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Sparkle, sparkle, little boy.This story structure has been done to death Younger sibling is doing something harmless that older sibling doesn t approve of Siblings go somewhere An outsider criticizes younger sibling for doing said behavior Older sibling gets mad and sticks up for younger sibling out of solidarity Older sibling now accepts behavior in younger sibling as if they had never had problems with it to begin with The end.I don t find this realistic, and I don t find the change in the older sibling meaningful They aren t accepting the behavior because of its inherent harmlessness or even benefits , they are merely switching sides, like they re the only one allowed to insult their sibling I m one of those people who doesn t think that Darth Vader earned his redemption at the end of Return of the Jedi Protecting his son is not the same thing as standing up to the evil of the empire that he helped perpetuate.But back to this book, specifically A boy named Casey has an older sister named Jessie This is especially weird for me, because my nickname growing up was Casey and my younger sister s name is also Jessie But I digress Again Jessie likes shimmery and sparkly things, and then Casey, who seems to be about 2 or 3 years old given his vocabulary Ooh, sparkly, sparkly I want sparkly , sees what she has and wants the same things Jessie says, You can t wear a skirt, because you re a boy Right, Mom And the mom says, No, that s fine with me Here, have an old skirt that your sister outgrew Jessie s painting her nails and they re all sparkly, and Casey says, I want those too Jessie says, Daddy, boys don t wear glittery nail polish And the dad says, Well I don t see why not Here, let s try this And then the grandmother, Abuelita, so they re a Hispanic family apparently, although the dad s blonde, so maybe mixed race gives Jessie a sparkly bracelet, and then Casey wants one too Jessie says, You can t have one Then Abuelita says, I ve never seen a boy wear sparkly bracelets until now Then they call him Sparkle Boy Jessie s mad She s kind of jealous, I think, that he s basically co opting everything she thought was uniquely hers I totally understand that kind of copying behavior is both super common and super annoying.Then they go visit the library and Jessie and Casey both have sparkly skirts, painted sparkly nails, and sparkly bracelets A little girl says to Jessie, Oh, I like your skirt And I like your sister s skirt Casey says, I m not a sister, I m a brother And the girl says, Well, you can t be that, you re a girl He says, No, I m a boy Then a couple of older boys laugh at him and one of them says, Dude, you can t go around wearing a skirt Why Casey asked Because you look weird, and everyone will laugh at you So they re laughing at him because everybody will laugh at him, in a circular reasoning kind of way Instead of going into the completely invalid reasons that people might have to raise an issue with this, and shooting them down Okay, I get it The kids probably don t understand what s going on, because all of the discrimination is depicted as being from kids towards kids, and that s probably realistic, but what did we learn here Nothing Boys don t wear skirts and bracelets and nail polish Everybody knows that Casey, starting to tear up, asks his sister if she agrees, and she says, Why can t boys wear skirts and bracelets and nail polish And the other say, Because that s just the way it is And she says, Not any It makes it sound like she s making a huge stand, or like she has some kind of power to change the world, when she s just making the decision not to be annoyed by this one behavior of her brother And then they go home, and she s okay with him being sparkly from then on.Can t we have her come to that conclusion on her own, instead of only in solidarity with her brother Like if everybody else was okay with it, would she have eventually come around Or would she have stayed totally against it It just seems strange and contrived Like, I m the only one who can make fun of this person, you re not allowed to Because I do it out of love, or whatever As if a friend or family member s joking insults have never hurt anyone s feelings.I was hoping to find something that would address the topic of boys being allowed to express themselves in traditionally feminine ways This isn t a bad book it just doesn t really fully address it Don t get me wrong, I think it s great that it exists It s a good start in this topic, but I think books need to be written about this sort of thing Just as girls have had male role models for many many years, it needs to be okay for boys to have female ones Girls can wear pants and suits Boys can wear skirts and dresses On Halloween, nobody bats an eye if a girl dresses up as a specific male character But boys can t dress up as female characters that s not allowed I want to move past the 1970s, Monty Python style humor of Look, ha ha, it s a man in a dress instead of a woman Because it s not funny when a woman dresses up as a man, it s just out of the norm And what we re saying is, of course women dress up as men men are powerful Clearly women should want to be men Men are superior And anyway, men are the default But they don t have to be And they shouldn t be.Message It s okay for boys to wear sparkly dresses.For children s book reviews, see my website at I just don t see why we need another book about gender conforming people being jerks to a genderqueer gender nonconforming person Let s please stop teaching children that the default scenario is for gender expansive children to be treated with invalidation and cruelty. DOWNLOAD PDF ☳ Sparkle Boy ♂ Casey Loves To Play With His Blocks, Puzzles, And Dump Truck, But He Also Loves Things That Sparkle, Shimmer, And Glitter When His Older Sister, Jessie, Shows Off Her New Shimmery Skirt, Casey Wants To Wear A Shimmery Skirt Too When Jessie Comes Home From A Party With Glittery Nails, Casey Wants Glittery Nails Too And When Abuelita Visits Wearing An Armful Of Sparkly Bracelets, Casey Gets One To Wear, Just Like Jessie The Adults In Casey S Life Embrace His Interests, But Jessie Isn T So Sure Boys Aren T Supposed To Wear Sparkly, Shimmery, Glittery Things Then, When Older Boys At The Library Tease Casey For Wearing Girl Things, Jessie Realizes That Casey Has The Right To Be Himself And Wear Whatever He Wants Why Can T Both She And Casey Love All Things Shimmery, Glittery, And Sparkly Here Is A Sweet, Heartwarming Story About Acceptance, Respect, And The Freedom To Be Yourself In A World Where Any Gender Expression Should Be Celebrated Sparkly Things Are For Everyone To Enjoy There s just so much to love about this book I love that it depicts a multicultural family without that being the main topic of the story A Spanish term for grandmother Abuelita is used without it really being highlighted other than as a single glossary term on the verso page of the book.I love that it depicts some sibling rivalry issues in a completely normal way Jessie is older and loves sparkly things Casey, her younger brother, likes age appropriate things, like blocks, puzzles, dumptrucks, and such, but he also wants to have the same sparkly things his sister does I love that their parents are completely unconcerned by his preferences Casey is a young boy and likes doing boy things, but he also likes to be sparkly, too After all,There s no harm in thatI love that this story also shows an extended family member, in this case, the children s grandmother, being just as loving and accepting as their parents.I love that it shows a family working through their issues in a kind way, and a sister slowly coming to accept her brother s proclivity for embracing the same sparkly things she does I love that Jessie comes to defend Casey, from bullies at the library she may not have liked that he wore a sparkly skirt and had painted fingernails, but by George, she wasn t going to let anyone else pick on him That kind of familial love rings so true.I love that the story doesn t state why Casey likes the shimmery, glittery things Maybe he is a little jealous of his sister getting to have these things Maybe he just wants to be like her Maybe he is showing some inclination for appearing feminine Or maybe he just likes these things Maybe it s a phase, maybe it isn t We don t know, and even , it doesn t matter either way.And of course, I love that the story shows the family going to the library for storytime Any book that shows families going to the library make me smile.I believe that this book will do good in so many ways It s a kind story and has just enough drama and conflict to avoid being totally saccharine The illustrations, rendered in pencil and colored digitally, are nicely detailed and complement the narrative well Another great book from Lee Low, IncBe Yourself Not technically LGBT, since the main character doesn t declare a gender identity or orientation, but the fact that this boy likes sparkly things makes this a perfect book for families raising gender creative or gender nonconforming kids. A young boy loves the sparkle and shine that his older sister gets to wear, in clothing, in nail polish, and in a bracelet from a grandmother She doesn t like it, thinks boys should not wear such things They re only for girls As the story goes, the family is supportive and finally, the sister is too when she sticks up for her brother who wears a shimmery skirt on a library trip and gets teased It may be an opening to talk about differences and choices The story is rather matter of fact and is improved by the sweet illustrations. I like the illustrations and the message is an important one, but it does come off as didactic, which I don t love. Casey is a little boy who loves all things sparkly When his older sister Jessie wears a sparkly skirt, he wants one, too When she paints her nails, he wants to, too When she gets a sparkly bracelet, he wants one, too Although Jessie doesn t understand it, their parents and grandmother accept it as Casey being Casey When he is bullied at the library, Jessie finds a way to look beyond the accepted and take her brother as he is Similar to Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress, this is a story of being who you are and not seeing labels in everything that is done. Lovely book As the mom of a boy who liked to sparkle when he was younger, I m glad this book is in the world. The author of Heather Has Two Mommies continues her tradition of breaking down topics adults have difficulty with into picture books that make it easy for children to understand Gender identity, gender roles, sexual stereotypes and even sibling rivalry get the treatment here.