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Forget everything you know about Captain Hook.Before he was a ruthless, heartless pirate, he was a boy named Jamie who befriended Peter Pan.Until Peter Pan betrayed him Christina Henry is known for her dark retellings that surprise as much as they shock This story is violent and unexpected, but also full of heart.Because Jamie is a protector It s his love for Peter Pan that made him the cruel pirate that everyone knows This book shows us how that happened how Jamie discovered Peter Pan s true identity and woke from the stupor the latter put him in I couldn t believe how much I cared for Jamie He is reasonable, calm, sensitive and caring himself Peter Pan may be the one who finds lost boys and brings them to the island, but Jamie takes it upon himself to make sure they are able to find their place within the group When Peter Pan is not around, he is the leader This certainly is not the tale you read when you were a child While it is violent, serious and dark, as mentioned, it is not exactly gruesome or a nightmare enabler Christina Henry does not describe the deaths in detail to paint us a bloody picture believe me, if that had been the case, I would not have been able to finish this book, seeing that I do not love horror An impressive and very interesting retelling Not only did it make me look at Captain Hook and Peter Pan differently, but it managed to spark a newfound love of dark retellings within my soul Who needs happily ever afters Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin He didn t bring magic and fun and eternal youth He brought fear and madness and death, trailing blood behind him, trailing all the corpses of all the boys behind him.And yet it didn t weigh him to the earth at all Every drop of spilled blood only made him lighter, gave him the freedom to fly. Not so cute now, is he There are LOTS probably far too many Peter Pan mega freakazoid fans out there, and I m one of them sorrynotsorryI even had a crush on Peter as a kid Damn if this book didn t cure me of it Lost Boy The True Story of Captain Hook follows Jamie, the very first boy Peter ever brought to his magic island of fun and adventure He loves and follows Peter religiously but slowly loses faith in him because of Jamie s fatherly love for the other boys and because of Peter s complete disregard for their safety and happiness The Jamie cares for his fellow lost boys, the his eyes open to the manipulative, selfish, murderous nature of his best friend But even as Jamie grows apart from Peter, figuratively and literally, he doesn t realize how far Peter will go to keep him by his side Christina Henry s interpretation of an fan favorite is chilling and believable I like it far better than some other retellings which try to romanticize Peter Pan like Tiger Lily or give him a love interest which in my opinion attaches adult notions to an eternal dr this is a very adult reimagining of a children s classic You may never look at the Boy Who Never Grew Up the same way but it will be worth it Everybody has their own story to tell, and often than not people only see things from one perspective In the original Peter Pan Captain Hook is an angry, perhaps slightly jealous, tyrant But why is he this way Christina Henry weaves a terrifying narrative together in response to such a question, a response that has the potential to alter the reader s perception of the original work forever.It certainly changed my ideas about Peter Pan The reason for that is how strikingly well the story is put together There is nothing in this speculative prequel that could not have happened in relation to the original work Taken in a certain light, the actions of the childish Peter are as twisted and evil as Henry made them out to be He has the carelessness of a child, and with such carelessness comes a misunderstanding of the needs of others Peter is unaware of how his actions can be considered bad he doesn t set out to do evil he accidently does so with his selfish ways And because of this he has the potential to ruin many lives.The boys are taken to Neverland to suit his purpose and it is very much his island, existing for his personal enjoyment, rather than creating a sense of community The death of the boys means little him as he has a very vague concept of death in general, a product of his immortality They are all replaceable and inconsequential Each boy has deluded himself into thinking he is special, that he is Peter s favourite, but in reality he has been manipulated by Peter He convinces people that he is their friend, so he can use them for his own entertainment Whether that is frightening pirates or exploring the many dangers of the island, all the boys are at Peter s disposal Jamie, our soon to be Captain Hook, was no different.Told in the first person from his perspective, the narrative tracks his disenchantment with a friend he once loved After a series of careless deaths and unfortunate encounters, Peter s spell this charming illusion is broken The shift is gradual, as the friendship between the boys slowly breaks down One only cares about fun and games, and the other is starting to grow up leaving the whimsical nature of the ageless lost boy behind The end result is inevitable and deeply saddening What Christina Henry does so well with her adaptation is to create a situation which is so plausible in relation to the original work Her Peter is violent and unpredictable when his actions are considered beyond the heroics he defines them as Indeed, not everything is as simple as it seems in Neverland.The story is highly reminiscent of The Lord of the Flies by William Golding in which a group of children form their own society centred on ideas of violence and disastrous attempts of immature governance I personally recommend this book to those who enjoyed the work and wish to read about similar themes in a fantasy based setting Once you come here you can never leave Nobody leaves Nobody goes home This is home now What a brutal retelling This is the story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook But not as you know them Jamie and Peter have been best friends for as long as he can remember He is Peter s favourite, his first, the most special one out of all the boys Jamie has lived with Peter for years, and in all that time hasn t changed even slightly Peter says they will never grow up Every once in a while, Peter goes to the other place and brings back boys to play with, boys to taunt the pirates and swim with the mermaids and play battle But Jamie doesn t see Peter s real side The side that doesn t mind putting the boys lives in danger, the side that doesn t care when the boys get killed Because after all, that s no fun Bit by bit Jamie sees Peter s true colours, and when Peter brings back little Charlie, a boy far too small for their games, Jamie makes it his mission to protect him There a plenty of new twists brought to this well known tale There are the many eyed creatures who live on the island and are feared by the boys As long as Peter is having fun, it doesn t matter who gets hurt in the process, and when things turn deadly Jamie suddenly realises Peter doesn t love them at all A gruesome retelling, with plenty of gore and disturbing scenes, I was gripped A fantastic revamp to an old story and I will definitely be reading of Christina Henry s booksPeter didn t care about obstacles, even if they were shaped liked people They were only things to be jumped over, to be knocked down You didn t care about them ( Download Pdf ) ⚆ Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook ♂ From The National Bestselling Author Of Alice Comes A Familiar Story With A Dark Hook A Tale About Peter Pan And The Friend Who Became His Nemesis, A Nemesis Who May Not Be The Blackhearted Villain Peter Says He Is There Is One Version Of My Story That Everyone Knows And Then There Is The Truth This Is How It Happened How I Went From Being Peter Pan S First And Favorite Lost Boy To His Greatest Enemy Peter Brought Me To His Island Because There Were No Rules And No Grownups To Make Us Mind He Brought Boys From The Other Place To Join In The Fun, But Peter S Idea Of Fun Is Sharper Than A Pirate S Sword Because It S Never Been All Fun And Games On The Island Our Neighbors Are Pirates And Monsters Our Toys Are Knife And Stick And Rock The Kinds Of Playthings That BitePeter Promised We Would All Be Young And Happy Forever Peter Lies Question Who is the most intriguing character in Peter Pan Correct Answer Captain Hook.Incorrect Answer Anyone else.By far the most compelling character is Captain Hook and this is him as you have never seen him before That s right This is the origin story of one of the world s most underrated villains, expertly crafted by the mind of Christina Henry.Y all, Ms Henry has a dark and wildly creative imagination and we stan that This story follows our infamous Captain before he is known as such This tells of his earlier life, known as Jamie and chosen by Peter Pan to be his first and best boy As many of you are already aware, Peter is a spoiled, petulant little prig who also happens to function with the most murderous of intentions.I have always considered Peter Pan to be a jerk and this certainly did not dispel that notion Jamie tries his best to keep Peter under wraps and thusly protective of the boys Peter keeps bringing back to the island It is gradual awakening for Jamie, as he begins to realize what Peter actually is He also comes to identify this life he has been living on the island as a complete lie Through these realizations, Jamie begins to grow up, something Peter vehemently detests.Coming in at under 300 pages, this is a quick read but in my opinion, you have everything you need to make this a moving and impactful tale The final pages of this blew my mind I was speechless upon finishing I have so much love for this story and truly believe this to be one of the best retellings I have ever read and certainly the best origin story that I have ever read.This is dark with a constant feeling of menace that I cannot recommend highly enough to horror fans or just fans of darker works of fiction in general not necessarily horror My dream would be for Christina Henry, in about 8 years, to come out with a sequel to this that completely flips the power balance between Peter and Captain Hook on its head For those of us that would love to see the downfall of one, Peter Pan, this would be the most delightful tale to ever be penned, I am sure.So, Christina, have your people call my people.Kidding I don t have people.DM me if you want to brainstorm and let s make this happen A young man named Jamie tells the tale of the worst villain he s ever known an impish boy named Peter.I ve long been a fan of dark retellings of classic tales, like Alice and The Child Thief When I saw the Bibliosanctum was having a giveaway for this one, I jumped at the chance.Lost Boy is a dark retelling of Peter Pan from the point of view of the boy who would become Captain Hook And it s fantastic What would an island populated by eleven year old boys really be like It s way like Lord of the Flies than Neverland Lost Boys die all the time and Peter goes to the Other Place to retrieve , just like he did with Jamie, the boy who has been his right hand for 150 seasons, at least Peter as an uncaring sociopath makes a lot of sense and is very well thought out Peter has a short attention span and is extremely selfish and self centered The Lost Boys and the pirates are just playthings to him, to be tossed away as soon as they become uninteresting Actually, he acts like a cat than a little boy, now that I think about it.After being on the island with Peter for nearly a century, Jamie starts seeing the chinks in Peter s armor and knows a bloody confrontation is coming Peter isn t happy unless he s the center of attention so when Jaime spends time with some of the newer Lost Boys, things go south in a hurry.The book has a lot of brutal, heart breaking plot twists I set the book down to tell my wife about them a few times but, for the most part, I wolfed this book down in three sittings It s a really gripping read and I couldn t wait to see what psychotic gesture of friendship Peter would make next.The dark spin on the Peter Pan mythos was fantastic This book postulates answers to age old questions like Why don t the boys age and What s with the vendetta between Peter and the pirates When Christina focused her dark lens on Peter Pan, she crafted a winner If you like dark takes on classic tales, this is the book for you Five out of five stars. Maybe 3.5 Find all of my reviews atAll children grow up, or they die, or both All children, except oneBefore I begin, I have something I need to ask Christina Henry I d say Lost Boy was highly anticipated by me, but that would be a lie because I had no clue about its existence until the Goodreads Recommended To You feature finally got one right and popped this up on my feed I luuuuuuuurved Alice, but passed on Red Queen because homie don t do series, yo When I saw Lost Boy was a retelling of Peter Pan from HOOK S perspective, I was all over it I mean, who doesn t want to get to know this guy better AmIrightoramIright WARNING Typical Kelly aside fast approaching Click away now or forever hold your peace Still here SUCKERS Okay, so as a kid I was terrified of Peter Pan I mean, for realz, dude was a straight up kidnapper FFS I never believed he was a child, I always thought he was a little person or had some disease no one else knew about where he never looked older or something As I got older and learned about the church stranger danger, I also figured he was probably a pedophile Not to mention the fact that at least in the Disney version he was a ginger, which would totally explain the fascination with Captain Hook If you are like me and figured Peter was a supercreeper, all I have to say is While Lost Boy has tidbits of the original story It doesn t necessarily head straight on til morning, but rather goes a bit sideways insteadThis isn t a wonderful place for boys to play and have adventures and stay young for always It s a killing place, and we re all just soldiers in Peter s warAction, adventure and stabby OH MY Easily my favorite read so far in 2017 Every star Even the second one to the right.P.S Look at me getting my timing perfect on this read I say really idiotic things shocking, I know like I don t really read fantasy and then pick this up So stupid But yay me Now give me a participation medal Christina Henry, author of the chilling Alice, which is a brilliant re telling of Alice in Wonderland, has shifted focus to a new fairytale In Lost Boy, readers get to experience the story of the boy who never grew up through the origin story of his arch nemesis And what a story it isPeter will say I m a villain, that I wronged him, that I never was his friend But I told you already Peter lies This is what really happenedloc 85, ebook Goosebumps Yeah.Fans of the original tale will need to prepare themselves for having beloved characters shown in a new and sinister light Think Longbourn, but worse, much worseI had been with Peter longer than I d been in the Other Place, longer than I could count, anyway The seasons did not pass here and the days had no meaning I would be here forever I would never grow uploc 146, ebook The others in Peter s group call the narrator, Jamie.He is a fierce fighter the best And he protects the younger and weaker members of those lucky few that Peter brings back from the real world or in this tale, the Other Place This protective instinct is sneered at by Peter who accuses Jamie of babying or mothering the boys In truth, there is no worse insult in Peter s arsenal Grown ups either abuse you or take your stuff or both They re piratesPeter had invited us there, had promised us we would be young and happy forever So we were Unless we got sick, or died, or were taken by the piratesloc 257, ebook So, Neverland is not the paradise that it is portrayed as in the original tale There are also monsters called Many Eyed that eat the boys alive, if they catch themWas this, I wondered, what it felt like to be a grown up Did you always feel the weight of things on you, your cares pressing you down like a burden you could never shake No wonder Peter could fly He had no worries to weight him to the earthloc 1971, ebook.The stage is set Love and hate intertwine with magic, blood and, of course, a little bit of fairy dust.If you enjoyed this tale, you may also want to explore some other Peter Pan re tellings like Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson or All Darling Children by Katrina Monroe The last, a horror filled offering, may really appeal to those who want to delve into the potential shadows of Neverland There s a price to pay for never growing up In that tale, as in this, Peter pays it without a qualm.Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for a free advance reader s copy of this book Reminder the short quotations I cited in this review may vary in the final published version.