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Really easy book to read that explains a multitude of psychological theories in simple, easy to understand sections. was difficult to read at the start, but overall starts to get some interesting questions and ideas. Don t expect too much if you have any knowledge of psychology already, but for a complete newbie it s great at covering lots of different topics in a very small book Perfect for getting a snapshot of different psychological theories and studies, and very easy to read. I DID NOT LIKE IT Although the title is Psychology in a Nutshell but you would still expect some details and real insight about the matters discussed I felt like I am reading a high school English book where articles stories are summarized then summarized again I want my money back Thought provoking Very clearly written. This book was ok but although this is usually things I enjoy reading about I found it a bit dull I think it was just that the explanations were not always clear and so lost my interest. It doesn t have all the answers but is an interesting and informative read nonetheless.Lots of further reading recommend at the end too incase you want to delve deeper Yeah, it s aight.It does cover a lot of Psychology, but not in great detail. This short book is a great entry to some of the big questions in psychology and even some aspects of philosophy It s presented in bite size chapters, and each chapter is a self contained question, meaning you can start reading anywhere you re interested There are useful cross references to other relevant content I really can t praise enough how well laid out and helpful this system is The answers to the questions provide a good overview of the theories and seem to present a balanced view, explaining which theories are now believed to be untrue, and current thinking in each area There s a few simple exercises to get you thinking about yourself such as the am I a psychopath test I m not btw It s a brilliant introduction, and my only criticism is that at times, I wanted to knowThere is an advanced reading section at the back, but it would be nice if the same author offered ain depth look at the content too. ^DOWNLOAD ⇡ Yaptığımız Şeyleri Neden Yaparız? ☛ S Zc Kler Olmadan Bir Ey Hakk Nda D Nebilir Miydik Ger Ekten De Erkekler Mars Tan Kad Nlar Ven S Ten Midir Neden Unuturuz Bir Makine D Nebilir Mi Yarat L M Yoksa Yeti Tirilme Mi Etkilidir Nsanlar Neden Rk D R Hayat N Boyunca Birbirinden Farkl Milyonlarca Ey Yap YorsunPeki, O Yapt N Eyleri Neden Yap Yorsun