B Bennett s take on Beauty and the Beast is a mixture of both despair, heartbreak but most of all love.Fairy tales don t exist They re created to tempt us of what could be, but never will I m no prince and she s no princess Were two people with very bad luck, and somehow, we found each other amongst the chaos.I really enjoyed reading this first instalment in the Happy Never After series and can t wait for the next one. I have looked forward to a new book by Bonny for a LONG time feels like forever This was a beautifully haunting spin on a classic and I loved everything about the book The beast has been horribly abused, beaten, and held captive physically and mentally by his mother for all of his life He sees his beauty after she has also been beaten, and tries to save her The voice of his mother telling him everything that is wrong with him every step of the way Gabrielle has a lot to be angry about, a lot of reasons to stop fighting, and even in the darkness, she finds light where others wouldn t even look.Bonny has outdone herself with this one It is a little different than what I am used to reading from her, but I loved it all the same Amazing job Bennett is the bomb diggidy in the twisted mind play realm Yes realm because her ability is otherworldly Be careful what you re looking for because you might just find it Gabs and Trin are out looking for a good time and findthan they bargained for in the most horrible way Gabs finds herself with Beast and she s struggling to find her way after all she s been through I love how Bennett incorporates the unconventional in this tale It s not syrupy and unrealistic The story s pace is perfect, scene and character development is A1, and that ending Ermagawd Everything we expect from Bennett andFive stars 4.5 glorious stars Talk about dark, twisted and heartwrenching all rolled into one great book Gabrielle was brutalized and left for dead by 3 monsters..she was saved and nursed back to health by a beautiful beast The things you do for the ones you love is endless and unwavering, even if it means giving up your life This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this review voluntarily