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I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.These poor guys they don t have much luck when it comes to stalkers, murders etc But they do sure get some hot police guys I really liked that it was a second chance at love and that Cameron gave Max a chance to prove that he had changed These guys had the chemistry from the start they just had to get the trust back between them I really liked Noel and his paw in getting them together and trusting again And how he helped Max change his views and opinions.This is the third book in the series and could really be read as a standalone But I would recommend reading them in order as the previous couples do make appearances which I really like as it shows how they are doing I am hoping that this isn t the last time we see all these men because they are hot and are really good books. @READ EBOOK ⚷ Unload (Loaded #3) º Why Forgive Him Now Camden Perry Is A Young Man Looking For Someone To Keep Him Warm During The Long Winter The Holiday Season Has His Soul Aching For Companionship, Although He S Afraid To Put Himself Out There Years Ago, He Was Burned By The Man He Loved Most, And He Still Bears The Emotional Scars Today He Was Afraid Of Change Detective Max Connolly Is A Man On A Mission Whether He S Booking A Suspect Or Cruising For A Fun Night Out, He Knows What He Wants And Goes For It Despite His Casual Ways, His Heart Aches For Something But Opening Himself Up Is Hard I Won T Let You Down Again One Chilly Afternoon, Camden And Max Bump Into Each Other After Years Apart After Finding A Stray Dog Together On The Harsh Streets Of New York City, The Spark Is Rekindled Will They Be Able To Forget The Hurt And Move Forward Together Or Will Their Past Come Back To Haunt Them, Keeping Them Apart Once And For All Unload Is A Gay Romance Novel It S The Third Novel In The Loaded Series It Has A Happily Ever After Ending With No Cliffhanger Max and Camden story We meet these two in the previous books in the series From the previous books we know that Max and Camden were previously acquainted and had a falling out In this book we learn about them and why they aren t together.Camden is feeling a bit restless with everyone around him finding someone and being in a relationship When Jaco, his roommate, urges him to get out he decides to find some social groups to join.Max has become unsatisfied with his one night stand routines After sleeping with an acquaintance who is married and feeling nothing, he s given advice by his partner and friend, Sean Sean suggests he change up his routine and ditch the one night stands that have become disappointing.Max and Camden end up signing up for the same social group get together The two come face to face after three years and the chemistry is just as strong as it was when they were together But hurt feelings and a possible stalker seemed determine to keep them apart.I thought this was a sweet story with a very low heat level Everything was kind of neat and tidy from the stalker situation to Max and Camden finally confronting the other about what went wrong in their relationship I felt the identity of the stalker and the tie to why he did what he did was overreaching The guy had so much hate and it just felt off that he decided to target Max and Camden when there were people involved in the catalysis that pushed the guy overboard It was a good example of how stupid some criminals could be.An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. Although this book can be read as a stand alone book it is a good idea to read the previous two books so you know all the secondary characters This book is well written and quite emotional Max is a.cop who has previously been hooked on the job and not getting to attached He s lost himself in one night stands and gambling always regretting the one that got away Camden is a guy who misses the whole relationship thing He wants to feel that again They both end up on a walking group together Can they get past the past and can they both have what they want There is a little twist in the plot just to make it interesting A feel good read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. Really hated that Camden forgave Max so easily Max s reasons for leaving Camden three years previously were not sympathetic at all, he basically wasn t ready to settle down So he goes off, plays the field, and then when he s ready comes back to find Camden all set to fall in his arms again I began reading MM Romance because I grew so tired of MF romance gaslighting women into thinking that an admirable heroine is long suffering and easily forgiving I defected to MM Romance because I thought these tropes weren t prevalent and am dismayed that it seems authors are starting to sneak in MF staples like TSTL and the put upon person in the relationship demonstrating their worthy nature by not carrying a grudge Camden should have made Max prove himself, he shouldn t have been allowed to just walk back with only a blip in his plan to get Camden back. I loved this series It is a well written series with nicely developed characters It is worth reading them in order I hope to see in this series but don t expect it I will be checking out others by this author. Camden and Max coming back together is so sweet and it seems to be closing the loop on this series.But I hope it continues This is a great story.I volunteered to an advance readers copy for an honest review. 3.75 I very much enjoyed this story Max, a detective, is deciding maybe he s lonely and tired of one night stands Ending a relationship three years ago with Camden, a sweet man who was in love with him, he realizes that maybe he would like to see if second chances are possible Accidentally meeting each other again when they both decide to extend their social circle and join a walking group, Max wants to rekindle a friendship Camden isn t so sure, though Circumstances tie them together and things heat up Stalkers, revenge and a night in the hospital puts things into perspective leading to a wonderful HEA You get a chance to meet up with favorite characters from this series and see how their lives are progressing A good story from a good author A nice addition to the Loaded series I received a free advanced reader copy of this book for an honest and unbiased review.